Catholic church sex abuse scandal in Altoona-Johnstown Diocese: Quick explainer

By | September 10, 2019

“Hundreds of children have fallen victim to child predators wrapped in the authority and the faith of those that they serve.” — Attorney General Kathleen Kane

6 thoughts on “Catholic church sex abuse scandal in Altoona-Johnstown Diocese: Quick explainer

  1. NehemiYAH Post author

    Can this story be shared on my channel. I will share the credit of you all bringing forth this information for the public.

  2. Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality Post author

    disgusting, funny how a lot of these "priests" even look like pedophilic degenerates.

  3. Mike Knife Post author

    The Catholic pedophile cult continues to destroy the lives of children around the world. Why are the governments not doing more to stop these evil child rapist?

  4. Tony D Post author

    lets get on some of these others like the Muslims, jews , lutherans, they are just as bad, if you think they are not you are a damn fool idiot

  5. April Estrada Post author

    Thank you Trump! My family and I and many many more pray for you everyday! Keep drawing the swamp! Shut down or not! We pray this will open eyes! This is gonna change everything as long as others don't let this diabolical acts be swept under the rug! This is gonna bring down those that participate!
    People please keep digging cause this is gonna nmbe some dark times coming! Don't follow the wolves, follow your heart, that's where the light you will oh so need! That's Holy Spirit in you. You are in Him no matter,
    prayers for angelic protection!


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