Catholic Church Investigates Itself, Says Not at Fault for Pedophilia & Molestation

By | September 3, 2019

David: And the other thing also going on,
speaking of unwanted sexual advances, the Catholic Church, we’ve all been waiting for
the Catholic Church to investigate itself to figure out what is going on with all of
the pedophilia and child molestation. Well, fear not, the Catholic… Louis: Yeah, why don’t you just have a rapist
convict himself? David: That’s right. Louis: Yeah. David: Or acquit himself. So the Catholic
Church investigated itself, OK, and the study was commissioned by the U.S. Conference of
Catholic Bishops, and they’ve determined it actually wasn’t really their wrongdoing, all
of the pedophilia. So hey, that’s great. Great for them. They
released a study which says that the moral decline in U.S. society is actually really
the cause of the Catholic child pedophilia. “Most of the priests who had allegations of
abuse abused pubescent or post-pubescent minors,” said a spokesperson involved in the study,
while the victims of pedophiles are defined as being 10 years old or younger. Louis: Oh, so this is different. David: It’s different because if you’re 11
and you’re molested by a priest, that’s not pedophilia because technically, you’re not
10 or younger, which is what the study says. It also says that the… what are the other…
American society in general in the 60s and 70s influenced Catholic child pedophilia,
as well as… what else? I mean, it’s just unbelievable the stories that are being told
here as to what really are the causes. I thought, even if you believe that it was
a very free, open society in the 60s and 70s and priests were influenced by that, I thought
clergy were supposed to hold themselves to a higher moral standard than everybody else.
So just because you have this situation of drugs and free love in the 60s and 70s, shouldn’t
these Catholic priests and bishops be holding themselves to a higher standard? No mention of celibacy, which is a big factor,
no mention of the fact that for years, for 50, 60 years, this has been covered up. If
you’re the Catholic Church and you’re helping to cover up these instances, what on Earth
is going to influence the… Louis: Why… yeah. David: Why would anybody stop? Why would anybody
stop? Louis: So where does this leave us, just with
more terrible things to say about the Catholic Church? David: Well, the Church says it has a position
of zero tolerance towards child abuse. Louis: Oh, yeah. That’s a crock. David: What I’m thinking is maybe they’re
just bad at math, and they don’t understand what the term “zero” means. That’s the only
other thing I can think of. Louis: Yeah. Because all they did was move
these guys around. David: Moving around, yeah. And we… by the
way, we’re working on a big story related to this. I can’t even go further into it,
but we’re in touch with someone who is very, very close to… I don’t even want to go further.
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