Catholic Charities Home makers Maine Job Search Online Available

By | September 3, 2019

Catholic Charities and their position is independent
support services program. I am Brenda Robb, I am the social worker. My position with Catholic
Charities is district supervisor. We are hiring for the independent support services position,
which is the homemaker position. Individuals go into the homes and help with light housekeeping
laundry grocery shopping and meal planning and preparation. They would work 2 hours a
week for the individuals. And we’re hiring basically on call. so they’re all on call
staff right now. But that doesn’t mean you stay home and wait for us to call. Once you
have a consumer, then you would be scheduling that person in weekly for 2 hours. Pretty
much open all the time. Staff come and go and we never know how many consumers we are
going to have, because it depends on the number of referrals that we do get. Anyone can make
a referral and we primarily work with the elderly and disabled. Basically, high school
diploma, we don’t do any personal care so you don’t need to be a CNA or a PSS.

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