Catholic Church Flip-Flop: Unborn Fetuses AREN’T People?

By | September 5, 2019

catholic church is always going to on
and on and on and on about the sanctity of life and budget big concepts about you know
cells and and uh… sperm are people and all that stuff the sanctity of life in
the the start of collide the conception you know all that
stuff loads well-aware you’re very well aware that we can have
an abortion because spurs sacred and cells are sacred and a two-day old and really go collette he does is sacred et cetera we can’t have
insurance coverage four many aspects of women’s health care according to the
catholic church in catholic employers in catholic hospitals because of freedom and because a fetus
is also a person all of this goes back to what was it
goes back to this idea that life begins act the very first instant of consent of
conception and therefore the morning-after pill and uh… abortion
and i will we know the drill we know the drill the only problem is that apparently this
doesn’t apply when it might save the catholic church
some money uh… there’s a man suing a catholic
hospital for malpractice because his wife and that’s when she was carrying
inside of her died when she turned up at the emergency room and her doctor never bothered to
encircle page things are now getting a little bit
tricky to catholic hospitals course adheres to the strict ethical and
political leaders directives of the catholic church as set forth by the u_s_
conference of catholic bishops and those include that the church defends that
life includes the unborn and you must uphold the sanctity of life from the
moment of conception until death jason language who’s an attorney would
denver based kennedy child is arguing in one of the briefs that he filed for the
defense of the hospital but the kurt court shouldn’t overturn
the long-standing ruling colorado that the term person as used in the wrongful death act
encompasses only individuals born alive and that therefore you cannot have any
kind of wrongful death claim based on unborn fetuses the height of hypocrisy you can have an abortion because those fetuses when it comes to being sued for
malpractice unborn fetuses according to the law are alive they’re not they’re not people you surprised very militant this is on
paper now the height of hypocrisy from the
catholic church nothing surprises me when it comes to the capital gain you
should really be thanking the attorney for undermining everything that the
catholic church has ever said about women and health care in fetuses
in the sanctity of life just to save a dollar here is all being
completely undermined and really showing that the entire thing is completely
baseless an empty that’s that’s really what i’m hearing from a to get some
recessionary incredible

20 thoughts on “Catholic Church Flip-Flop: Unborn Fetuses AREN’T People?

  1. Malachy Smith Post author

    Who should listen to THIS boy (a Jew) who does NOT believe in Jesus (or the church)???.
    The LEGAL argument was the (lawyers) using STATE LAW in defense of their client (the hospital). The PROBLEM is NOT the church, but rather the STATE which does not recognize the person hood of unborn fetuses.
    This (smarmy) anti-Christian taking advantage of this (legal) case to attack the church (his/Satan's enemy).

  2. Caitlyn Brown Post author

    Wow, you're delusional. lol The problem has ALWAYS been the church. The church is responsible for so much evil throughout history, it amazes me that anyone tries to defend them.

  3. UDTNavySEAL Post author

    You are all idiots. A lawsuit can only be brought by the laws on the books not the religious views of a particular party. It's not hypocrisy it's adhering to the law.

  4. UDTNavySEAL Post author

    Except that is absolutely absurd. What the Pope decrees or sanctions has absolutely no bearing on our laws here in the U.S. If the law says the fetus is not a person (even if the pope doesn't agree) you cant file a lawsuit declaring it is a person. Lawsuits have to be supported by actual US authority not the Pope's beliefs. But I guess you people are just too damn stupid to understand that,

  5. UDTNavySEAL Post author

    No. You are a dolt! The ONLY thing relevant here is what the law says because it is a LAWsuit. A lawyer would be disbarred if he allowed his client to pay an award based on a legally deficient lawsuit. You call hypocrisy but standing on the sidelines of the left vs right debates I find the left a whole lot more hypocritical. The right might be crazy but you lefties sure are stupid.

