Catholic and Interfaith Community at St. Edward’s University

By | August 30, 2019

I think in the tradition of Holy Cross is
the tradition of trying to get people educated they want people to have the chance to explore
here and whether that exploration takes place in the realm of a Catholic faith tradition
or whether it takes place in some other way they want you to be able to have that experience
and to ask those questions in a day to day way the university lives out the Catholic
and Holy Cross heritage primarily through the education of young people and also the
university’s commitment to social justice and service is an important part of how we
live out our Catholic identity. One of my friends is actually really big on service
and she does the one day a week volunteering thing and she was like Campus Ministry is
a kind of will help you explore your faith in every way so that was kind of cool because
a lot of people are not religious but they’re spiritual and Campus Ministry caters to everyone.
Now Campus Ministry sees itself as serving the whole student body, and again meeting
students where they are is part of the understanding that Holy Cross and especially the Holy Cross
brothers have about the education of the whole person and so we want all of our students
to benefit from that tradition regardless of what their religious background is and
even because they have different religious backgrounds we see that as an important part
of who we are as a university I’ve made friends that aren’t the same religion as
me everyone is really open and accepting of what everyone else is and I feel like that’s
a cool thing because it’s a good Christian school but there’s nothing forced on to
you it obviously has that faith aspect and the whole Catholic teaching behind it but
I feel like its more of like a catholic understanding of like everyone coming from different backgrounds
and you should just respect everyone I feel like its helped me grow in my own faith in
the sense that when you meet other people that believe something else that’s different
than what you believe in it challenges it really challenges you to become stronger in
your faith when you’re presented with so many people that are so different from you
you actually think about like why you are the way you are for me it made me more religious I
think because I had a deeper appreciation for my own faith when students become familiar
with and friendly with and comfortable with folks from religious background sets that’s
different from theirs, they are in a better position then to go out into the world in
a more informed and familiar way

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  1. olympiantardis Post author

    This is so wonderful and even though I'm not a religious person, seeing such acceptance just confirms my thoughts that SEU is the school for me.


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