Catholics Come Home – Jewish Comedian Finds Hope in Catholicism

By | November 19, 2019

[music] Tom Peterson:
In recent decades,
millions of peoplehave drifted away from Jesusand their Catholic faith.Sadly, many may never
find their way back.
I’m Tom Peterson.And I believe that God
has called me
to use my background in mediato be a catalystin the New Evangelization.Our organization producesinspiring and creativeevangelization messagesthat have helped leadhundreds of thousands
of inactive Catholics,
converts, agnostics,
and atheists,
Home to Jesus,and His Holy Church.Join us as we travel
across North America
to bring you stories of
heartbreak, redemption,
and transformationas the Holy Spirit
leads His people Home.
God has an extraordinary
plan for each of our lives. He wants us to spend
eternity in Heaven with Him and bring as many people
with us as possible.This is ‘Catholics Come Home.’Now, I welcome you to my hometo hear their amazing stories.[music] Welcome to
‘Catholics Come Home.’ In this episode, we’ll meet a young
TV comedy writer, and standup comedian, who was raised
in a Jewish home, and lived for a time
in Los Angeles. Following a difficult
experience in childhood, our guest battled drug, alcohol, and pornography
addictions. But upon fully surrendering
his life to Jesus, he finally found
great hope and peace. Soon, the Blessed Mother
would lead this young man into Her loving arms, and Home to
the Catholic Church. Like everyone else
in this series, today’s guest came Home to the Catholic Church by responding to a call
of the Holy Spirit. I’d likeyou to
meet Josh Harris.
[music] Josh, welcome to our home. And welcome to the show. Josh Harris:
Glad to be here. Tom: I know your story. And it’s fascinating. And I’m thrilled that we
can share it with the world. So, first, tell us
where you grew up, what your childhood was like. Josh: Absolutely. So, I grew up
in Atlanta, Georgia, born and raised in a beautiful and loving
mixed-faith household. So, my mom is Christian, and my dad is Jewish. So, I’m half-and-half. I guess, like they say, I’m Jew-ish, [laughter]
as they say. Tom: You are funny. Josh: Thank you.
I’ll take it. And so, you know, early on,
my experience was, I started off in Temple. You know, that was really
the game plan, to raise me
in the foundation of Jesus. Tom: So, your dad kind of
took precedence on the faith and said he’d like to
raise his kids Jewish. Josh: Absolutely. Tom: Yeah. And your mom
was cool with that. Josh: She was.
She was very much so. She always had this beautiful strong Christian backbone. She just led us with love,
and was so accepting.And I think that was
really beautiful.
Because I knew my momcame from a Christian
But she was also
very accepting
of the Jewish practiceand the Jewish side,and, you know, of my father,but really just
exuded this agape love.
So, it was a pretty
special household.
Tom:Do you have
brothers and sisters?
And was your family
kind of a stable family
background growing up?Josh:Yeah.
So, I had a, one brother,
younger brother by 2 1/2 years.And I love my
parents so much.
They’re beautiful people.Unfortunately, when I was
nine-years-old, they did split. And that was very difficult
for me at the time. But I love them
both tremendously, and I know that they were doing
the best that they could. It was about this time that I think I started to veer
off a little bit, academically, and just seek attention from sources that really couldn’t sustain. Tom: Do you think that pain
from their divorce, and that woundedness caused you to go
into some things that you weren’t
so proud of later? Josh: You know, I don’t know
if I can say that was necessarily the root cause. Tom: Maybe not
the catalyst. Huh? Josh:But I can say that
the fact that I didn’t really have a strong
foundation with God early on; and it’s not like
people weren’t trying. I just really wasn’t
absorbing what was being preached at the Temple. I was sort of cutting class. I was doing my own thing. And so, even, sort of
side-stepping that foundation they were trying
to plant in me.I wanted approval
from the world.
And that’s really when
things started
to take a turn for the worst,I would say, 13-years-old.Tom:When you were 13,how did your life
take a turn for the worst?
