Catholic Church Abuse Victims Call For Justice & Accountability

By | August 29, 2019

The lengthy catalog of clergy sexual abuse
by the Grand Jury Report was extremely difficult to read as the grand jurors note, “Priests
and other Catholic leaders victimize teens and children of all ages.” But all of them were brushed aside in every
part of the state by church leaders who preferred to protect the abuser and their institution
above all else. Most especially, they wanted to protect money. To discuss this is Melanie Sakoda, Secretary
of the Board of Directors of SNAP, the largest, longest running and most active support group
for women and men abused by religious and institutional authorities. Melanie, for two years a grand jury in Pennsylvania
investigated these abuse cases in six Roman Catholic churches across the state. They pored through half a million pages of
church documents held in secret archives. This was an extraordinary cover up that went
on for decades. This is through what you’re used to seeing
isn’t it? Exactly. We think this is happening everywhere that
the Catholic church operates. Well, it operates in a large part because
they really have developed a system for doing this haven’t they? I mean if you were to call on your experience
on how they go about operating like this, how would you describe it? If you were to, just to kind of give us thumbnail
sketch on how they engage in these cover ups, what would your take be on that? I think that it’s their standard operating
procedure that the bishops know that if some scandalous information comes to them, they’re
supposed to keep it quiet, put it in their secret file, and cover it up. Until that changes, we’re not going to see
any real solution to this problem. Well, is this a meaningful moment at all? I mean where it comes to what’s happened here,
do you think this really changes anything about the way that the Catholic church does
business versus what the Catholic church should be doing to protect children going forward? What is your take on that? I mean every time we see one of these stories
we kind of wait for that moment that, you know, there’s a sea change now. We’re really going to expect something tremendous
to happen. What is your take in that regard having done
this for so long? I don’t think we should be waiting for the
church to do something. They’ve had all this time and they haven’t
done anything. I think what people who are still a part of
the Catholic church should be doing is they should vote with their feet and with their
wallets. I think that may bring some attention to it. I don’t know that if it will change the policies
that are coming down from the very top, but hopefully … because what you need is you
need a policy that says, “No, you don’t put this stuff in the secret files. You send allegations of criminal behavior. You take them to the police. You let the people in the parish know that
this is what you have done.” Yeah, tell us a little bit about SNAP so people
understand what SNAP is and why you’re out there. Tell us about anything that you think you’ve
been able to accomplish with SNAP in pushing back, not just the Catholic church but really
across the board in all religions. What do you think you’ve accomplished and
tell us a little bit about your organization. SNAP is a network of survivors and people
who support them. We hold, in various parts of the country,
we hold peer-to-peer support groups so that people can came, they can share their stories,
they will know that the people there will understand and believe them. The people that come will know that they are
not alone. We also have an advocacy arm, which is we
have people doing media events as they’ve been doing in Pennsylvania yesterday and today. That, I think, is an important part of what
we do because we let people know that we’re out there. We let survivors know that they’re not alone. That includes all survivors, not just those
in the Catholic church. I think this has had an impact. I think we’re finding a little bit that people
are coming forward at earlier ages and there is … we get our name out there. People know that we are a group that they
can come to. Now we’re not the only one, but we are one
of the groups that they can come to for help and support as they just come forward or if
they want to pursue some sort of action against their perpetrator or the people who may have
covered up for their perpetrator. Melanie, one of the things that came out of
this report was how the different priests sharing information about victims. It paints an image. There just wasn’t one single abuser, but really
there’s no other way to describe it as a systemic network. Okay? I mean that’s the way I see this. Has that been your experience when you’ve,
when SNAP has been involved in other cases, do you kind of see the systemic nature to
this entire thing? I don’t guess the systemic networking that
came out in this report surprises you, does it? No. Just, I think, it was last year what you had
… on Netflix you had the very fine documentary called The Keepers, which documented the systemic
abuse of girls at a Catholic high school in Baltimore. So this is not something unusual. I mean it doesn’t happen … not all the abusers
network, but some of them do. You know Pope Francis’ response to the grand
jury report has been to address the problem in a way that’s really never been done before. I mean you have to admit there’s something
different about what he said. As he was saying it, again, I read the grand
jury report and I don’t come away … I’m not really moved by the idea that we’re going
to see much change in this monstrosity, this money, money monstrosity that has been built
called the Catholic church. What is your take on what the Pope did? You know I think the only thing that I noticed
is I was very happy that he called these activities what they are. They’re criminals. They’re crimes. Its criminal behavior, so that was a step
forward because usually they’re referred to as sins. Everybody may do things that are wrong, but
not everybody is a criminal. So that was very, you know, was a step forward. Otherwise, where is the action? In 2002 when the Boston Globe revealed all
the problems in the archdioceses of Boston, Cardinal Law was removed. But what happened? He got a cushy job at the Vatican. When he died, a year or so ago, he got a priest’s
funeral. He was honored. That’s what needs to change. Nothing really has changed as I’ve watched
this. Do you think the Catholic church is reforming
in any way Melanie? I mean do you really think that they’re reforming
is any way? My take is no. I mean they have policies and procedures. But policies don’t protect children. Actions are what protects children, and that’s
what you need to do. You need to have action, and you need to start
removing those people who are covering it up or if it’s a policy, if they’re simply
doing what they’re supposed to, then you need to change the policy, and you need to make
sure that this doesn’t happen. I’m interested to see your reaction to this. Harrisburg Bishop Ronald Gainer spoke at a
mass this week. He asked for forgiveness. Let’s listen. I want to see your reaction to this. In the name of our local church, I voice again
my heartfelt sorrow and sincere apology to all survivors of clergy sexual abuse. The practical changes to avoid repeating the
sad and troubling past are in place, and are being faithfully observed, and will continue
to be improved in our dioceses. What’s your reaction? I’m not going to hold my breath and believe
it. They have to show me. You know? Yeah. They have to start … you know if they really
want to do it, they release all their files. Well, I think everybody listening to that
has to reaction the same way. Melanie, thank you for joining me. Keep up the work with SNAP. It’s more now than ever, we really need your
engagement in all this.

