British Priest reacts to BILLIE EILISH for the first time…

By | October 20, 2019

Hi, I’m Josh, I’m Olly I’m Rev Chris and today we are gonna be reviewing Billy Eilish videos Yeah, any eyelash Billy I wish I’d said she didn’t like the top five musical artists right now How old is she she huge and she’s very young the first video we’re gonna watch is you should see me in a crown That’s released in August, don’t you? Josh I think you’re gonna love it what her early SolarCity this spiders. Oh I have seen her face before I tell me that CGI tell me that no that was real. Look at her lip move. That’s pretty cool It’s bigger groove a Oh Interesting style like she’s not doing like the whole selling her body. Did I mean sexualizing herself? She’s wearing like really baggy clothes It’s definitely not sexy at all Why doesn’t my face? liliana Want to give her a hug tell her it’s going to be okay Janice fighters. Oh How is she okay with this I mean God’s creatures and all that So what do you think guys so anxious? What did you mean? I feel a bit nervous, you know No, yeah. All right, Billy She’s a teenager Yeah, right really a teenage angst. Yeah I did No, I’ve never they’re gonna be like Like it’s like some celebrities I just think like what’s it like when they trip over yeah Yeah, I would love Billy at the end of that to go wow that was crazy and using a bit of who she is well It’s funny. You say that because although she projects like a very kind of dark in a Creative but a bit creepy image in music videos. Yeah, her interviews are usually really down-to-earth. Yeah That’s why I like to see how chill watching interview So this is a really famous interview. She did 39 million views on YouTube. I think it’s October 18th 2017 it’s October 18 2008 teen it’s a picture of me and Charli XCX. Isn’t it? The one about me smiling? Of course it is see this is nice. This is nice. That’s me smooth Oh Don’t be so sad, it’s such a waste of time. Oh That’s really deep I didn’t I didn’t live up to that then and I still haven’t lived up to It’s quite emotional. It’s good advice though. How do you feel watching that? Oh, she’s very sweet Nice lovely go just a young creative trying to make it in quite a hard world. Your heart goes out to her Yeah, it really does. Yeah, gosh bless her. I’m glad I’ve seen that I want yeah, that’s nice. She seems really cool So, you know watch some more recent videos now and it is the music video for when the party is over When the party’s a big song that’s 260 million views. Wow That’s crazy she just hung her again. Yeah with something I’m really worried I don’t know what’s gonna happen Quite like it could go anywhere. What is gonna happen? mmm So she’s drinking water Does that matter metaphor of drinking Oh My gosh That’s quite know what it is about it was making me emotional Hits you in the fields Gosh, I don’t know why I’m getting it. Yeah, I’m getting a bit emotional about Oh goodness, I Mean my take away don’t want to drink what she just It should definitely go with some kind of a healthful mmm This is a piece of fan art that she got and then when she saw that she came up with this Idea for this music video, but I think what’s really interesting is that she hasn’t come out and said it’s about anything In particular, but it does elicit an emotional response resonates somewhere. There’s a reason it’s so popular, right? Yeah, and it’s not just because it’s weird but she’s drinking a demonic nest quicker and then crying out Something like quite truthful about the imagery, right? There’s something that is is so alien and yet it makes so much sense Why do you think that made you emotional? Oh, gosh. I don’t know I think when I see Something like that. I just think of all the young people struggling with Mental health and depression and because I think the very purpose of God is to tell us we are children We are not alone and we are loved and that imagery was so powerfully someone SRI struggling with innocence darkness and Feeling they have they had to take that into themselves, and then she doesn’t know what to do with it. And it just just seeps out of her and just that sense of being lost and I think a lot of people suffer like that and it’s like That doesn’t have to be and I think that maybe that was it They’ve gotten really touch it if I was by myself probably with cry. I was I’m on camera As a priest what do you say to people who are going through things like that Mental illness were still discovering it still figuring it out. The only thing that you can have towards someone with mental illnesses compassion and love and try and walk with them where they are rather than Stands summer and say this is where you’re meant to be come to here. You’ve kind of got to meet them where they are I think ultimately I would just keep reminding someone that they’re loved and they’re valuable and that Worthy of love and worthier value and I think just keep coming back to that I don’t think I’ve been affected by a music video like that. Perhaps ever on camera. Wow, we got it. Yeah I feel like Last video. Okay bad guy you are this a big stop. This was like number one for a long time Oh, yes feels a bit more joyful at the moment way more colorful. Oh yeah happy It’s fun again, that’s good. This was playful. Yes Yes my cool playful it’s kind of fun Waterboarding a guy with milk and cheerio. It’s a bit weird. Yeah, I Like the dirt yeah, it’s kind of fun Yeah, like I nice I’m not sure about the whole seduce your dad thing No, Billy no My dear okay, I love it. It’s all nice and happy and then go and say I’ll seduce you do ya So Billy Eilish. Yeah, what do you think? Yeah, I’m gonna have a couple of songs. I think to my support 5 playlists Oh, yeah Wow What do you think about like exploring darker themes through music videos and like music and stuff? Cuz I think we have to there has to be a place for young people to vocalize their feelings even when they might not necessarily understand it and it’s not good for Me or someone else an old generation just say oh this is what you mean and this is where you have to be careful What you need to do is kind of be in the fog with them for a bit I think let them come out with it. I mean it’s interesting She said to herself. The one thing she would want to tell herself in a year’s time is don’t be so sad What would you say about that? Would you recommend you say she shouldn’t be sad or what’s your take on that? Oh Gosh, that’s a really interesting question. Isn’t it? Like I said, I would probably address What she said about? Okay, why is she feeling sad? Yeah, sad is not bad. But I address the sadness like face it and then addressing it Expose it and then in exposing it hopefully deal with it and in dealing with it replace it with happiness With and she could make a gospel album I think she’d be very good cool the world that’s been Billy Irish. Well It’s literally an emotional rollercoaster. Ously. I thought we’re gonna die. Well, you did actually I wouldn’t cry a lot more I’m gonna have lie down. I hope you’ve enjoyed that nice. Yeah bless you and You are loved and of great value and if someone is watching this who is struggling with depression Seek help. You’re not alone. A lot of people go through we’ll put help lines in the description as we do in some of these videos and Yeah, hang in there things will get better. Yeah and bless you Billy. All right

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