Josh:It was
about this time,
I discoveredmy three
main addictions around 13 and 14-years-old. It was, I’d say between
13 and 15, they really started to blossom. And that was drinking, drugs, and addiction in the sexual
area, you know, with pornography and lust and pursuing relationships that just were not
healthy for me. Tom: It’s a dangerous age for so many men and women
these days. Tell us how your life spiraled
during those days, and why you think you were
addicted to those things. Josh: Yeah. So, I just remember the first
time I got drunk. I was drinking
alcoholically. You know, I was actually trying to figure out
how I could steal alcohol from the grocery store,
I think within 24 hours. So, it was sort of
0-60 right away. And, you know, also with
the rise of the Internet, that did not help in the
lust department as well. And so, you know, I was just
seeking instant gratification but couldn’t sustain it anyway. Tom: Why do you
think you were? Josh: You know,
I’ve heard this said in the 12-step rooms; ‘I was trying to fill
a God-sized hole.’ Tom: Yeah. Josh: And it
just didn’t work. You know, I was lost. And that was the thing. It never left me feeling
better about myself. Tom:Right.Do you think being a teenager, and having peer pressure and kind of loneliness, and parent separation, it all kind of played a part
in you medicating, trying to find happiness
in the wrong places? Josh: I think one thing that
you just said exacerbated it. That was certainly
the peer pressure. And I think early on, it did start off
as trying to fit in. And then, it turned into me
just trying to medicate. Tom:Yeah.
And how bad did it get? Josh: Well, I woke up
in the hospital, a local Atlanta hospital. It was pretty popular; one morning, I’m strapped
to the bed, [chuckles] with a team of doctors
standing over me, having no idea
how I had gotten there.So, that was one
of many bottoms.
You know, it almost
ended my life.
[music] Tom: In just a minute, you’ll find out what helped draw Josh closer to Jesus. Josh: And I could tell
when he said that, it was as if the light of God beamed through that phone and hit me in the heart. And I knew that
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[music] Tom: Josh, you told us that you were medicating with alcohol, drugs,
and pornography in your preteen and teen years. Kind of, with that woundedness of your parents separating, trying to fit in with others. And you mentioned there
was another situation that happened as a young child that might have kind of also caused some of this. Josh: Yes. Yeah. When I was about
five-years-old, there was a friend of mine who brought me into a bathroom and, you know,
I guess, sexually abused me. Tom: And I guess they say, if you never find
healing to that or find some closure
or answers, that can also kind of trip
some of these switches later in life, too. Right? Josh: It’s, you know,
I don’t know the psychological
nature behind it, but I’m sure that it did not lay a good foundation
for me at the time. Tom: How did your life continue
from this point forward? And what happened,
here in Atlanta? And then, I think
you moved to LA, didn’t you? Josh: Yeah. So, I ended up seeking help for my drug
and alcohol addiction. I remember, one night,
I came home. I was at a bar.The cab driver,he was supposed to take me
my apartment, but I was too intoxicated
to tell him where I lived. I was not in a good state. Probably needed subtitles
under what I was saying. [chuckles] But he took me to the place
on my license, which at the time
was my mother’s house. So, he rolls me over, you know, gets me
out of the car. And I try to sashay in there,
really late at night. And my mom stops me. And it’s really late. And she wants to
know why I’m there. And I kind of come to. And it’s her and my step-dad
hovering over me, debating if they should
take me to a hospital or not. Tom: Because you
were that bad. Josh: I was that bad. Yeah. So, right then, my mom
strips my car keys from me. And ended up getting evicted
from our apartment anyway. Tom: Wow. Josh: I moved back home, and she just starts dropping me off
at 12-Step meetings. Tom:Oh, good.Josh:
And that was the beginning of the rest of my life. And I hadn’t had a drink
since then, or drug. It’s been over 10 years. Tom:Praise God.How did youdefeat, or who helped you defeat the pornography
addiction later? Josh:Yeah. So, it was abouta year-and-a-halfinto myrecovery
from drugs and alcohol. And there was still
this hidden demon. Right? And I could see God
working in my life, but there was something that was really keeping me
from feeling… Tom: The devil didn’t
want to let go of you. Josh: Yeah. And it was
definitely that lust. Right?Youknow, the lie,
the pursuit
of lust, and, you know,
addiction to pornography, and also thinking that, well, you know, just having, not practicing chastity would lead me to happiness,
you know, finding the right person
or enough people. And that certainly did not. It just left me more broken. So, I was, had a sponsor in a 12-Step program. And he was concerned for me. So, he said, ‘I want you
to call this guy.’ And he gave me
someone’s number. And I called this person. And I ended up talking
with him over the phone. And I said, you know, ‘Is there freedom
from this thing?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah. And I’m glad that I got
that monkey off my back.’ I could tell when he said that, it was as if the light of God beamed through that phone
and hit me in the heart. And I knew that
freedom was there. So, I met with this person. He told me his story. He had gone far, far, farther down the rabbit hole
than I did. And I just asked him
to start sponsoring me and taking me through
another 12-Step program, geared for freedom
in the sexual area. And by the grace of God, I have had freedom in that area for over nine years now. Tom:PraiseGod.
