Catholic Charities helped Freddy and his family build a new life

By | August 31, 2019

My name is Freddy Nyembwe. I am living in
Lansing, Michigan. I work with Lansing School District as a specialized assistant bilingual
educator. What I am doing I am working with the ELS students. ELL is English Language
Learner, or English as a Second Language. We have so many kids who are coming from outside
of America, and I work with them in the classroom, with their teacher, of course. I am like,
an assistant teacher trying to explain to the student what the teacher means.
When I moved from the Congo I went to Zimbabwe. I stayed there for six years. After six years
I came to the United States, and the people who came to welcome me was St. Vincent Catholic Charity.
They welcomed me and they showed me where to live. They helped me to do all the procedures
for immunization, for myself and my family. They looked for a job, my very first job that
I worked, it was St. Vincent Catholic Charity who looked for me. So, they are really helpful
and I am really grateful. My country is a very big country. It looks
like a continent, so we have a lot of countries which are surrounding the Congo. And we have,
also, 465 languages in our country, because our country is very big and we have so many
tribes. At my club, I welcome, also, the people from
Zimbabwe, the people from Rwanda, Burundi, French people, English people, and Japanese,
also Chinese. So it was an international nightclub and restaurant. That is where I started being
interested in speaking different languages. In the states right now I am running, like,
ten languages. because we have people from Burundi, people from Rwanda, people from Somalia.
Some people from Somalia speak Swahili also, like Congolese or Kenyan or Tanzanians. So
I am running, in the district, I am running something like ten or nine languages.
My plan is to be successful in this country, because I remember James Brown was very famous
in the 70s. He was very famous and at that time I was something like … i was very young, but I liked, I really loved James Brown’s music! One day I was saying, when I was a child, I was saying, “One day I am going to play my music in America in my own language and America is going to love my music.” So my project is, I really want to invest in music. I really want to play
music so that American people can buy and enjoy my feeling from the Congo to their country.
So my project is, I really want to be known in this country as a professional singer.
The new song is dedicated to our children. If I say “our children” it means all the children
of the world. I just want to empower them to let them know that there is no good job
without good education, so they don’t have to give up, they have to stand on an education
so that tomorrow they become the president in their own country and they can help their
own people. So the song title is “Looking at You.” So, looking at you I see the face of victory. So this is about the song, and I am very sure
that you are going to love the song. You are going to like it because I try to integrate
with American musicians, and do a fusion of Swahili and English. So we sing altogether
to give this message to our children, because they need to know that they can. Children
they are are just a child, but they have to know that they can. They can.

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