Catch Me If You Can (1/10) Movie CLIP – Substitute Teacher (2002) HD

By | December 9, 2019

Excuse me. Oh, yes? Do you know where
room 17 french is? Girl:
Yeah, it’s… (snickering) (school bell ringing) Boy:
But you frickin’
killed him. (loud indistinct conversation) You selling
encyclopedias? Yeah, he looks like
a substitute teacher. (boy laughing) (loud conversation
and laughter continues) Quiet down, people! My name is mr. Abagnale! That’s abagnale,
not abagnahlee Not abagnaylee,
but abagnale! Now, somebody please
tell me where you left off In your textbooks. Excuse me, people,
if I need to ask again I’m going to write up
the entire class. Take your seats! Chapter seven. Will you please open your
textbooks to, uh, chapter eight And we’ll get started? Excuse me,
what’s your name? Brad. Brad, why don’t you
get up here In front of the class here And read conversation
number five? (pronouncing poorly):
“les francais sonts“uh, generalement(students laughing)
“dans leur pais que…Presque tout le monde
a cette impression…”They sent for me. They said they needed
a sub for roberta. I came all the way
from-from dixon. Well, uh,
I always sub for roberta. Excuse me,
why aren’t you reading? (continues reading) I’ll never come back to-to
bellarmine jefferson again! (students laughing)
you tell them not to call me! What do they think,
it’s easy for a woman my age And all the money that it costs
to travel? I tell you,
they don’t give a damn. (students laughing)

100 thoughts on “Catch Me If You Can (1/10) Movie CLIP – Substitute Teacher (2002) HD

  1. J P Post author

    People will always act accordingly when you strike them with boldness.

  2. frisco Post author

    This would work only if you had the two crucial things: intelligence & nerves

  3. drlee2 Post author

    One of the few times I’ve ever rooted for DiCaprio in a movie. One of his better roles.

  4. specialunit 042 Post author

    I am guessing that Frank's original plan was to just pretend to be one of the students, judging by his clothing and the brief pause between him standing still and writing his name. As soon as Brad mentions substitute teacher, Frank realises they have a replacement French teacher and so he can pretend to be the latter. He can also pass as a French teacher as he has done jail time in a FRENCH prison.

  5. Russian FSB Post author

    The cocksucker pulled a 130 on that lady. What a cucktard.

  6. Joey Racano Post author

    The Tale of Leonardo Capuccino

    She met him at an airport back in Timbuktu
    Invited her to dinner so she brought her crew
    They worked for Pan American and flew non-stop
    If only she had known him she’d have called a cop

    The suit he wore was stolen from the cleaners next door
    He looked a million dollars in what pilots wore
    Holding in his hand an attache from target
    Hers was in the other, she said “Hi, I’m Margaret”

    They all sat in a line at the airport bar
    A sign above the portal spelled out ‘Zanzibar’
    He reached into his pocket, and he just said, “Dam!”
    Pulled it right back out and showed an open hand

    “That’s alright” she told him and, “I got this, honey”
    Seven pretty stewardesses with lots of money
    The lady’s made a fuss of it and called him fine
    “Welcome to America’s most experienced airline!”

    They took him out to eat and paid for drinks and dinner
    Got him a hotel room and made him a sinner
    Took him to the movies in a rented car
    He said he left his wallet at the airport bar

    After such a night as few on Earth had seen
    She watched him wave goodbye from a limousine
    He kissed each and every hostess, would she ever learn
    The time has passed so slowly for his promised return

    joey racano

  7. T.B. Rose Post author

    The grammatically incorrect “N” in “Mr. Abagnale” is making me highly uncomfortable…

  8. samuel chao Post author

    OMG the blocking in this scene is brilliant! I can’t believe that I haven’t really watch this file yet! Now it definitely become my must-see.

  9. Angela Altintas Post author

    The judge and his investigator are both facing federal charges. Illegal surveillance is exactly what it is, period.

  10. maim Post author

    Man, that lady came from dixon! it’s not easy for her age and with all the money it costs to travel , they just don’t give a damn!

