Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) 2017

By | September 4, 2019

For over these 150 years, the faith of this Diocese
has been so vibrant and truly manifested in our love for the poor, the needy, the refugee,
the suffering, the hospitalized, those on the fringes of society … all of us, sisters and brothers,
with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father and the nourishment of
Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist. “Glorifying the Lord By Our Lives” is the theme
of this year’s Catholic Ministry Appeal. How much we glorify the Lord by our lives,
when we serve our brothers and sisters in the community,
who look to us to be the face of Christ. Empathy. Compassion. Love. These are the virtues by which we glorify the Lord,
and His Most Holy Body and Blood gives us the strength to continue the mission. God bless you for all you have done
over these years and for all you continue to do. Your charity is the jewel in the crown of our history. Continuously, each day I thank God for you,
as together we glorify the Lord by our lives. Glorifying the Lord by our life … it really calls us to take that love that we receive
at Mass and Holy Communion to our community, to our loved ones, to our families at home. The Eucharist is the source of our love,
of our charity, the power which enables us to go out and
be the witnesses of Christ in an authentic way, to be his hands and feet. Every time whenever I take in Jesus,
I feel more one with Him. He tells me that I should go help and follow Him
and care and love for others and share the good news with everyone. Volunteering in the community is very important
and this is the kind of volunteering I love to do. I love working with kids. We teach them to love Jesus, God the Holy Spirit,
what Jesus and God gave us on this earth. I love having the kids come in every day
with a bright shining smile on their face and every time I teach them something
they have a little glimmer in their eye and it just feels so rewarding. There is a very strong relationship with
the Eucharist and participating here at Mass and then serving. Once I started to see the connection with
the Eucharist and not just to do things, but to glorify God through that. When you hear it,
it sounds like a really big challenge, like glorifying the Lord
who created the entire universe. But, I think it’s more of just being kind and trying to do your best
in every moment of your day. Glorify me through the way you live,
whether it be through what you say to others, through what you do to others. Being aware of all the things that
we have been blessed with, in our family, in our community,
especially in our parish. We see that and we feel the desire
to give back to serve. It’s definitely important that
we raise Cora in the Catholic faith, just to be in a community that is supportive
of her beliefs and her values, her morals … to expose her to volunteer opportunities and
outreach programs that the Catholic faith offers. I’m excited to have the opportunity one day
to see Cora during Church go off and with the other children to learn, to have religious education that
I had the opportunity to experience growing up. I want her to be able to turn to her faith
and to turn to Jesus and to turn to God to find comfort and to find support. Receiving the Eucharist every week is very important. It helps to remind me about the things that are
important in the way that I should be living my life and how I can best serve the Lord
and help my daughter to see the Lord in her life. Jesus has done so much for us, like died on the Cross. I really want to like, give back. I can’t do like big things, but I can do little things. And that’s the importance of the CMA … that you know that that money is going to
reach out to people that you physically cannot go. We need to help to support the people
that help us and inspire us in our faith and help to support the programs
that we see so important in raising our daughter in the Church. We as young people,
have a unique opportunity with children, to help support the programming
that our children will be exposed to in years to come. When people in our parishes hear
“Glorifying the Lord By Your Life”, they should see that as a reminder
of who they were called to be at their baptism, that their life is meant to be lived for others. There is no greater satisfaction possible
in this life than receiving the Holy Eucharist, receiving our Lord’s own divine life in us
and then going out and glorifying the Lord by our own lives and bringing that joy,
bringing the light of Christ, bringing the grace of Christ
to all those whom we meet.

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