Josh:Yeah.Tom: You found Christianity,
at some point, even though your mom
was Christian. Your dad raised you Jewish. And then you kind of
drifted into nothing. When did you discover
Christianity?And how did your life
take you to Los Angeles?
Josh: Yeah.
So, there was this, the person I told you
who helped me find freedom
in the sexual area. And that same sponsor
was a strong Christian, and a strong Catholic. And he would always
drop little nuggets when we were talking, you know. But not in a way
that was overbearing. Tom: He’s planting seeds of this is where your hope
comes from; Jesus. Josh:Absolutely.
And, but he led with love. And so, I remember my mom,
who’s so sweet. She had given me a Bible one, I don’t know, in 2012, she gave me a Bible. And I just probably didn’t
take much care to it. But I have had some
struggles with OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And a psychologist I was
seeing at the time said, ‘You should just go
to this church, this Protestant church
that’s around the corner.’ It was a very popular one. “You will be able to meet
more people, or more women that are in line with your moral compass.” Tom: Your new moral compass. Josh: New moral compass. And this was a Jewish
psychologist, ironically. But, so I go in. And I’m like, this guy’s
a good motivational speaker. Don’t believe anything
they’re talking about. But it’s a good message,
and it was applicable. So, I join a few groups there. I still don’t believe what
they’re talking about from the Jesus standpoint. But I think the
other stuff is very life… Tom: Yeah. Positive thinking
kind of stuff. Josh:Yeah. Yeah.So, I’m on this
family vacation. And for some reason, I start, I pick up,
and I just start reading this Bible that my mom
got me in 2012. Tom:Good.Josh: And I start reading, I think it was
either Mark or Matthew. And something
started to happen. I remember, I would read it, and it was as if
when I stopped reading, and I would close my eyes, it was like I could see, believe it or not,
this image of Christ, arms opened wide,
bathed in light, ready to embrace me. And every time I saw it, it was like the static shock just hit me
right on the heart. And I felt this, you know, this discharge of love that I had never
experienced before. And I was like, I don’t
know what this is. It kind of freaked me out. I was like, I don’t want
to be one of those people with their hands in the air, during the worship music, while, like they have
a question for the pastor. [laughter] But I would close my eyes, and I’d keep singing,
and I’d keep feeling it. And the love overwhelmed me. And eventually that vacation, I accepted him into my heart. And for about a week or so, it felt like I was
on a mountaintop with the Spirit of God
blowing through me. Tom: And you were. Josh: Yeah.
Tom: Yeah. It was the Holy Spirit. What took you
to Los Angeles? How did you get into
your current career? Josh: Yeah. Okay. So, when I was 21-years-old, I was at a comedy club. And my dad knew I wanted
to do stand-up comedy. Tom: Wow!
Interesting profession. Josh:Yeah.[laughter]So, there was a
pretty famous comedian in the Atlanta area, and the Southeast,
I would say, too. And my father told him to, hey, told me, he was going
to call me on stage, so you can give it a shot. And we get there, and it’s a very
popular comedy club. It’s packed. And I show up. And this was when I was
not sober at the time. And I was like, there’s no
way I’m doing this, not in front of a crowd
of 250 or 280 people. So, I told my dad,
‘Go backstage. Tell him I’m not
getting up there.’ So, my dad does that. Of course, halfway
into the show I hear, ‘We’ve got a special
guest tonight.’ Tom: Oh! [laughs] Josh: And I go up on stage
for the first time. And by the grace of God, like, I’m so glad that
happened the way it did. Because, I don’t
know how long it would have taken me
to get on stage… Tom: Right. Josh: …had I done it
out of my own accord. But now I use it
as a platform for evangelization
and spreading… Tom: That’s fantastic. Josh: …God’s message, even to secular crowds, too,
which I love. Tom: And your career took
you to Los Angeles, onto national venues,
TV, Internet. Tell us about that. Josh: Yeah.
