Catedrala Catolică din Baia – Catholic Cathedral in Baia (Suceava County, Romania)

By | August 30, 2019

Baia village is located in the northern part of Moldova (Romania),
on the banks of Moldova River, near the city of Falticeni History of this place is old, in the early fourteenth
century is remembered as a major cosmopolitan borough Along with Romanians are living Germans, Hungarians, Poles
and Armenians, the land being under Hungarian suzerainty During the reign of Prince Bogdan I (1375-1391), Baia
becomes the first capital of newly independent state, Moldova In Baia (named Moldavia at that time) were already an old Dominican
church (XIIIth century), one Franciscan church and two Catholic church The great catholic cathedral in Baia was built in the early XVth
century (1410?) at the command of the ruler Alexander the Good The church was dedicated to “Holy Virgin Mary” and was built
in honor of Margaret, his first wife, Polish Catholic princess Margaret also was buried in a silver coffin
in the church baptistery It became the greatest Catholic church in Moldova
since then, meeting and function of the cathedral The church was built entirely of stone, being similar
to Gothic buildings in Transylvania The church had only one nave (8.60 x 26.30 m – interior),
covered with vaults and rectangular bays From the bell tower still preserves some of the walls and
still observe traces of spiral staircases The two rooms of transept served as chapel On 14/15 December 1467 Stephen the Great’s army destroys
in Baia the Hungarian army led by King Matthias Corvinus After the fighting, the borough completely burned
and from cathedral remained only the walls This battle marked the beginning of city forfeiture In 1476 the cathedral is set on fire by the armies of Sultan
Mehmed the Conqueror, being rebuilt by the ruler Petru Rares In 1523, Diocese of Bath and has ceased to exist, and
gradually the Catholic community was increasingly reduced Since the XVIIIth century were not Catholics who maintain
it, so the church started to decay into ruin Immediately after the war, the communist authorities
tolerated / encouraged the theft of stone In the ’70s and then more recently there have been
some works that have tried to limit the damage

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