Catholic Schools | Now More Than Ever

By | September 5, 2019

I believe Catholic education works
that’s the bottom line. Our children receive discipline. Our children are
exposed to the arts, music they have technology, they have library,
foreign language we’re preparing them to be leaders.
To see the number of students here who are able by the time they leave us
to participate in college credit before they leave about 3/4ths our graduates
compared to about 20% nationally and that’s exciting too because I’m sure
3/4ths of them when they come aren’t thinking that they’ll be ready
for that but what that says to me is how far they move in their four years that they’re
here at Mount de Sales Here I found an environment where I’m a
student, I’m not a number where I have smaller class sizes, I have a lot
of one-on-one time with the teacher their very willing to come earlier stay after to give you all
the attention you need. We have a top-notch cadre of educators here. I’m always impressed with my colleagues when
I get a chance to sit in on their classes when I talk to
them about what they’re doing and when I hear the input meetings of just the great level of excellence
that they’re calling our kids to. The expectation is excellence
simply put our schools believe that the student
should strive to her fullest potential I think in
Catholic education there are high standards in reading in
writing in becoming a well versed student so that that person can go out into the
world and speak for a company, for school, for an
organization. Our academics are rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and from the
perspective that we have which is to root all
of our education in Catholic education. It’s a supreme
challenge we have but it’s also a Gospel obligation what we preach the Good Word,
the Good News in as many ways as we possibly can.
Catholic education provides for us, I believe the perfect
forum for raising kids training them, helping them to grow in
knowledge but most especially in the context of faith. The combination up those factors I
wholeheartedly believe shape our children into adults who will
be committed and who will see themselves as holy and vital and also called by God. Being a Catholic
High School and also a college preparatory school I got both
educational grounding and also my faith in Christ and
everything that kinda mixed together brought a stronger
person in myself to believe in not only like, my abilities
but also to help others believe in their own ability. You come out a Catholic School and you know what
service is. And you know how important it is to serve your community. We work not only to organize our institution around
Catholic social justice principles but to have our students be agents and
change out in the community. Each homeroom in our school has a
service project. We want this to be engrained into the everyday living
so that whether their at St. Anthony or go on to
high school or college they will continue to volunteer and to
take care of their brothers and sisters It helped me to mold my self-esteem into what it is now and I’m no longer
shy I’m more lively and more out there and
outgoing because of this school. All the teachers really
care about us I feel like I’m never a statistic or never just an SAT
score feel like they’ve really care about me
as a person. I love it here. It’s wonderful I wouldn’t dream of getting an education any
where else.

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