Authentic Catholic Masculinity | Fr. Burke

By | August 31, 2019

– I’m Father Burke Masters, talking about authentic Catholic masculinity. (upbeat music) I’ll start with a story. I’ve come to know Mike Sweeney well, who played in the major leagues for the Kansas City Royals. And I was staying with he and his family, and at the end of dinner
his 10 year old daughter went and brought rosaries
to each of us at the table and I thought, oh they’re
trying to impress the priest. But when Mike began to
lead the Rosary he said, “Okay, what’s the First
Joyful Mystery?” And all the kids knew it,
even the three year old. I thought, this isn’t the first
time they’ve prayed together, and it really showed me what authentic Catholic
masculinity looks like. This man is leading his wife and children to heaven and that’s the goal of any man, of any father, is to help your spouse and children get to heaven. Me as a priest, my role
is to help my spouse, which is the Church, and my children, everyone to get to heaven,
but really if you live out your faith in joy, and share
that through friendship that’s how the Gospel gets passed on. Taking your family to Mass,
praying a family Rosary when you go out to dinner and not being afraid to pray publicly. And so Mike has shown me the importance of having courage as a man and not be afraid to pray publicly and to lead others to Christ. (calm music)

5 thoughts on “Authentic Catholic Masculinity | Fr. Burke

  1. TheSilentKnight Post author

    This video has a great message for us men that desire to get married and for the men that desire to be priest. I promise to lead my future wife and children to Christ when I’m married.


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