Catholic Life in Sweden

By | August 29, 2019

in medieval ages people in what became Sweden embraced the Christian faith their religion was fully expressed in art and architecture this era culminated with st. Brigid of Astana we could say that at the moment that st. Brigid appears in Swedish history the medieval church had come to its full development the you know Sweden received Christianity quite late but at that time the church was established many monasteries were established especially as distortions and those one astir so very important for her and their spirituality meant a lot for her but we could say God had prepared the way for her and she could really be in the heart of the church we know that the church meant so much for her we shall see later on in her life that she saw herself as really person that had a special location for the judge for the Pope but the main thing of course was her personal vocation to be the Bride of Christ to live this personal relationship and receive his magic messages and transmit them to the church and society of her time but in the midst of a sixteenth century all was changed convents were closed Holy Mass was forbidden Lutheran reform imposed by the state however today Catholic faith is slowly coming back due to our search for truth and meaning in life immigration and new generations the school than $100 for cattle ski school denied its value just got to do we take that I think Felicia for under school you’re the whole bit on the Bonin the visa to take it on or kill further maths a me alone in going Avakian the install will non-generic an exotic LT young scope on Todd Worrell and millionth I don’t I’ll register through when de we had and the school on Somali capetti oh the meant just more over again and mainly yet some on but people do boom so my clan let’s go to war about together the Talmud ANCA to school on aha yeah we got to death and they all can hate will be so if I’m okay in the beginning is offensively so on the saucer tsk-tsk a school up okay so now you’re gonna get better so her story at the head and shuttle school up Jael are not coy Messam we Horizonte Vakula Oregon I dance hula nice all the true don’t forget sisters talk this way to me best in school number oh yes you are dink them source to school of Sunda mandra the beam wiki Luminara oak saw la kiss no born after with the Constituent in modern Sweden Catholic life is integrated in the open society you

8 thoughts on “Catholic Life in Sweden

  1. Salvatore Escoti Post author

    What I do not understand is the Santa Lucia holyday in sweden! I mean Santa Lucia is a Sicilian, catholic saint. In Sicily we celebrate Santa Lucia on 13th Dezember, it is a big Thing.  So how Didi the sicilian, catholic Santa Lucia come to the Protestant Sweden!   And the Swedish sing even the same Song like we do in Sicily, of Course they sing in swedish  but the Music is the same!!!!!

  2. Beaverhousen Post author

    What a beautiful video. May the Church win over Scandinavia once again and all people, natives and immigrants unite under the Universal Church.

  3. Giovanni Serafino Post author

    Another former Catholic country living with the devastation of the protestant revolt against the Catholic Church in the16th century. Although a lutheran country, only 3% of its people actually attend religious services, and most have no religious affiliation at all; thank you Martin Luther! Catholics are mostly immigrants, and there are few native Catholic Swedes, but there is always hope! Perhaps, Pope Francis, instead of going there to "celebrate " the protestant revolution and the destruction of the Catholic Church in Sweden, he should have invited them back to full unity with the Catholic Church.

  4. John Doe Post author

    And this is why I will vote for a party that will close them down. Faith based education equals indoctrination and _is_child abuse.

  5. Smoked Pork Ribs Post author

    Cool. I am a Texan of Swedish descent (both sides of family) who also converted to Catholic Christianity. Interesting to see how the Church will do here.


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