Catholic Beliefs- Arabic-Session 1a

By | September 16, 2019

I’m Archbishop Daniel Polachek Archbishop Emeritus of Cincinnati and author of being Catholic how we believe practice and think the people who put this multimedia program together thought it might be interesting to have some input from me the author of the book at various times throughout the course of the program it’s not that there are vast areas of material that wouldn’t fit into the book and that need special treatment it’s rather that the editors thought it might be nice to have some input from a senior person what I have to offer is a bundle of reflections more or less connected with being Catholic their literary form might be called fireside chats or you might prefer to look on them as occasional injections of theological avuncular tea I hope you find them pleasing now let’s start with some basics what does it mean to be a member of the church first of all being a member of the church is more than being signed up in an organization it’s more than having access to the local parochial school it’s more than taking part in certain social or fundraising activities like bingo or parish festivals all of that is well and good and brings its own benefits but being a member the church being Catholic is more than that much more but most simply and most succinctly being a member of the church being Catholic means sharing in the life of the Risen Jesus it means being alive with the life of Christ there are lots of implications to that as you will see but the basic reality that constitutes being Catholic is the life of the risen Christ and our participation in that life in all sorts of different ways it’s possible to dilute one’s participation in the church it’s possible to make it a marginal element in one’s life lots of Catholics do I’m sorry to say but that constitutes misuse of one of the most precious gifts that God ever makes to humankind you can never say all that needs to be said about what constitutes being Catholic and how you live that out in practice but you have to start off with the basics with the awareness that being Catholic means sharing the life of the risen Christ everything else is derivative and secondary you

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