Anne Hathaway Quits Catholicism Over Gay Brother

By | August 21, 2019

and happily has decided to quit
catholicism because abhe older brother michael it came out and said that he is
gay so he she says that she doesn’t want me
part of a religion that doesn’t accept her all dependent on sexuality but they do
the catholics do except from a sexuality they’re very big part of the fact that
in fact adult they don’t know all that okay irreducible pretending that they’re
not that to it ok so so she should basically refiners statement she’s
basically what should say that that that he could live openly and that therefore it can be part of a
club that there’s a lot of openly are one can say it how self-serving india have been accepting homosexuals for
years and an or you know that had a great women it’s not as good as online about the
product out like yelling i’m leaving the catholic church
began to look at my brother what about all the other exactly what
about all the other shit what about the other people it is it affect you so that you are going to make is that
about you know may maintain and let me and catholic and i hadn’t
thought of and that’s a great point you know it seems a little you know self
obsessed self-centered sir but analysts i’ll take it you know but
the fact that their the that you would have belonged to a church that
systematically for decades if not a century or two covered about the was something that was
so in a really a part of the culture the the molestation of of young people that you would still be forgiven belong
to that apparatus uses the scottish shocking nsi president clinton five-year
spirituality of christianity pictures of that didn’t do that in fact
helping years ago the other expenses in the settlement had
to pay and i’m curious six hundred sixty six million dollars that’s funny about to copy he of the
time so one of the things they do here was they sold out house where the nuns live to pay their
debt the mentality that anyone will ever campaign about the press in the breeze terrible discoverable and it was two point and
reporters which is that appellee melissa all those kids didn’t
do it for i have a live but her brothers they also told has an application packet
topsy is an advocate now you know for dear ads
and stuff but it’s just like and not only one who thinks his
inordinately larger spread here dot the big time uh… with your tracking blank a lot of
determine by dentist appointment notice that you right now the this mildly eyes
but i like that i’m sorry for the en route now is that her brother it there all right uh… now that’s a priest

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