Ambrosia in Shirdi with Vinny Chitluri

By | November 9, 2019

[music] Dr. Vinny Chitluri is an author who has researched
and documented Baba’s life history. She now lives in Shirdi and has been
His devotee for more than 70 years. In this film, Vinnyji speaks about
her journey with Sai Baba and how she was able to trace back
Baba’s closest devotees and research
all the places of significance in Baba’s life. I was born in the South,
I was the youngest of four children, and my father was an atheist, while my grandmother was really devout and she
believed in Lord Shiva, and we worshiped
Lord Shiva at that time. When I was very young, my mother was
very seriously ill and she was admitted
in Vellore Medical College. She was in and out of the hospital,
she had many surgeries. Many investigations later, they told her they couldn’t
find anything wrong with her, and they sent her home. At home she used to be upstairs in one room,
which was all dark,
and my father would creep in and creep out, so I really didn’t know my mother at that time;
I thought my grandmother was my mother. Then one day my father read in ‘The Hindu’ paper that there is somebody called Narasimha Swami who is coming to Coimbatore, Nag Sai Temple,
which is very close from Aruvankadu, where we lived. He asked my mother whether she
would like to come. At that time my mother said, “Sure, when human
beings can’t do anything for us, let’s try God.” So they went there… and
luckily, they took me along with them. Narasimha Swami gave my mother a very small
photograph of Baba, and Udi, and he said, “Apply the Udi all over your body,
and take it in water, and you will be well.” He gave her the assurance that she is
going to get well, no matter what, and “It’s not me who’s doing it, but this is
Baba’s Udi that is going to work miracles for you.” And my mother took it, and he gave a Stotra in which it says
that Baba is Narayan, and thus, when you take His Udi, any diseases you may
have in the 9 orifices of the body will be cured. And indeed, within a week she
stood up, and she said she’s fine. My father said, “How can you…?”
You know, he couldn’t just believe it, But she got down from that room upstairs and she started becoming a mother. For the first time, I realised
what it was to have a real mother. And my father took a 360 degree turn
at that time, from an atheist, he said, “Who is this Sai Baba? What is this Udi that
they gave her to eat? Where is Shirdi? And then he scouted it out
and he came to Shirdi. I first came to Shirdi in December,
in the Christmas vacation of 1954, because the idol, the statue of Baba had
just come, and it was really really beautiful. And from then, Baba came into our lives, and when Baba comes into your life,
you eat Baba, sleep Baba, drink Baba,
everything becomes Baba ! So in fact, little things like… instead of
saying “Good morning” to each other in the mornings, we started saying “Jai Sai Nath”. My father would call him Sai Nath, and not Baba. I started saying Baba after coming to Maharashtra. He’d say Sai Nath, because
we have nobody in this world, and “Anathon ka Nath – Sainath”. So we have only the Nath
who is going to look after us eternally. So we started… He brought the Satcharitra for us… we read it… and he said we were to learn the
Aartis, and then he started doing congregational worship because when we had gone back to Narsimha Swami
to thank him that my mother had gotten well
through the Udi, he said, “Prabhu, you go and
do Prachar in Central india.” My father wondered how he is going to go
to Central india, but two months later
he got transferred to Jabalpur. and in Jabalpur, he started talking about Baba,
distributing Charitra, doing poojas
in people’s houses on Thursday… He built a little Sai Baba temple there,
and thus the seed of Prachar
was sown into all of us. I was really happy with that idea of Prachar, because I felt that if you tell someone about Baba, (someone who doesn’t know), and if they get faith, then it’s like a mustard field in which you put
one mustard seed and it flourishes
and becomes a whole field… So that idea seemed very nice to me. When I was a very young girl, I thought
that I would do Seva, like the nuns, the Catholic nuns,
where they are married to Christ and then their whole life is devoted to just doing
social work and charity work for the their community. So I thought that would be a
very nice thing, and I would do that. I however had to complete my studies,
I did my graduation
from Jabalpur Medical College, and then I came to Delhi and did
Post-graduation, and went off to America. I went off to America with one sole reason – if you needed to do charity work,
you can’t always ask for donations. People will give you donation once, twice, and then after that they will say,
“My God, what has she come for?” So you must have an egg nest, if you want to do something, you must have some money put away. And my father had always told us, and taught us,
that the first pay goes to Baba, any job that you get,
the first pay goes to Baba, and ten percent of your earnings that has to be
put away to do charity work in Baba’s name – be it Annadaan, Jaldaan, Gau Seva, anything…
but it should be kept away so that
work can be done from it. So when I went to America, then the dollar value…
I realised that would be much better
than if I had to slog in India. In 1994, when I was about 50 years old,
I decided that I would retire and come back. Then the question came –
Where was I going to live? So I said, “O Baba, if You are willing, please let me
stay in Shirdi, because without Your will,
nobody can even step into the boundary of Shirdi.” And He made it very easy for me, He got me
this flat, and and made life very easy for me, and then He gave me Sada, who would
do all my running around work… So once…
I think it was in 1996 or so… I walked with the Palkhi from
Pune to Shirdi on Guru Purnima day. At that time, I had a lot of problems on the way. My walking shoes got lost;
I had blisters, they were festering; and my
medicines got stolen… and things like that…
So I had a lot of problems. And everybody would drink a cold drink,
but I wanted a cup of piping hot tea
so that I could do the next 10 miles. So I told Sada… I said, “Sada, I had a lot of
problems when I was walking with the Palkhi, so could you do something…?
