Captain Ghetto Disses Pope Francis & The Roman Catholic Church! Hip Hop News!

By | October 7, 2019

it’s your boy captain ghetto it huh me
hit for the girl and everybody in the hood then I’m headed Lech I know
fuck the Pope and a Roman Catholic Church fuck fuck Francis doc you all
better coming up them out of the gate we know
what’s going on you could covering up in crimes you did you shouldn’t be poking
on more you think the almighty Supreme Being of the universe is blowing it
don’t some man like Pope Francis I’m captain ghetto fuck the Pope in the
Roman Catholic Church with so much to catch fish I want some smoke lose money
got cavities want some smoke God needs neither no what’s up man man that’s
false religion man God ain’t our hand also somebody out there that’s taking
advantage of those kids are covering it up what you thought this was Pope
Francis your name is Francis brah I can’t respect no man named Francis
breath I’m running down money like Call of Duty you know what I’m saying
but ox appendage and your name Francis mo Francis mode captain get it with no
respect Francis Connie is Francis and pull that sound like poop pull up to my
telephone to pull up pull up Pope Francis
we waited o fool you dog pull up Pope Francis Lee trap what’s up brother
you want some smoke you know did you know
Sandman kids innocent dog the true God you understand it’s gonna be number
retribution appendage a dog trying to let you know man judge Julian
institution but you know what I’m saying the purge coming real soon dig all y’all
won’t get purged about this Jam you feel me doll man you think it’s a
game you think I got this Rambo come for nothing
Hey peace and blessings to everybody hey everybody show love the people you know
what I’m saying this is a piece we got right here this don’t don’t shoot
Buzzard shooting that but Hawks your hands is gonna be spreading love it this
hot spread love I spread it little with this right here
so I told me to pull so I could shoot him with love you feel me
run down on them you know what I’m saying shooting love with love oh yeah
and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel – if you don’t subscribe
to my channel I’m a perpetual crib kicking your dope and make you shoot up
the subscribe button stop playing Pope Francis Roman Catholic

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