Bible Prophecy 2014: Crisis in the Catholic Church

By | September 4, 2019

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your
host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, and the Co-Prophet of the End Times. Jesus said that the Great Tribulation
begins when we see the Abomination of
Desolation as spoken of by Daniel the prophet, and for those of us
who are Catholic, the abomination of desolation is when
the Daily Sacrifice is taken away from the Prince, and Daniel
explains what he means by this in his chapter 10, verse number three, where he says, ” I ate no desirable bread, and neither flesh
nor wine entered into my mouth.” Obviously, he is
referring to the Holy Eucharist. By the way, please do not listen to the false
prophets, who say he is referring to some kind of revived animal sacrifice by the Jews in
Jerusalem at some kind of rebuilt Jewish Temple. That is all nonsense. That is a false interpretation of Daniel. Those
people do not know how Daniel sealed up his prophecy. The Prince of course, from whom the Daily
Sacrifice is taken away, would be Jesus, and the one who takes
away the Daily Sacrifice would be the False Prophet, and Daniel
refers to him when he says, “Neither was I anointed with oil.” The False Prophet will be a False Pope or Antipope, that is one who is not truly anointed with oil. And the question I am going to ask on
this program is will this occur in the Spring of 2014? Right now, there is a great
deal of speculation that Pope Francis may be the False
Prophet. There is no doubt Heaven was exceedingly angry when Pope
Benedict was forced to resign, and that’s why God hit the
Vatican with lightning at exactly 5:55 on the day that he resigned. On the
other hand, Pope Francis may turn out to be Petrus Romanus, the good Pope of the end
times who St. Malachy prophesied will nourish his sheep during the Great Tribulation. And now I
am going to suggest someone else who may be the False
Prophet and that would be Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany, and I want to show you why
he may be the one who is going to take away the Daily Sacrifice from the Prince in
the Spring of next year. Let me read this article about his recent activities. Cardinal Walter Kasper says “Church will
soon give Communion to divorced, remarried
Catholics”. Now this article is from the LifeSiteNews
website, and it’s by Hilary White and she writes, “Despite a recent, strongly-worded clarification
from Rome, confusion is continuing to be stirred up over the Catholic Church’s practice of
refusing Communion to those who are divorced and remarried. Cardinal Walter Kasper has said bluntly, and in direct opposition to the head of
the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, that the rules will shortly be changed
to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to be admitted to Holy Communion.
Cardinal Kasper said, ‘Christians who want to live by faith
with the Church, who acknowledge that they have made
mistakes by breaking of the first marriage, which they also regret, for them it
should be a way back to fully participate in Christian and Ecclesial life.'” But, Cardinal Kasper, didn’t Jesus say
“whoever puts away his wife and marries another, commits adultery?” This is against the rules of the Church and
always will be. “In November, during a talk at the
University of Munster, Kasper followed up on the theme saying, ‘Turning someone away from the communion
rail, one doesn’t do that.” Well first of all
Cardinal Kasper, what communion rail are you talking about? All the bishops, to my knowledge, have
eliminated the communion rail from Catholic Churches, and Jesus did turn people away from Communion. At the very first Lord’s Supper, He did
not give the Eucharist to the traitor, Judas! And this article continues: “The
controversy was rekindled in October, this year, when the
Archdiocese of Freiburg, released a document laying out
plans to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to
receive Holy Communion if they promised to enter a new, moral
responsibility with their new spouse.” Now, where is that in the Bible? “In
response, Archbishop Gerhard Muller, Prefect of
the CDF, published an article in the Vatican’s newspaper saying that
‘the practice of withholding Communion from those in a
state of mortal sin would remain in place.’ This was followed by a letter to the
German Bishops ordering them to revisit their draft
document. The German Bishops responded to this
with more defiance. With Bishop Gebhard Furst of Stuttgart,
saying in November they had voted to adopt the guidelines and expected them to be approved at their
next plenary meeting, in March of 2014. Please make a note of that date. As I said, there is biblical precedence for refusing Communion to those who are
in a state of mortal sin, and Jesus established that precedence Himself at the Last Supper, when he sent Judas
away before he consecrated the bread and wine into His own Body and Blood. Now, I admit, even within the Church, there is some contention. For example, Pope Benedict believed that Judas did receive Communion. Saint Thomas
Aquinas, Saint Augustine, they also said the
same thing. However, on this program I am going to
prove to you that when you compare all four Gospels, it
