CCHS Raiders – The Official App of Central Catholic High School

By | August 31, 2019

(dramatic intense music) – Hi, I’m Billy Hylla,
I’m the Athletic Director here at Central Catholic High School. – Hi, I’m Alison Nichols, I am a coach at Central Catholic for girl’s basketball. – Hi, I’m Coach Canepa. I’ve been here eleven years
as the head football coach. – I’m Mitzi Lucas Central
Catholic Raider, class of 1998. – Here at Central Catholic,
we’ve been around since 1966. Just celebrated our 50th year
anniversary not too long ago. One of the favorite terms
that we use is family. And it really does feel like,
when you walk on this campus, that you’re walking into
a family-type environment. – We are really excited about this app, it features all of the
tools that a coach needs for parents, for the
student athlete, for fans. – Our Raider app is
probably the greatest thing that’s happened to
Central Catholic in years. You get to follow all the sports. You get to follow football,
baseball, basketball, anything you want to follow at the school. – So the beautiful thing about the app, is just like Central
Catholic is located here in the Central Valley, this app’s gonna be that one-stop shop, that central location. – [Mitzi] I can get directions
to each of the games, if I can’t be there, I get live scoring, news updates as it happens. – The great thing about the Raider app, we have the greatest alumni of all time. You get to follow the Raiders at any time, wherever you are, out of
state, out of country, you can still be a Raider at heart. – We have an opportunity
to communicate with parents and the student athletes, as opposed to having to email, Instagram and Facebook. – At Central Catholic High
School, it is a we thing. We are a family. Long after we’ve gone and graduated, we want to know what’s
happening on our campus, and the REPu app allows us to do that. – So the Raider app, this is who we are, this is where we’re going, and this is how we stay connected. (dramatic intense music)

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