49 thoughts on “Catholic Church Abuse Victims Call For Justice & Accountability

  1. V Post author

    These Catholic kid fuckers need to be put in prison. Religious hypocrites proving they are promoting poison.

  2. sailormanariel Post author

    Until the Pope does jail time nothing will change.

  3. Book Of Timothy Post author

    Dont be surprised if the #FalseProphet bails #AntiChristTrump out of his mess and they make their alliance…this would connect the dots right now!! 🙏👐🙏

  4. vegasflyboy67 Post author

    Repeal church tax exemption. You can pray to a magical sky daddy anytime anywhere, you dont need a billion dollar brainwashing industry to do it.

  5. Just a Happy Canadian-American Boy Post author

    Fucking pedophiles, this demons deserve to spend his life in prision

  6. Taul Post author

    They need to do a healing mass, before they do a forgiveness mass.

  7. Mark Martin Post author

    They ain't gonna get no help from Congress. To busy diddling around with children

  8. Daniel Ferreira Post author

    99% of pedophiles are christian white Republicans Facts 😨😨😨

  9. Iridescent ink Post author

    You would need a national or international evidence to push a reform regrettably. 1 billion catholics will accept this 😔

  10. WILBERT ALMODOVAR Post author

    And you thought Hollywood was routen… Think, think again, and again. These are criminals.

  11. laura anderson Post author

    Stop attending mass and stop giving them money!!! Then when they take care of business people will return.

  12. Chol Yaak Post author

    The Catholics worship the pope as God and rape children in name of Jesus… very sick people

  13. Josie Van Gorden Post author

    Mostly every christian i know has abused children. Its a trend. It should be child abuse to brainwash children into a religion then abuse them. And think all those child molesting churches get tax breaks. They get paid to harm children.

  14. Josie Van Gorden Post author

    If you wanna protect your kids teach them science and dont take them to church

  15. Patrice Irons Post author

    The Keepers is a must see on Netflix. Shows the systemic corruption in the Catholic church. The commit murder, rape, payoffs etc. Pure Evil.

  16. Badbrit_59 Post author

    The practice of cover up and moving the priests involved has been going on for decades. The biggest problem was getting the facts and proof to light. The RC church must be held accountable & allow the prosecution of these perverts instead of protecting them.

