CCRI’s Community Service Day 2014

By | September 4, 2019

music music One of the nice things about having the CCRI community is because they’re already invested in the community and this is a nice way to be directly invested in the community because this garden will not only impact people it impacts the local economy, it impacts green space. So it’s nice to have a group from a local college helping out. People are realizing that doing something for someone other than yourself or for a greater cause, is something good. And it has lasting benefits. People may not be farmers, people may not be gardeners, but when they are doing something that benefits another human being it’s always good. music It feels great for me to be involved in community service I love to help out where ever I can, which is why I signed up for this today. I just like to give back to my community where ever I can. Community service is really important in general. Because you get more done when you do it as a community. Not one person can make a difference. But everybody can make a difference together. music It’s very important for us to have the volunteers from CCRI working with us. Sometimes when you are running an all volunteer group as ours, we get too focused on the immediate needs that have to be taken care of today if not yesterday. And as a result a lot of the backroom work piles up. The fact that we have a kind of a task force to come in and dedicate an entire day to helping us catch up on a lot of that work that really needs to be done, but that our core group doesn’t have time to do. This is invaluable and we are very much appreciative of it. What makes today an important experience is the opportunity to go out into the community and provide assistance to organizations and groups that have ongoing projects. Right here what I’m cleaning at the moment is an officer’s cap from the Soviet era. It’s a privilege to be able to work with these materials. And as a librarian I really appreciate the chance to work with some archival things like this. But the bigger message I think to everyone is, learn about projects going around in the state through the community service day. music Well I feel like I’m making a difference today in people’s lives also in my life. It’s help me think of the future and how I’m going to make people feel when I go into my major. I’m very happy. Community Service Day is something you cannot miss. It’s an opportunity that the college offers that a lot of colleges and universities don’t necessarily highlight on. And it’s important that students, staff, faculty whatever you are you get outside the classroom and you give back to your community because we are a community college. We’re based out of our community. All of our students are part of a community and we want to be able to tie those two together. music

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