Catholic Problems

By | August 29, 2019

David: Hey, guys! Renée & Joe: Hey! How’s it going? David: Wait, ham sandwich? Dude, it’s Friday! *volume blares loudly* Joe: Hey, you have a pair of ear buds I can borrow? Renée: Oh yeah, sure. Renée: Knock yourself out. David: No, …no!! Renée: All done with Confession and I feel as light as a feather! *car honks horn* Renée: Whoa! Watch where you’re going!! Why are you being such a— ugh!! People can be so annoying sometimes..! Wait…. …gotta go back to Confession… Joe: Sorry I’m late, Father.. Priest: It’s about time… What. Are. THOSE?!?! *sighs* Joe: I gotta stop wearing Crocs everywhere! David: All right, so does anybody else have any prayer intentions? Renée: Oh, I’m glad you asked! Renée: …for the Zelinski’s, the Zewinski’s, and Mr. and Mrs. Zucchini. We pray to the Lord. *loud snoring* Renée: We pray to the Lord!! *festive Latin music plays* David: Wait, this mass is in Spanish..! Do you know how to translate?? Renée: Oh no, I don’t. What do we do?! Joe: Relax, guys; I got this. Et cum Spiritu tuo. Renée: Joe, that’s not Spanish! Joe: Eh, seems legit… David: Hey, sport! You want to to go play over with the other kids? Little Kid: Okay! David: Have a good time! Renée: That is so cute! How many kids do you have? David: 20. Renée: How old are you? David: 21. Renée: …that’s not morally right… David: It is if they’re your god-kids. Joe: Well… at least I’ve got this… David: Did you say grace?

28 thoughts on “Catholic Problems

  1. Trang Son Post author

    Thank You❤️ please keep loading these videos.

  2. bad wolf Post author

    Oh my gosh the last one is too real I remember being a kid and accidentally eating something before grace and my grandfather acting like I became an atheist🤣

  3. God Is Love Post author

    The confession part is so me😂 oh man I just remembered I have to go to confession before Easter!

  4. August Campbell Soup Post author

    Bro it’s Friday during lent for me rn! I’m shook

  5. Christopher Frost Post author

    Could you please tell me what do we do on Good Friday as far as food is concerned?

  6. Im me Post author

    People! just accept that catholic is built under the command of Jesus given to Peter. If you cant then dont hate on other peoples religion. There is a reason why the Catholics have their own country and other religions dont. There is a reason why these people are considered chosen and its because of the sacrifices they commit to serve God. Yes the media covers the bad side of Catholic and not the good ones. Thats what the world wants you to think. Everyday the world is moving into satans side. Take movies and games, they are all corrupt with violence and nudity. How are you sure the media are not givimg you false information so you can hate on Catholics. So please if you do not agree with our religion do not hate. Or if you want to comment do it on a video about your religion. Because we catholics want to dicuss our opinion in peace and not diturbed by haters.

    Ps: how would you feel if someone mocks your religion/beliefs. Because thats how we feel evrytime you haters hate

  7. Kwelar Post author

    2:00 It is a sin to waste food like that lol

  8. tornay131 Post author

    Does the new generation want to talk about real problems created by the older generations?

  9. LauraBeeDannon Post author

    I am glad I am not the only one with tangled rosaries.

  10. Dakota Post author

    Is the joke at 0:13 earbuds being tangled with your rosary or is it the video he was going to watch? If it's the video, what is it?

  11. 미혜 Post author

    i don't get the ham on friday bit but everything else #canrelate

  12. Tjk Maram Post author

    Very hard to see preist obeying Christ command this days
    What is the duty of the priest actually…?
    I am very clear to say that Christ has cammand his disciples not to have even a pair of sandals nor dress and bag
    But with a walking stick go and preach the gospel in every corner of the world..
    If all the priest follow the instructions of Jesus Christ
    Then there wouldn't be any sex abused nor sins in the catholic Church
    Nor Marthin Luther would go out of catholic Church.
    Need immediate change in our catholic Church.

  13. Joelancon Post author

    If I forget to say Grace and remember I usually just change the words from which we are about to receive to which I have started receiving

  14. Smoked Pork Ribs Post author

    Having your crucifix necklace ripped off after you raise your head up from a water fountain.

  15. Aria Irea Post author

    western did their part in spreading catholicity to the east splendidly..we can never thank you enough for that..i think now its time for us to return the favour..too much wealth and increasing number of secularism is threatening the western catholic..-a catholic from malaysia

  16. Johnny Rocketz Post author

    Im not even christian and I’m watching this

  17. busybody1 Post author

    I LOVE being a Christian because I finally belong to God and have a relationship with him , Holy Spirit resides in my heart and I know for certain that I'm going to heaven, leaving the Catholic Church was the best decision of my life. GOD BLESS

  18. Diego Miguel Post author

    I'm from Brazil and liked of video a lot of you !


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