  17. Wendell 717 Post author

    I'm from Harrisburg, PA. They'll wait for it to blow over. THIS IS THE PRIVILEGE some of the religious community gets, even if CHILDREN are the victims. They do NOT care enough.

  18. desolit100 Post author

    This is a cult.I was forced into this as a child.I had no say. I was abused.

  19. Susie Lewis Post author

    Is very sad but the church has got to change or go out of business. There is too much secrecy and layers of clerics. They should rid of cassocks and all the other attire and be people! I am Catholic so I know

  20. Herb Bluntman Post author

    Arrest all the Archbishops in the US and tell the Pope they'll stay in prison until the Catholic church hands over all known pedos in their clergy to local authorities to be prosecuted and punished for their crimes.
    Pedos deserve the death penalty.

  21. apersonwhoknows24 Post author

    And yet people have the nerve to believe in that pizzagate bullshit.

  22. Brexit Refugee Post author

    Don’t worry. They’ll all get a stern talking to by Jehovah when they get to heaven

  23. bigraviolees Post author

    I detest the sanctimony of these people who allow pedophilia for centuries. You are a man of god in your self righteousness and you abuse children? How can you simply not take your life before you commit this crime?

  24. RemembranceRugGuy Post author

    Interesting choice for the deciders (google/youtube/etc.) to pick just this one (of the many I have viewed today) to be slow & interrupted many times – so much that they rub my nose in it by asking "experiencing interruptions ?" —- Yes, whenever the subject is about something that super-big-business would rather I didn't know about.

  25. Bayonne Blasphemer Post author

    If any of us saw a priest raping a child, we would stop it. That's the difference between good people and the christian god. It just lets it happen, and the priest gets to go to heaven. If that rape causes that child to lose his/her faith, the child goes to hell. That's according to christian theology. If the christian god exists, he/she/it is a monster. SHAME ON ANYONE WHO WORSHIPS THAT GOD.

  26. judy krager Post author

    Nothing is going to be done about this , it is going to happen for many years to come ,  no payoff's are going to big enough to family's as long as priests are going to get away with this, children look up to these people ,they are taught to believe in GOD, and they think this is right in the laws of the Lord , Tell me how the children  are suppose to think any different.

  27. Joseph Grant Post author

    I am an immigrant to the USA from 1968. I was an Oblate. I was educated in a Jesuit monastery in Liege Belgium until I was 15 years old. The priests who educated me along with a few nuns, were the most honorable people I have ever met. None of these honorable people ever abused me in any way, sexually or otherwise. The Catholic Church is not the problem. It is individuals. Even though I am not an active member of the Catholic Church, don’t blame the church, blame the individuals.

  28. Youtuber Trump Post author

    Come unto me the little children. This is not what God was talking about.

  29. Rita Doucet - Canada Post author

    What do the victims want now??? Money is my guess, As far as I am concerned YOu can destroy the Church But NEVER the true meaning of it. Baptism, Communication with God our father, Acceptance of God in your heart which used to be Confirmation that you ARE a follower of Jesus Christ, Marriage before God first before ceremonials in front of chosen priests, there are still good church leaders out there but they remain silent. I am emphatically a TRUE believer in Jesus’ word “doing God’s will and allowing HIS WILL to act upon ME. Denying that the devil/demon/Satan is not present in our daily lives is being a hypocrite to our true selves, he IS conquering our world just like he did with Adam and Eve he uses every means to destroy the words of Jesus “they know not what they are doing”, “forgive them father were his last dying words. God Bless his believers. Mohammed being a chosen prophet have had his teachings destroyed by the atheists of our world and specially by snake charmers such as they were called back then “Jews of our daily lives love it and laugh at their power of saying they are the chosen people, yep they DENY JESUS as our saviour. Be a Jew but allow ME as a person worthy of his love to spread his message of Loving one another and forgiving those who trespass against us. Bahbye la.

  30. ThreePalmsII Post author

    Let priests marry and women be priests. Entering the church as a profession does not rid the priests of their sexual desires.

