Be the Face of God’s Mercy | St. Monica Advent 2015

By | October 7, 2019

♪ Come, Lord Jesus. Veni, Jesu Domine. ♪ So in two days, we begin the great time of the Year of Mercy. On December 8th, Pope Francis in Rome will open the great door and begin a Year of Mercy for the world. We’ve got to believe that God forgives us, heals us, restores us of our own sin and struggle
in life, and then as a result of that, having been forgiven, we go out and we are that face
of God’s mercy because we’ve received mercy and we bring that then to our brothers and
sisters across this world. Hope at the Door is a ministry at St. Monica Church developed to help homeless and near homeless people to get connected to services and improve their
lives. We see people who are behind on their rent, who are going to have their lights turned
off; sometimes they only need to have someone listen to them and to know that there’s a
support system for them in this community. Hope is not only optimism, but it’s knowing
that there is a community there to support and love you throughout your life. We go to Camp Miller to help our incarcerated youth by infusing them with hope and letting them
know that they are children of God, and that God has a plan and a purpose for their lives.
One of the new developments of our ministry that I’m very excited about is the opening
of Holy Grounds Cafe here at St. Monica. It’s a way our ministry can offer concrete help
to our youth who are struggling. They can come to the cafe and work here as a barista
and experience the healing of the St. Monica community. I first went over to our sister parish Holy Cross Dandura in 2011 and it was a life-changing experience for me. The people there are so warm, friendly and faith filled, and I felt a real connection to them. But the one thing that broke my heart was hearing about how they lack so many simple,
basic services, like a place to deliver a baby. That really spoke to me as a woman and a mother,
and I felt the call to do something. That’s where God’s grace and mercy is needed the
most, and through interventions, we can make all the difference in the world to people
of this community. It is the great light of Jesus Christ in this world; a light that shines,
even in the midst of darkness; a light that says we must follow Christ, and we must also be that great light. So I thank you, I bless you, and all of us seek, today, the great mercy and love of our God. ♪ Come, Lord Jesus. Veni, Jesu Domine. ♪

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