Brad Gregory on Why He Stays Catholic in the Midst of Evil and Corruption within the Church

By | September 4, 2019

The problem in the in the Catholic
Church today is between the teaching on the one hand and living up to it on the
other. But the fact that all kinds of bishops and priests and other
things have done outrageous, egregious, horrible things in no way means that the
teachings are false. It means they haven’t lived up to the teachings.
Welcome to the history of Catholicism. I mean that’s basically what the history
of the Catholic Church is is a history of noble, high ideals, articulated values
about how human beings should live individually, in relationship to one
another, as parts of community, and in relationship to God, and how almost
always those things have fallen short. Almost always. But if you want to have a
sense. if somebody is interested in Catholicism. and they want to get a sense
of what does it look like when those two things come together. well that’s why the category of saints is so important in the history of Catholicism.
Because they really are the ones who’ve done it. So every time that, you know, I’m
tempted to to feel a bit dour because of, you know, Bishop so-and-so has done
something awful, or there was some terrible corruption in certain diocese, I
you know, remind myself of Mother Teresa or Ignatius Loyola or something like
that and read their writings because it really is possible to live out radical
holiness, it’s just rare. And it was Jesus after all who said you know like getting
through the eye of a needle – easier for a camel to get to the eye of a needle than
for a rich person enter the kingdom of heaven and to read the
New Testament and understand what Christianity is and not feel yourself
utterly distant from what that call is I think simply means you need to go back
and reread it.

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