Catholic Kids Homilies 25B – First and Last!

By | September 3, 2019

This is the 25th week in ordinary time and
today’s readings are all about jealousy. St. Thomas Aquinas, a great theologian from
the Middle Ages says that jealousy is an anger at the success of others that makes no sense
at all. Jealous people often want to be better than
everyone else. In the second reading, James says this is
really bad and leads “disorder and every foul practice.” Why are we jealous of other people? Why aren’t we always super happy for everyone
else? This happens when we value the wrong things. This happens when we don’t make Jesus the
most important thing in our lives, the one we love and serve and spend time with.. When you aren’t full of love on the inside,
it’s hard to show love to others. You can’t give love that you don’t have. If you only have anger on the inside, you
will only give anger to others. How do we fix this? In the gospel, Jesus says “The Son of Man
is to be handed over to men and they will kill him, and three days after
his death the Son of Man will rise.” He’s talking about the paschal mystery again. He gives away love even though it hurts and
even kills him. He cares more about us than his own happiness
and comfort. We need to follow Jesus on his difficult journey
of love. But the disciples don’t get this at all. They start talking about which one of them
is the best! This is the opposite of loving others to death
like Jesus! We have to try to do better. We need the type of love that doesn’t worry
about ourselves, but that allows God’s love to fill us up so that we can give it to others. The last thing Jesus tells us is to love children
and to be like children. Children know to listen to parents who love
them. Kids don’t worry all the time and about
everything. We all need to live like children, without
worrying of the past or future, and willing to listen to people who love us.

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