So, over the course of my stand-up career, I have gotten to perform. I was a semifinalist
on Bill Bellamy’s, ‘Who’s Got Jokes,’ a finalist on NBC’s
‘Stand Up for Diversity.’ Tom: Wow! Josh: Did stand-up comedy that was aired,
a set that was aired on the Trinity
Broadcasting Network. Tom: Yeah. And you’re
a clean comedian. Josh: I’m clean. Yes. Tom: Praise God.
Josh: Definitely. Didn’t start off that way. But the more of God
I got into me,the more He purified the…Tom:Amen. When you
accepted Christ,
you knew you had a new routine.Josh:Absolutely.And over the years,it’s been an act of surrender.But it’s left me with
so much more freedom.
Tom:Praise God.So, at this point
in your life,
you’re a Christian,you’re a comedian.You’re performing.When did the tug
start happening to pull you into
looking into Catholicism? Josh: So, I was actually
living on and off in LA for about nine months. And I ended up coming back
to Atlanta for the summer, to work on a music project. I was writing and producing a lot of Christian music. And I was…
Tom: Nice. Josh: …doing like
a little EP, I guess. I’m slowly,
well, a bunch of singlesthat I’m slowly releasing.And I’m back in Atlanta.And I had the intention
of going to LA
at the end of the summer.What happened was,
I got some work,
I think around September.I stayed a little
bit longer.
Anddue to more career
opportunities that were here,
as well as feeling more
comfortable in Atlanta,
I decided to stay here. And what happened was, I really started
to regret that. I was afraid, man, ‘Well, God,
did You want me out in LA? Did I blow it?’ Tom: Yeah.
Second-guessing yourself. Josh: Yeah. I thought,
‘Did I pull a Jonah?’ Right? And so, that sponsor, who helped me find
sexual integrity, I was meeting with him. And he was telling me
about how he went to Mass on Saturdays. And for some reason,
I just said, ‘Yeah. And I’ll be there with you.’ Tom:Cool.
Thank God he invited you. Josh: Yeah.
And so, I showed up on Saturday to Mass. And something happened. I just left with; it didn’t have all
the theatrics of the megachurch
I was going to, but I left with a peace that surpassed understanding. Tom:Yeah.Josh: And I just kept
going back, and kept going back. And eventually that peace just deepened and deepened. Tom:You knew thatyou
found true worship in the House of God, in the Catholic Church. Josh: Absolutely. And I don’t know
if I would have phrased it that way
at the time. Because I don’t think I was
catechized properly. I didn’t know, you know, what was in that Holy
Tabernacle. Right? Tom: Right. Who was in
the Holy Tabernacle. Josh: Who was in
the Tabernacle. My apologies, of course. Tom: No. Yeah. Exactly. But you didn’t know
what you didn’t know. But you felt good being there. And you knew it was
something specialfrom God.Josh:It was living water,
I felt like, as Christ said.
Tom:Yeah. Amen. Amen.[music] Next, you’ll hear
about Josh’s life today. Josh: Jesus is
everything, you know. I mean, He is the source
and summit of the faith. And for me, it’s
manifested so powerfully in the Eucharist. Woman:
Have you ever had someone show you incredible,
overwhelming kindness?You know, the kind of
generosity that makes you
feel kind of small
and unworthy?
Well, when it comes to
our relationship
with the Eucharist,we should probably feel
the same way.
Now, we know that the Eucharistis Truly the Body and Blood
of Jesus Christ.
But how often do we stop
to think about the price that was paid for us to be
graced with such a gift? In order for Jesus to
leave us His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity
in the Eucharist,He first had to offer
Himself completely,
through His agonizing passion
and death.
The lamb was slain so the
Bread of Life could be ours.
