Burlington’s Best Community Service Award

By | August 29, 2019

I nominated Gill Deveer because he is the dream volunteer. He volunteers for the Compassion Society of Halton. He’s
dedicated committed absolutely reliable but his main function with the Compassion Society is a driver picks up about three to four hundred kilos of food a week from
several places and he always gets it back to the store on time. In time to get it on the shelves. He’s
probably the reason why we can serve last year over 19,000 people with food. I nominate this person because Mr. Frank Lupton is an amazing man. There is a time to honour him because all his good action that he’s been doing for the people in need. Frank helps all kinds of people. welcomes newcomers to Canada, refugees. All kinds of person. It doesn’t matter for him how we look Where we come from, what language we speak or the colour of our skin. He just know that people need help. We have to help the people in need. The poor. And that is what Mr. Frank Lupton does. Janis is retired and has spent she’s spent so much time connecting with her community and seeing where they’re at. She is a powerful woman who is just readily accepting of everyone and just an all-time great person. So Burlington and the art gallery really really fortunate to have literally hundreds of volunteers provide service to the
community but Anne Swarbrick’s efforts on behalf of the art gallery we felt went
above and beyond what any other volunteer that we have come in contact
with. You can’t capture, you can’t capture in 30 seconds the level of commitment
and involvement that Anne has demonstrated over the last six years but in particular
during her time as the volunteer interim executive director of the art gallery Both the art gallery and the city should be very proud and thankful.

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