Catholics VS Seedless Watermelons [CC]

By | September 4, 2019

Help people behind screens, I’m Jac and we’re back and today we are going into the biggest feud of all time The seedless watermelons and the Catholics Yeah finally talking about it. I am NOT going into tumblr today Nothing good ever comes out of me going into tumblr. Let’s be real Instead I will be using ecosia which I mentioned before. You search things, they plant trees Seedless Watermelons versus Catholics Here you have the seedless watermelons against Catholics, oh God, it’s great And if I’m not wrong, I think there was a catholics versus seedless watermelons Catholics versus seedless Watermelons because you know, it’s the biggest concern Yeah, here we go, seedless watermelons against Catholics, Catholics against seedless watermelons, so let’s check out Catholics against seedless watermelons. Catholics are against a lot of things. I’m one of them Hi, I’m gay. I’m also disabled which some Catholics might say is God punishing me “Think about watermelon seeds like children that you are never letting grow up” “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only watermelon seed John 3:16″ Oh, thank God. They have a tumblr Save the seeds the seeds, Oh, what?! Damn it :I am happy to say that before this blessed day is over a celebratory watermelon cake will be baked with seeds, of course out.” So that’s what this is “We are proud to announce that we will be adding seedless grapes and seeless tomatoes to our boycott, however We will not be boycotting seedless oranges because oranges are the spawn of Satan” 141 comments in 504 lights “Today is st. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick is a saint which means he is obviously against the horrific ordeal that is removing unborn baby watermelons from their mothers.” Oh so they think that um seedless watermelons are like plant abortions I know this is this is a joke. This is satirical by the way. I should mention this this is all this is this is This isn’t real “As we continue to gain momentum in our fight I would just like to take this time to thank Beyonce because there is never a bad reason to thank Beyonce Have a blessed day everyone.” Amen awoman aBeyonce. “Brothers and sisters, Beyonce is not to be idolized I wouldn’t be surprised if her and her kind are at the center of the agenda to go against nature and further remove seeds from fruit in some sort of attempt to play God. she is a force for adulteration and blasphemy don’t send energy to the cabals She represents in the name of nature the one the all and the harmonizing will be” I’m done with this. It’s too fucking long. “We would like to thank the fabulous Tyler Oakley for sharing our page I know many of you will be upset because of Mr. Oakley’s personal life, but I think we can all agree that watermelon abortions are far more pressing and evil than homosexuality. Amen” I love this Paige. I love this page so much All right, Seedless Watermelons against Catholics. We have the opponents 19,695 people follow this “Ten minutes into Catholicism and chill and she hates on your seedless watermelons.” Oh no, she didn’t “Seeds don’t measure a watermelon, #mymelonmychoice #noseeds yeah on the side of the Catholics then the seedless watermelon I choose the seedless watermelons seedless watermelon Catholics “seedy bastards” ” s’up bitches. Guess what? I lost my seeds” @catholicsagainstseedlesswatermelons MY MELON MY CHOICE “For all those who don’t know, this is what we in the seedless watermelon community call an orgy” “Why? We have rights too” ooh, “she’s hot” Alright. That’s all I’m gonna do, that’s all I’m gonna do. short video, positive video. In this video, there is nobody fucking corpses. There’s nobody fucking or wanting to fuck children. There’s nobody fucking animals There are no Nazi furries. We have a good pure video YouTube will you monetize me now? Thanks for watching. Remember I have a tumblr now, which y’all can check out Link is in the description below Don’t forget to Like, comment what you thought or what you want me to do next, and if you haven’t subscribed have a nice day

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  1. Chanelle Cupcake Post author

    I love you and I have been watching you for a year ish now and your the best! I love how often you post and I love you tumblr videos, and next time could you do a video on the anti-lgbt/terfs??


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