Argentines urged to quit Catholic Church after abortion bill is thwarted

By | September 6, 2019

In Argentina, the weekly round of the
mothers of the Plaza de Mayo is the symbol for the struggle for human rights. And this week Nora Cortinas has a strong announcement to make. Though a
practicing Catholic, she does not want to belong to the church anymore and is
going to de-baptize herself The recent vote by the Senate against legal
abortion carried by the religious institution made up her mind. I saw how the church was insinuating itself into women’s bodies taking over
as if it owned them and could make decisions over them and it offended me
deeply. I told myself I will no longer be involved with that church not one day
more, not in my name. Analia and her friends are part of this collective
apostasy movement. First step, get one certificate of baptism and fill out a form I feel liberated
I’m leaving an institution that is responsible for horrendous evils
in human history and still is today Second step, collect the forms. Each person has a special reason for getting de-baptized. I don’t think
that the state should finance the church and I don’t want them to keep on using
my name for it. There are a lot of people gathered at the street corner as well as
at other meeting points across the country A lot more than Analia and her
friends had planned. We wanted it to be political and collective events. We got into the church because our parents baptised us at the age of two or three
months but today we got out of it by a consented, well-thought, decided choice Next step, pass on the thousands of forms
collected across the country to the churches authorities and keep on
fighting for the separation of church and State.

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