is clear that Jesus denied the Sacrament to the traitor Judas. Let’s take a look at all four Gospel accounts of the Lord’s Last Supper. Now I have made a chart which shows seven key activities of the Last Supper
leading up to the Institution of the Eucharist, and they are all found, or sometimes not found, in the four Gospels of Matthew, Chapter 26, Mark, Chapter 14, Luke, Chapter 22, and John, Chapter 13, and they are all in harmony with each other with one exception, and that’s very interesting, but
Saint Luke, puts the Institution of the Eucharist before Judas leaves the Last Supper, and that is what I believe has led to
some of the confusion. Now, I believe there are several reasons
why Luke does this. First of all, Luke was not present at the Last Supper. He is not an eyewitness, unlike John or Matthew, who were present, and in fact, I believe the most perfect
chronological account is given by John. He not only was present, but he was sitting next to our Lord, and he undoubtedly heard every word that Jesus
spoke. So let’s review the seven key events. Jesus reclines to eat the Passover. We
find that in Matthew, Chapter 26 verse 20, Mark,
Chapter 14 verse 17, Luke, Chapter 22 verse 14. Some translations say that Jesus sat at the table, some say recline,
probably recline is better for the Passover service. When the supper is done, Satan enters Judas. Notice here the supper is over with and we find this only in John, Chapter 13 verse number
two, but as I say, I believe John is the most accurate as far as this chronology goes. Jesus washes the Disciple’s feet. Again, this is only found in John, it undoubtedly happened, but for some
reason or other, the other three Gospel accounts leave
this out. Next, of these key events, Jesus says “One of you will betray me,” and He is
quite upset when he says this, the disciples start looking at each other
saying, “is it me? Who is it?” and we find this question in
all four Gospels: verse 21 of Matthew, verse 18 of Mark, verse 21 of Luke, and verse 21 of John. So far, all these events are in perfect harmony with one another. Then Jesus says, “He who dips bread with me is the one,” and this is found in Matthew 23, Mark 20, and John 26. Now it’s interesting that this dipping of bread can not be the Eucharist. First of all, Jesus would not dip the Eucharist
into some kind of a sauce. Not only that, but it is described as a
morsel. This is part of the Passover ritual, even though the supper is done. And then Jesus says to Judas, “What you do, do quickly,” and in one of the passages, it says that he leaves
immediately, and this is found in Matthew verse 25, and in John verse 27, and it is only after Judas leaves the Sacred Banquet that Jesus Institutes the Eucharist. This is found in Matthew 26, and verse 22 of Mark, and as I say, Luke’s
description is out of place, it should not be before verse 21, and I have placed it here in
its correct location. And so we see that all four Gospel accounts, with one
minor exception, are in total harmony with one another,
especially the two eyewitness accounts of Matthew
and John. And so, my warning to you, Cardinal Walter Kasper, yes indeed, you must refuse Communion to those who
are in a state of Mortal sin, just as Jesus sent Judas away from the Lord’s table. And now I am going
to make an even more serious charge against
Cardinal Kasper and the German Bishops. I do not believe
Jesus will enter into a Eucharist if the intention of the priest is to
give the Body and Blood of Christ to anyone and everyone. Jesus said, “Do not give that which is
Holy to the dogs.” If the Eucharist can be given to those living in Mortal
sin, that makes three other Sacraments superfluous. You could give Holy Communion to 3 and
4-year old children, you don’t need Baptism. If you can
receive the Eucharist in a state of Mortal
sin, you don’t need Confession, and in fact, you don’t need Holy
Matrimony. People who are living in fornication
could approach the communion rail. There are three requirements for a valid
Eucharist. First, the matter must be the same as Jesus used, that is bread and wine. You cannot consecrate strawberry
shortcake. Second, you must use the words that Jesus
used. You cannot say, “this might be my body,” or “this is a symbol of my blood,” and third, your intention must be the
same as that of Jesus. You cannot intend to cast your pearls before swine. I am warning you Cardinal Kasper, what
Saint Paul said, “therefore whosoever shall eat this
bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.” That means Cardinal Kasper,
and you German Bishops, if you allow this abomination, you will be
guilty of the Body and the Blood of our Lord. Pope Francis cannot allow this abomination. This will be the taking away of the Daily Sacrifice
from the Prince as prophesied by Daniel! But if Pope Francis allows this abomination, it will undoubtedly spread throughout the
Church, and even into the Protestant
denominations. They will all be forced to practice open
communion, and that will be a sure sign that Pope
Francis is the False Prophet and that we, as
Catholics, must flee our Churches, and Jesus said, “Pray that your flight be not in winter.” It’s interesting that the German Bishops
and Cardinal Kasper will be making this decision in March of
next year. Will they plan to implement their
decision during Holy Week? Will that be the start of the great tribulation?

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