Is our response one
of fervent gratitude? Or have we become
apathetic and complacent?Jesus longs to nourish uswith Himself in the Eucharist.Do we long to
receive this gift? [music] [piano music] Tom: Josh,
your Catholic friend, who helped you to find a life of purity and chastity,
invites you to Mass. You go. And you feel the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God. Not really understanding
Who is in the Tabernacle. But you knew that
something special, something divine,
Someone Divine, Jesus Himself is there. But maybe can’t put
all of the details. How did your path into
Catholicism continue? Josh: So, I’m going to this
church, with my sponsor. And I eventually join
a Bible study there, which was really powerful. It had some teachings
from Jeff Cavins. Tom: Yeah. He’s excellent. Josh: It was wonderful. Tom: Good friend of mine.
I love that guy. Josh: Yes. And so, I’m looking for a new place to live at the time, because now that I’m
going to stay in Atlanta, I need to find a spot, you know, besides my; you know, it’s not that cool when your mom’s your roommate
for too long. [laughter] But, so, I’m
looking for a new place. I’m like, ‘Really, God,
where am I supposed to live?’ And a guy reaches out to
me aboutrooming with him.and it turns out,
he’s the worship
leader at a very popular parish
in Atlanta. Tom: Oh. Josh:I end up
moving in with him.
Andactually, I was still attending my Protestant church
at the time, as well as the Catholic Church
on Saturday, the Protestant church on Sunday, because I was serving
in the daycare, and things like that. And so,I’m at the
Protestant church.
Andthis guy was giving
a great message about the importance of prayer. So, I made a commitment. I said, ‘I’m going to go
and pray for an hour a day, five days a week at church.’ Tom:Which church?His? Josh: Any church. It was literally going
to be any church. So, I’m at my house. And I think I had pressed, you know; tried to,
on my GPS on my phone, just put ‘Churches near me.’ And it was a Catholic church right around the corner. If it was a Baptist church, I would have gone to that. But I show up there
and I’m praying. And I start doing
this regularly. And one of the days
I show up, Mass is ending. And I think, you know,
I’ll just go to this tomorrow. And so, I start going
to Mass regularly. Tom: Oh, glory to God. St Clare is the patroness
of media. I’m sure she had
something to do with it poppingup as a
[laughs]GPS…Josh: It changed my life. Tom:Praise God.Josh: Because,
as a result of going to that daily Mass, some people came up to me
after the Mass, and, or one guy did. And asked if I wanted to say
the rosary with him afterwards. Tom: Ah! Josh: And I hadn’t gotten
that deep into the faith yet. Tom: Did you
say yes to him? Or no? Josh: I did say yes. And these people were like, I mean, they were
evangelical Catholics. I mean, they were pros. You know, they’re throwing
rosary beads at me. Tom: But it worked. Didn’t it? Josh: It worked beautifully. They were just such
a beautiful example of how to lead, and invite, and extend the invitation
with love. Tom: Even though the rosary
was new to you, you have a special devotion now to the rosary and the Blessed
Mother. Don’t you? Josh: Absolutely. I say it every day. Itry to every day,sometimes multiple times a day.Tom:Praise God.Josh:And it’s
absolutely changed my life.
And at first, I thought
it was sacrilegious.
I just, ‘We’re praying to Mary.What’s going on?’But it wasn’t too many
times into it
that my heart clicked
and Mary had my heart.
And that changed
Tom:Yeah. And you know,from your Jewish background, a good Jewish mother
is hard to beat. Right? Josh: Absolutely. Tom: So, we’ve got
a few minutes left. Let’s hear about how you
came into the Church, and what’s new
in your life now. Josh: Absolutely. So, I came into the Church
this past Easter. Tom: Welcome Home. Josh: Thank you; amazing. Got confirmed by the
Archbishop of Atlanta, which was incredible. And, you know, they say,
with Confirmation, the gifts are manifested
of the Holy Spirit. Right? And for me, I’m a totally
different person I am now than a year ago. You know, I try to do at
least a Holy Hour a day, you know, just between
my prayer, meditation, Scripture study. I’ve been to Mass
every single day since receiving Eucharist
for the first time. Tom: All glory to God. Josh: I serve in the
middle school ministry at Edge. Tom: Oh, it’s excellent. Josh: It’s excellent. Tom: I was on the Life
Teen board for years. Edge is one of their programs. It’s phenomenal. Josh: You should be
impressed by me. It’s actually court ordered. I’m just kidding. No. It’s a joke. Tom: You are funny. [laughs] I knew you were. Josh: I love it. Yeah. I serve with those kids. And I’m actually
on the leadership team at the Respect Life
Community at my… Tom: Beautiful. Josh: …my church as well. And, you know, we’ve done prayer vigils
in front of clinics. We’re actually organizing
a pro-life comedy show to really make a difference
in the community. We’re going to
call it Laughs for Life. Tom: Oh, that’s fantastic. You know, Virtue Media is
one of our apostolates.And Pro-Life is near
and dear to our hearts.
