Black Oak Community Cleanup Day – Service Sanitation

By | October 9, 2019

This event for the first time in a long time is sponsored by Black Oak it’s all of the citizens it’s all of the people of Black Oak and the friends of Black Oak! There are other businesses that have as well. We want to thank the City of Gary For many, many years Black Oak we’ve struggled a little bit with our place in the City of Gary but the city of Gary is increasingly embracing this neighborhood and they invested a lot into this cleanup project. You know…really… as a Pastor, I just see the hand of God. in the midst of all of this. Thanks for coming out and love your community this way! This was a our first company-wide service day. With our headquarters just down the street,. it made a lot of good sense for us to come out and help the residents of Black Oak, clean up there community. The community of Black Oak deserves all of the credit here. Service Sanitation simply brought some of our logistics, our marketing our business skills to the table to help them be the most impactful and effective that they could be today. The whole day was a success in my book. It started off with the first person who walked up to the registry table to the high point when all of the students from the high school came and I was just excited! When the first stop I made was by by the dumpsters at Seberger Park and I saw a family with these little kids maybe 3 or 4 years old. My heart just lept I was like, look at this, this is our future! Doing the job, they were excited and they were just getting it and they were just smiling and happy. I told them to take a break and they were like No…No.. They just kept on going. There was a lot of progress made today. I’m very pleased with everybody who took the time to volunteer. The weeds will grow back the people may continue to throw trash out the window and the dumping may continue, but for this short period of time if we can just look at what’s been done and just enjoy it and let’s keep it this way. Here at Calumet New Tech, our hashtag this year is Difference Makers & Game Changers so hashtag #DMGC. We want them to go to the classroom every day shake someone’s hand, make their day better, Smile! You never know what everyone is going through and so we try to be a difference maker in everything that we do. There’s a lot of Black Oak Pride in our kids. Our kids talk about the Oaks. The Pride in the Oaks! It’s their community, it’s their home. They were out there picking it up and that’s why there’s no whining that they’ve got to go do it on a Saturday They were happy to be out there helping there community. I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the Black Oak Community for investing in your community and helping with the cleanup. It was a tremendous effort and it not only does a lot for Black Oak, but it invests in the entire City of Gary! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. DIT Life Post author

    It's really great when people get together to help out in a community. Great video, thanks for sharing it.


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