Catholic Charities, Spokane working to make House of Charity 24-hour shelter

By | September 10, 2019

THE CITY OF SPOKANE’S HOMELESS POPULATION WILL SOON HAVE ACCESS TO A ROUND-THE-CLOCK EMERGENCY SHELTER. ANY TIME OF YEAR. KXLY 4’S GRACE DITZLER IS WORKING FOR YOU… WITH HOW THE CITY SAYS THIS CHANGE WILL BENEFIT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY. 1;35;49 STANDUP the city of spokane and catholic charities say opening up this shelter 24 hours a day would help not only the homeless people they serve here but also the businesses within the downtown core :9W12 22 TO SPOKANE’S HOMELESS. HOUSE OF CHARITY PROVIDES NOT ONLY A PLACE TO STAY. BUT A PLACE TO FEEL SAFE. TO BELONG. 1;40;58 ORLO i’ve been going through myself a lot of torment and suffering but honestly if this place was open 24/7 that would be a very good thing :13W13 24 TODAY, THE CITY OF SPOKANE AND CATHOLIC CHARITIES ANNOUNCED PLANS TO MAKE HOUSE OF CHARITY A 24 HOUR A DAY SHELTER. 1;20;11 CONDON new more permanent housing has opened recently, and more is set to come online late rthis year but 24 hour shelter space remains a gap :9W14 22 BUDGET SHORTFALLS HAVE FORCED THE SHELTER TO CUT ITS HOURS. THE CITY SAYS IT WILL PUT 200-THOUSAND DOLLARS FROM EXCESS REVENUE IMMEDIATELY TOWARD KEEPING THE SHELTER DOORS OPEN THIS YEAR. WITH MORE MONEY ON ITS WAY FOR THE 24/7 SHELTER. 1;24;15 STUCKART next year botht he mayor and i are committed to increasing that number by 200-250,000 dollars each year. W15 22 CATHOLIC CHARITIES AND THE CITY SAY GIVING PEOPLE A PLACE TO GO AT ALL HOURS. WILL HELP BUSINESSES IN THE DOWNTOWN CORE. 1;31;32 ROB MCANN they don’t want to be downtown panhandling or causing issues, they’d rather be here. W16 22 KIMBERLEE MELCHER’S BUSINESS IS KITTY CORNER TO THE HOUSE OF CHARITY. 1;40;46 KIMBERLEE if that keeps them off my porch, i’m all for it. :3W17 22 MELCHER SAYS THEY’VE ONLY BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR ABOUT A YEAR. BUT SHE’S ALREADY CONSIDERING LEAVING BECAUSE OF THE HOMELESS PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY HANG OUT OUTSIDE HER BUILDING. 1;40;51 KIMBERLEE they need somewhere to go it breaks my heart. all the time its a really a sturggle to know how to deal with them, but when they get rude and beligerant and theyre pulling down the signs, its hard because this is our place of business. W18 22 HOUSE OF CHARITIES AND THE CITY SAY A 24 HOUR SHELTER IS JUST ONE STEP TO COMBATTING HOMELESSNESS IN OUR COMMUNITY. 1;36;11 STANDUP house of charity say they hope to open up open up the shelter 24 hours a day by november 1. reporting in downtown spokane grace ditzler kxly 4 news :8W19 22

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