Josh:Yeah.Tom:Josh, we have
30 seconds left.
What do you know nowthat you didn’tknow back then whenyouwere a preteen,
or a teenager, into all that medicating? What do you know now? Josh: I would just say,
for me, it’s that Jesus is everything,
you know. I mean, He is the Source
and Summit of the faith. And for me, it’s
manifested so powerfully in the Eucharist. And as a result of diving
deep into the Catholic faith, and really letting God
take those addictions through 12-Step recovery, and my Christian walk, that, you know,
He’s opened doors where walls once appeared. And I would say, my worst day, sober and in
the Catholic Church, is infinitely more meaningful than my best day
as an addict.
Praise God. Welcome Home.
Josh:Thank you.[music] Katie Warner: Aspirations
are short prayers or phrases that can be
spoken aloud or in your heart
throughout the day. They help us to pray always, as we read in Luke 21:36. In the midst of ordinary,
busy days, reminding us that
we are never alone, and that God is bigger than all of the things that sometimes try
to steal our peace. Here are a few simple
aspirations to pray when you’re overwhelmed,
or any time.First, “Jesus,
I trust in You.”
This aspiration recallsthe endless font
of Divine Mercy,
and the consolation
that comes
when we truly place
our trust in God,
Who wants to wipe away
our past regrets, comfort our fears
for the future, and help us embrace, with confidence,
the present moment.Second, “Thy will be done,”from Matthew 6:10.We pray these words whenever
we say the ‘Our Father.’
But, often, we gloss
over them mindlessly,
not stopping
to realize their power.
God’s will is always, always better than ours. This prayer reminds us to
embrace His perfect will, and let go of our own
imperfect one.Third, “Lord, save me,”Matthew 14:30.These memorable words
were spoken by St Peter,
who, while walking
on the water toward Jesus,
became afraid of the wind
and the storm
and began to sink.How often do we metaphorically
sink in our own fear? Pray these three powerful
words, in those times, reaching out for
God’s helping hand.Fourth,“He must increase,but I must decrease,”John 3:30.These words of John the Baptistremind us that we
should always desire,
and work for the Lord,to increase in us,animating our very selves, while our own pride
must decrease, so as to allow His glory
and goodness to shine through.Fifth, “The Lord my God
lightens my darkness,”
Psalm 18:28.This simple Scripture versecan bring so much hopein dark moments or seasons.Jot down one of these verses
on a little notecard, in your phone, on your mirror, reminding you
to offer the aspiration throughout each day this week, until it becomes a natural, habitual, and healing
part of your life. Tom:Here’s your chance
to get active
in the New Evangelization.Visit the
And click on the Shop tab.Here, you can order a
Catholics Come Home book,
evangelization cards,a DVD of the Evangomercials,or a car magnet.If you or someone you knowhas come Home to the Church,thanks in part to
Catholics Come Home,
let us know.Or if you have a comment,question, or want to support
our mission,
e-mail us at
[email protected],
or write to us
at Catholics Come Home,
PO Box 1802,Roswell, Georgia 30077.Like us on Facebook,and follow us on Twitter.During his adolescence, into young adulthood, Josh drifted deeply into
numerous addictions. His career in comedy
masked his deep pain inside. But after completely
surrendering his life to Christ, Josh discovered
the love and mercy of Jesus, and the true hope and peace in his Catholic
faith community. Thank you for joining us
on this episode of ‘Catholics Come Home.’ Please keep Josh and all of us
at Catholics Come Home in your prayers. Remember to fulfill your role
in the New Evangelization, and help love
somebody to Heaven. Man:I’ve gotta love
somebody to Heaven ♪
I’ve gotta love somebody
to Heaven’s door ♪
I’ve gotta love
somebody to Heaven ♪

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