C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – Is the Bible True?

By | September 4, 2019

Are all those stories in the Bible really true? There is NO way the Bible is
scientifically accurate. How does the Bible even relate to me? Think about how much time you
spend on a given day communicating. Between texting, tweeting, cell phone calls,
Facebooking, email, conversation… we all need to reach out and communicate. We all need to tell our story, we all need to
listen to what other people have to say to us. Communication is at the heart of being human. When you think about it,
the Bible is really God’s Facebook… God’s way of putting into our minds and hearts,
the images of His love for us. Ultimately, the Bible is the story of God’s love for us and our response to that initiative…
to that invitation. So the Bible’s really more like a library than it is a book,
because within its’ pages you’re gonna find poetry, you’re gonna find history,
you’re gonna find fiction. You’re gonna find faith stories,
you’re gonna find moments of drama, moments of betrayal… sin, grace, life and death. The whole human drama is on full display in the Bible. A lot of times, people ask the question,
“is the Bible true?” It’s true, but it’s true in the greatest sense of truth. Which means it’s ultimately not a
history book, it’s not a science book. It’s the truth of God’s love for us. So, we can look at it in different ways.
It’s certainly based in history. We know that the world was created,
we know that there was a people Israel, we know that there was this person, Jesus Christ, who preached
a kingdom of justice and peace, of love and salvation. We know that He died on the cross and rose from the dead. And so the Bible is this communal revelation of
God’s word inspired by the Holy Spirit, but written by human beings like you and me… who attempted to put into human language,
their great experience of Jesus. Their experience of Pentecost… their experience of being on the mountain with Moses. Their experience of God’s love,
even in moments of betrayal and sin. Ultimately, their experience of God’s presence, day in and day out. The Bible is this living history of
human experience, touched by Grace… and we can think of it as God Facebooking us,
God tweeting us, God texting us… and we respond, just as we respond to a friend
when our computer ‘bings’ and we have one more message. It’s the Year of Faith and we’re connecting
Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church! Ignite your faith! Share this video with a friend and
spark-up a spirited conversation today! So what’s the next C-4 all about? We invite you to come back and “C-4” yourself!

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