Area Catholic church leaders struggle to reach younger people and families

By | September 3, 2019

First News looked deeper into the situation today of church changes. Yesterday we told you that the future of the Catholic Diocese in Youngstown could mean fewer priests, and smaller congregations. Today we learned how they’re trying to get more people to church. One of those is using social media. Here’s 27 First News Senior Reporter Gerry Ricciutti. As a couple dozen parishioners attend the daily mass at Saint Columba Cathedral..clergy across Youngstown’s six county Catholic Diocese struggle to find younger members and families to offset the loss of older ones… REV. JOSEPH RUDJAK: HOW CAN THEY TAKE THEIR ONE DAY OF REST MAYBE A WEEK..AND TRY..SPEND THE DAY TRYING TO GET TO CHURCH?..WE’VE GOTTA SOMEHOW FIND A WAY OF MINISTERING TO THEM TOO.. Father Joseph Rudjak is pastor of Holy Apostles Parish..which includes St. Stephan of Hungary Church on the east side…He tells me age is just one issue facing the Diocese…Of the nearly 180- parishioners at mass each weekend..he has another thirty or forty who are homebound or in nursing homes and can’t attend…And there are scandals like the cases of priest abuse in Pennsylvania… REV. JOSEPH RUDJAK: ITS JUST THAT ITS A DEPRESSION..KIND OF LIKE..THEIR MOTIVATION WAS EFFECTED. Although Rudjak thinks the impact of scandal is lessening slowly..he and his staff are trying to take advantage of social media… REV. JOSEPH RUDJAK: ABOUT FOUR PEOIPLE..FOUR OR FIVE PEOPLE SAID ‘WE’RE HERE BECAUSE WE SAW YOU ON FACEBOOK..AND SO IT HAS ITS IMPACT. But others believe social media can only do so much… MSGR. PETER POLANDO: WHERE IS THE INTERACTION??..AN D I THINK THAT THAT’S THE IMPORTANT THING OF THE GOSPEL. Monsignor Peter Polando tells me the Diocese needs to do more than spreading messages over the internet… MSGR. PETER POLANDO: WHEN YOU COME TO THE EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION..IT MEANS PARTICIPATION PERSONALLY WITH ONE AND OTHER. And clergy admit putting more people in these pews is the problem churches everywhere are trying to resolve…In Youngstown..Gerry Ricciutti..WKBN 27 First News…

One thought on “Area Catholic church leaders struggle to reach younger people and families

  1. Bonnie Gates Post author

    Did I read the title correctly? Roman Catholicism trying to attract more youth? For what reasons? Sexual no doubt. That's the face of Catholicism!


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