Catholic Kids Homilies 23B – “Be Opened!”

By | December 3, 2019

This week is the 23rd week in ordinary time
and today, Jesus performs a miracle. He heals a deaf man with a speech impediment. The story tells us how Jesus heals our bodies
and souls. We are a lot like this deaf man. Most of us can hear sound, but all of us have
trouble hearing God. We don’t listen to his word and commandments. A lot of us spend more time on less important
things than thinking about God or reading the Bible. Our souls are deaf. This is a big problem because God’s word
gives us life. God’s word created the world and shapes
us. Our deaf souls are also a problem because
if you can’t hear well, you can’t speak clearly either. We don’t hear God’s word and we can’t
speak about him well either. We are like the man in the gospel who was
deaf and also had a speech problem. We, like him, need to be healed by Jesus. How does he do this? Jesus heals the man by first taking him away
from the crowd. They leave all the noise and distractions
behind. Then, Jesus puts fingers in the man’s ears. He groans, connecting himself to the man and
God and he says “be opened!” The man is able to hear and speak clearly. Like this man, when we can get reconnected
to God through Jesus in the Mass, in prayer, and in taking care of others. When we spend more time listening to Jesus,
we get reconnected to God and we speak confidently about him and his love! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment! You can also support this channel on Patreon
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