  31. the hawk Post author

    if Pope Francis want to make things right he should order the release of all records worldwide of all sex scandals with priests and children going back to the first one but that would lose the Roman Catholic Church terrorist organization there money.
    in my opinion

    Trump is the best friend of Christian America because they are both very evil, both hypocritical, both run a criminal organization.
    my opinion
    Christians and Catholics are terrorist and extremist they are American Taliban
    lets see what Evangelical, Christians, and Catholics or the American Taliban have committed in the United States of America over the last 200 years in the name of religion.
    name of Christianity.
    The Ku Klux Klan in the name of Christianity.
    1. burned down black churches
    2. raped women
    3. murdered civil rights workers
    4. murdered children
    5. terrorized communities for over a century

    The Neo-Nazis all acted and continue to act in the name of white Christian supremacy.
    1. the murder of blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Asian.
    2. assault on blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Asian,

    The Army of God. in the name of Christianity.
    1. fatally attacks abortion clinics.
    2. fatally attacks abortion doctors.

    The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord. in the name of Christianity.
    1. target local police.
    2. target federal agents.
    3. targeted The federal building in Oklahoma City.

    other things perpetrated by Christians in the USA.
    1. attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
    2. successful assassinations of Martin Luther King.
    3. successful assassinations of John F. Kennedy.
    4. successful assassinations of John Lennon.
    5. successful assassinations of Abraham Lincoln.
    6. conning of people by Prosperity Preachers.
    7. lying to dying people by Prosperity Preachers.
    8. giving unlimited Mulligans to a person who repeatedly committed adultery, continually lies, steals.
    9. child marriage.
    9a. the continual protection of pedophiles to marry children.
    10. gay conversion therapy.
    11. saying LGBTQ community is not equal to everyone else.
    12. saying a woman is not equal to a man and does not have the right to her own body.
    next up is the Roman Catholic Church terrorist and extremist
    1. sex scandals.
    2. pedophile priests
    3. the rape of little boys and girls
    4. allowing priests to raped beat torcher little boys and girls for centuries.
    5. protected these sexual predators, Pedophilia, child molester, rapist.
    6. saying LGBTQ community are pedophiles.
    7. thinking they know what God thinks of LGBTQ community.
    8. gay conversion therapy.
    9. saying LGBTQ community is not equal to everyone else.
    10. saying a woman is not equal to a man and does not have the right to her own body.
    11. saying we are all born in sin. if a baby is born this second what sin did he commit?
    12. saying using a condom is a sin. a condom is a piece of latex. what sin did it commit?
    13. allowing millions of people to die from aids because the church thinks a piece of latex is a sin.
    my opinion back up by facts.

  32. Seeking It Post author

    What about calling for the extradition of priests from Vatican City

  33. Zokizzy Foshizzy Post author

    I hope these victims are as effective as #MeToo is on Hollywood.

  34. Cliff Roberson Post author

    You deserve money! But good luck with that. You will be shunned for your lawsuits and maybe even excommunicated. Your no longer dealing with a church at this point, they are now in organized crime mode.

  35. CJCryer Buzz Post author

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are just as bad. Right now they are being fined $4,000.00 a day for not handing over documents that have the names of over a thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses who are child rapists. They actively protect the witnesses who rape children.
    If your interested look up the Australian Royal Commission and the Watch Tower. But it goes on all over the world.

  36. Duke Krink Post author

    As circumcision is accepted as a religious practice, then would it not be reasonable to make it a mandatory procedure for Catholic priests, when ordained, to have their genitalia removed as a declaration of their true support in their Catholic church's belief in celibacy?
    Would this be a justified attempt to elimination paedophilia in the Catholic church?
    Could this method possibly subjugate and deter paedophiles who are enjoying the privileged protection of the Catholic church?
    Would this approach be a reliable, serious, profound, justifiable and truly dedicated method to certify the teachings of the Catholic church's religious beliefs?
    I would suggest the Pope put this proposition to his God the next time he's in a conference with him and if his God were to approve and found to be in agreement,
    perhaps the Pope could show his own profound dedication by volunteering to be up first for the surgical procedure?

  37. C. F. Patterson Post author

    Not to lessen the pain and embarrassment of those affected by this scandal, but this is what happens when human beings allow themselves to be brainwashed into following religious "leaders" and blind faith. For those of you that believe in a God or supreme being, please know that you possess the ability to communicate with your God or supreme being all by yourself!! The catholic church and priesthood is nothing more than a good ol' boys club…Meant for those who are fighting their own pedophilia and homosexual urges.


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