Catholic Kids Homilies- Corpus Christi (Cycle B) What is the Eucharist?

By | August 30, 2019

This Sunday is the feast of Corpus Christi,
which is Latin for the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ! Why are the Body and Blood of Jesus so important? To understand that, we have to go WAY back
to Genesis. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ate from
the tree that God told them not to eat from. This was bad because God wants to give us
divine life as a gift. We can’t steal it! This bad meal led to original sin. Jesus likes good meals. He liked to sit and eat with his disciples. He even did miracles to feed people, like
when he fed 5000 people with only a few loaves and fish. Jesus shows God’s desire to undo the bad
meal of Eden. He shows this especially when he celebrates
the Passover meal in today’s gospel. Jesus offers the bread and wine as his own
body and blood. His words turn the bread and wine into his
body and blood, so when you receive the body of Christ in the Eucharist, that is actually
Jesus himself. The Eucharist IS Jesus, even though it does
not look like him. Jesus feeds us with his own life, with his
own body and blood. This good meal undoes that bad meal that Adam
and Eve had back in the garden. Every Mass, we share this good meal, but we
can’t forget that this meal comes at a price. When our relationship with God is broken,
it takes a lot to fix it. Jesus had to die. He became a sacrifice for us. This is why we call Jesus the “lamb of God.” He is like a lamb that is sacrificed because
instead of letting us all die Jesus dies, showing how much he loves us. And he shows this every time we go to Mass
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5 thoughts on “Catholic Kids Homilies- Corpus Christi (Cycle B) What is the Eucharist?

  1. Cindy D'Angelo Post author

    Great video on a challenging subject!

  2. Walter Bogaardt Post author

    Great video. I kind of had to chuckle colored Adam and eve(yes we don't know what they really look like). Then the pouting Judas in the background of the last supper. Great videos for kids. Keep it up.

  3. Someone from 2005 Post author

    Now that I know what that circle thing that the catholics ate. I shall not call it circle thing


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