Catholic Kids Homilies – Advent 3C – Advent Grace

By | September 3, 2019

This is the 3rd week of Advent and today we
hear again about John the Baptist, the last prophet. He has been calling to people to change their
ways. And so lots of people come up to him and ask
him what to do and how they can be better. He gives good advice, telling the tax collectors
not to steal money and the soldiers not to be bullies. People start to think that he might be the
Messiah, but John says “one mightier than I is coming.” John says that he is not even worthy to take
off the Messiah’s sandals. The Messiah is more than a human prophet,
and John knows this. John says that the one who is coming will
separate the good wheat from the bad stuff. This means that Jesus is the one who will
separate the good from the bad in our hearts, the parts of us that are kind and love God
from the parts of us that are filled with sin. He will get rid of the bad and baptize us
with the “Holy Spirit and fire.” Jesus isn’t a normal prophet. He is God, changing us from the inside. He gives us divine life as a gift, because
we can’t get it on our own. This is called “grace.” We can’t earn it. It is so wonderful that we could never pay
for it. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is an incredible
gift because the Holy Spirit is the love between the Father and the Son. With it, we can love like God and become saints! Let’s accept God’s gift of the Holy Spirit
this Advent!

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