C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What are the Marks of the Church?

By | September 4, 2019

What does it mean when they say the
Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic? The Creed is so wordy!
Catholic…apostolic…it makes my head spin! I know I’m Catholic. I try to be holy.
What is apostolic? Apostolic Church! What is that? Every Sunday in the Nicene Creed at Mass, we profess that the Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. Those are the four traits of the Church,
the four characteristics that describe who the Church is. What do those mean? The Church is one. At the Last Supper, Jesus phrased this great prayer… utters this great desire of his heart that His followers
will always be one, down through the ages. Sadly, today we live the divisions in Christianity. And yet, as Catholics, we know that in the commonality
of baptism, and our belief in the authority of the scriptures and our relationship with Jesus,
we still have a unity with other Christians. And, we seek to make that unity ever more real and full. In a world sadly marked by so many divisions and
conflicts and violence, unity is a good and holy thing. To live united with one another in
faith and truth, goodness and love, also unites us to God and binds us as His people. The Church is one. The Church is holy. Not because we’re holy, but because God is holy. The Hebrew word for holy means difference
or different, as if to say “God is God and I’m not Him.” And yet God shares with us His holiness
because He shares His life with us. So, when we give ourselves to that fullness of
Christ, we become holy, we become like God. And, we make a difference in
the world because we are serious about living that life of goodness, of service, of prayer and of faith. The Church is holy. The Church is Catholic. The word catholic comes from the Greek
and it means “universal.” We’ve spoken before about this, that in Christianity, we see this universal
embrace of God, of people of all time and space. Every language and tongue is
united in baptism and the power of the Holy Spirit. And so the Church’s embrace opens
to the whole world, the whole human race. The Church is Catholic. And the Church is apostolic. Our faith is based on the witness of the apostles. Those who ate and drank and knew Jesus in the flesh,
and experienced His miracles and His preaching. Our faith is based on the credibility of their witness
and the apostolic nature of the Church reminds us that we too, are called to be apostles, to be
missionaries, to proclaim the Good News. We invite you to Church. We invite you to come to Mass and
experience the beauty of this family that is one, holy, catholic and apostolic in Jesus Christ. It’s the Year of Faith and we’re connecting
Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church! Ignite your faith! Share this video with a friend and
spark-up a spirited conversation today! So what’s the next C-4 all about? We invite you to come back and “C-4” yourself!

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