Catholic Kids Homilies – Easter 1C

By | November 9, 2019

Today is Easter Sunday! Like our Psalm
for today says rejoice and be glad but why are we happy on Easter what are we
celebrating? is it a day for bunnies and chocolate or
is it a day to celebrate spring and flowers? No today we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead! Last week we heard that Jesus died on the cross to
save us from our sins people had seen so much and had chosen to go so far away
from God that he needed to send His Son Jesus to save us and bring us back to
him. And Jesus did. Jesus could have run away or just hidden somewhere but he was
so crazy in love with us that he allowed himself to be taken and made to suffer
for all the things we’ve done wrong when he died on the cross Jesus paid with his
own life to get rid of all the sin that separated us from God
however dying on a cross is an awful way to die and Jesus was gone for three days
but then something very strange happened on the third day after he suffered death
the tomb where he was buried was found empty Jesus was resurrected resurrection
is when something or someone that was dead comes back to life God brought
Jesus back from the dead not as a ghost or a spirit but as a real person with a
real body what does this mean if the resurrection
shows that nothing is bigger or more powerful than God’s love for us not sin
and not even death Jesus’s resurrection shows that He loves us to death and that
he loves us when he comes back to life to God did all this because He loves us
so much and he wants every single person on earth to be with him forever so this
week let’s learn to love like Jesus loves helping and praying for others and
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