Catholic Priest Accomplice in the Murder of Police

By | September 5, 2019

The “Little Angels” of the Catholic Church have the devil inside Sub-Oficial Gabriel Vado Ruíz from the Anti-Narcotics Unit, was sacrificed like an offering to the God of Evil. It’s Father Harvin. Members of the Pacaya church notified me that the riot police passed by and they are heading for Masaya Mr. R21 Father Harvin Padilla of the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of Masaya, was behind the satanic act. He maintained a direct phone connection and via WhatsApp with R21, the head of the terrorists that run the barricades in Monimbo, the site of the Lucifer ritual last Sunday. “Keep those paramilitaries however you can, tie them up, cause it’s good evidence for the international countries to see. Tie them up, hide them, even if it’s in a latrine – put them down there to hide them. But don’t put the photos or videos of this paramilitary you are burning up on Facebook- -so that there’s no problem. And we’ll erase all the photos we have. The last hours of the 23-year-old Sub-official’s life were macabre. After being kidnapped and tortured, already in agony, they lit him on fire at the Monimbo barricade. For this young policeman there were no praying nuns, nor Catholics coming in on buses to rescue him. Only the prayers of the Satanists to the King of Darkness. They profaned his body, they exhibited his body and they burned his body in public on the street. Our brother Vado Ruíz was on his way to Jinotepe to visit his family members. On July 14 he was traveling there by motorcycle when he was stopped at a barricade and kidnapped. The National Police condemn this unforgiveable criminal act with vile and cowardly practices -never seen in our country – atrocious characteristics of organized crime. For satanical and terrorist acts like these, our people keep asking “where are those dressed in cassocks who say they are children of God”? The human rights of the 20 police savagely killed during the last two and a half months are also valid and merit defense.

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  1. Ed Diggs Post author

    This is a result of the United States organizing a coup attempt in the summer 2018. The United States hasn't given up, but thankfully Nicaragua has held on to its democracy so far.

  2. Ed Diggs Post author

    This link provides Americans some context and some quick effective actions you can take to remedy the situation:


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