  6. Gabriela Ubau Post author

    The reason why the Catholic hospital said that nothing can be done, is because according to the law, the fetus isn't human. So it's not that the Catholic church is being hypocritical, it's that they're being persecuted by the government to do and say things that's against religious beliefs. I bet the Catholic Hospital would want to help that man who lost everything, but he's not using his brain.

  7. Drake Santiago Post author

    I wish religious institutions, would talk less about the sanctity of life or the sanctity of marriage, and talk more about the importance of facts. Of course, if they cared about the facts they would cease to religions.

  8. Michelle K Post author

    I'm a Left-handed liberal so I'm a lefty in both senses.
    PLUS! I was raised in Texas. So, i contradict myself just like the Catholic Church does.

  9. UDTNavySEAL Post author

    The only thing I'm certain you contradict is the term human intelligence.

  10. Theaksten Post author

    Complete idiocy! Since when does a disobedient hospital speak for the entire Church. That video has drawn the wrong conclusion. Yes, it's the height of hypocrisy, but only for that hospital, not for an entire Church. The conclusion drawn is simply illogical, enough said. About as illogical as that so-called "Catholic" hospital committing that extremely hypocritical act. That event is very scandalous. Again, your video is wrong. :3

  11. killbotone Post author

    The hospital is suppose to represent the views of the RCC…if the RCC doesnt agree with the hospitals stance or direction on this matter then it should realy come out and say so…otherwise people will simply take cues from the RCC representitive.

  12. Michael Marshall Post author

    This is the typical Liberal line. They can't understand Catholic Church. The lies of the Women Health issues. They The liberals believe in "freedom" to destroy life at any stage. It also goes to the continuing fight to limit how much Catholics can practice their faith in ways they see fit under the Constitution. Life should be valued. The real question is when does life begin? I would like an answer to that one from the liberals who hate the Catholic Church.

  13. Michael Marshall Post author

    Twit Chic, I don't know where you get your history from. Canada has been in The British Commonwealth since that 1700's. That was most likely The Church of England doing that. As to the everything else you claim. Peodophilia has never been ramped in the catholic church and the recent case are still very question at best because they where never tried as criminal case only civil one because the time limit had elapsed. to everything you can believe what you want but some of it has been dealt with.

  14. Michael Marshall Post author

    Twit Chic, If by Torture and murder you mean the action of the Conquestors. Those man and explorations have never been linked to the Catholic Church. The monarchs of Portugal and Spain gave Those men their back for the Exploration of the new world. The actions taken should be directed at those rules not the church.

  15. Michael Marshall Post author

    Most of the So-called catholic hospital are not by the Catholic Church any more. Too many of the are in the Christian Health Network (CHN) which will not adhere to Catholic Church doctrine at all. I not sure but the hospital in CO. Maybe be in this Network so they maybe hide from their responsibilty inn the case mentioned.

  16. Michael Marshall Post author

    If you want to give up on religion, go right on ahead and do so. It is not BS. It maybe to you but not most of the rest of us. I truly can't put my trust in my self or too many others in this world. I have come to a very stark and sad conclusion that the world has degenerated to a point that i can't except it anymore. Garrison you are a moral relativist and i feel sorry that think this world is so great. I will be praying for you to change.

  17. Thomas Javiez Post author

    I agree with your point. I can't put my trust in too many others in this world, and even if I do, I always remain essentially responsible for myself and how I feel. The quote that says something along the lines of " Even among many people you can feel completely alone" describes why people seek solutions outside of themselves and other people to deal with this internal conflict~ It is nice to know that you don't have to rely on others and also not feel completely alone at the same time.

  18. carlos montana Post author

    unborn fetuses are more of a people than those sick maggot priest that rape children… the priest should be aborted with… send all of the 18,545 pedopile priest to jail and tell the catholic church to stop hiding and protecting them,,, one sick church,,, pedophile infested house of sick men… burn it…

  19. Kay H. Post author

    With respect to hospital control, please sign my petition at


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