  11. Ya ali 786 Post author

    That is one the best Hollywood movie scenes ever. He played it perfect.

  12. DJessie Post author

    C’est un putain de génie mon amour de ma vie ❤️❤️⭐️⭐️💪🏻

  13. Nitro Post author

    Somehow Leo DiCaprio managed to look both 16 and 30 in this movie at the same time. How is that even possible?

  14. Diego Alvarez Bassi Post author

    well…in my case is the opposite, the students think i'm not the teacher lol

  15. Nate DS Post author

    Ive been in middle/highschool classrooms before and I can tell you if are that harsh people wont take you seriously.

  16. Franz Haas Post author


  17. Ian Inkster Post author

    I wonder what it must feel like to be 28 or whatever and play 16 even as a acting job.

  18. Tom tonka Post author

    Fake. Since when do bullies CHOOSE to sit in the middle of the front row? Right in front of the teacher.

  19. Nocturn Post author

    Sneaky Pete: "When a liar gets caught in a lie, they don’t come clean. They build a bigger lie."

  20. guitarhamster Post author

    Only works with white kids. Inner city black kids will just stab you

  21. a 14 Post author

    1:29 eXcuSe me why the hell are they laughing at him? Aren't they adults. Even if not, they're not in elementary school. Grow up.

  22. Shane Teddy Post author

    "You dont win with violence, you only win when you maintain your dignity"

  23. Martha Tedla Post author

    This happened to one of my teachers for real. He started subbing for high school when he was like 22 and some of the seniors pushed him around thinking he was the new kid. then he ended up being their sub xD

  24. ASAD KHAN Post author

    If u hvnt watch this movie yet trust me u need to go back to ur planet

  25. Jaïro Castanja Post author

    This is all funny and stuff, but I feel bad for the lady.

  26. KnightOwl247 Post author

    I've actually done something like this, we never got our sub but we had been let into the room so I just closed the door and did a "lesson" we had a blast and we all got more work done than if a teacher had showed up to "teach" us

  27. Random Dude Post author

    They should have know when he write his name with a capital N

  28. Oliver Medina Post author

    Fake it until you can do it no more. Some people get to the top this way. 😭

  29. Côté Fabrice Post author

    In the French version abagnale is teaching spanich but i was confused about the French flag on the desk. Now i understand

  30. Are you Serious Post author

    If I was new to the school, yeah of course I would try it for the hell of it. Why wouldn’t you🤷🏾‍♂️

  31. Route 77 Productions Post author

    If my kid did this, id react the same as his dad. I'd just high-five him.

  32. #Lesssgooo Viral Post author

    I tried this at my school lol

    I'm into the third year of my 96 year sentence .

  33. Jay Tee Post author

    Aside from leaving during classes and signing fake names at the check in coming back in, and writing my own late slips almost every other day with my dads signature on the wall 3 feet away from the attendance office. This right here would’ve been the dream.

  34. Miguel Zagal Post author

    Lmao, even when challenged by the actual substitute. He didn’t break character. Key!

  35. Teddy Oshirak Post author

    The bullies friend looks more like a substitute teacher nerd than Abagnale wonder how he was friends with him.

  36. Luis Contreras Post author

    0:09 the guy the bully shakes hands with looks like more of a nerd than Frank does tho 🤔🤔

  37. Conroy Penner Post author

    A criminal gets a federal government job for his efforts, following in the footsteps of every government leader in the world.

  38. raiden stark Post author

    i don't understand this is french class and why they're using english?

  39. Illuminathzky3 Illuminathzky3 Post author

    This is actually inspired by true events… From criminal to a most respected detective in the word..

    Movie title:catch me if you can

  40. Catherine López López Post author

    I have never seen this movie and just today show up in my recomendations.
    After a whole year of trying to make a book, I realise that this movie starts a s the same way as my book does😭 coincidences exists

  41. boat Post author

    Good suggestion, Simple History. Let's watch clips of this movie again.


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