Like if anybody comes to Korhale
on their way to Shirdi, could you give them
some tea and poha?” He said, “Yeah, I can do that.” So in the beginning, there were very
few people who stopped by at our temple, but later (the numbers) increased, just by
word of mouth, many people started coming. And then the social work that we do at Korhale
started taking off very well. When I stayed in Shirdi, Baba didn’t
allow me to do any work in Shirdi itself. I wanted to open a Montessori school –
that closed off right before it started ! I tried to work in the Sansthan –
and even that didn’t pan out ! So I didn’t know what to do. So in my free time, I started saying…
let us find out the history of Baba. Which were these houses that
Baba went to for Bhiksha? At that time… in the Charitra, there’s no mention
of the names of the devotees that He went to. So I went searching for those houses,
and located the five Bhiksha houses. And then the path that He took
during His Bhiksha round… How did he go to Lendi Bagh…?
How many times did He go to Lendi Bagh…? I started looking into all of this, and I made
a sort of a Walking Tour of Shirdi village, in which you can have the
whole Charitra, starting right from Lakshmi Mai’s temple,
where Baba came as a black dog,
when Bala Shimpi had high fever… I found that temple… Where was it…?
Where would Baba have been…?
And I started locating these things. Then when I had all these things together,
like a program of a Walking Tour, then I went into the Sansthan
and started finding out… like in Lendi Bagh… When was that Peepal tree there? Was it there before Baba’s time? Then the Neem trees that He planted… And I started looking at those things. So then it became a full package, in which
the whole Charitra can be shown to people outside in the village,
and inside the Sansthan. So that was a very neat package, and I said,
“Anybody who is willing, at your time,
I’m willing to take you, no fees… no nothing…
but you have to give me payment. The payment will be that you have to
show at least 5 people more… 10… 20…
the more the merrier… and preferably the younger generation,
because things are changing… it is people’s private property, they’re going to make a hotel of out of that
it’s a source of income for them so they are not going to keep it and these
things will be lost if I don’t show you the place that the house was situated,
just my saying that it’s Punami Hotel makes no sense because Punami may be
bought by somebody else some time later and it may be Shiv Sagar or some other
name so that way people started coming and joining my group and some of them
did and some didn’t. In the meantime we started making photo exhibitions we had
these charts in which we had taken out photo sada and may had taken photos of
the five houses all the things in the Dwarkamayi, at that time we were
allowed to take photographs so we’d put them on charts and take them to any temple
that would give us two walls where we could hang the charts and called
the devotees themselves so we got crowd and then we showed them Shirdi in a
pictorial form then we started doing slideshows after that I thought this is
not going to work but because it’s very hard to go from place to place and then
many of the devotees said please put it in book form if you put it in book form
we’ll have it forever the same photographs you put in becomes so my
first book was Ambrosia in Shirdi and that took off very well so I said oh
okay that means I can write something then at that time I found that many of
the books that were there they kept talking about the Chandbhai Patil story
over and over again and nothing new so I have seen I wanted people to know what
their Sadhguru is like like to me Baba is my best friend I know everything
about my best friend so I should know why does Baba wear a Kafni, why does he
tie the cloth on his head what could be the possible meaning of it what did he
like how did he live what was his daily routine what was his morning
routine when did he go to Lendi Baug I found all these things from diary
old Sai Leela magazines and then put them together and thus the books came out
then one book led to another then I found that there are some gaps in the
Satcharitra, like the story of the Alandi Swami I didn’t know his name there
was no name given in one old Sai Leela magazine I found that his name was there,
he had written about that incident how he came to Baba and just
looking at Baba half the pain in his ear was gone
and then when Baba sent him off saying go now everything is going to be okay
the swelling even subsided from where it was there was swelling but it had
subsided to a great extent so all these things I found like in Chapter
nine there’s the story of the young boy Tarkhad’s son who tells his father
and gets upset that his father does not give prasad to a photograph so I said Sada,
go find this person why is he so interested that the prasad
be given there is a story about that photograph so find that story so I… Thus Sada started looking and trying to chase the descendants of these devotees that
were with baba and then asking them did baba gave any Mantra upadesh – did
he say continue your mantra whatever mantra was given to you by your guru or did
he say anything or when he gave you coins did he say something about the
coins or what what did he say when he gave you these things like Tarkhad was
given a pocket so from that pocket he bought that apartment in Tata building
so that way was there any story linked to it so from there the book started
coming on and then all the devotees that are there all the pictures of the
devotees that are there in Samadhi Mandir I said go search for them now we
had no address no name but Sada managed to find them and managed to ask
them the questions that I had asked so I got material for my books right from the
source so that way I was able to write the books my hope is that through
these stores through the books that I’ve written that Baba’s history is preserved
and more and more people would know it and be able to share it with the younger
generation it’s the younger generation because shirdi is changing so rapidly God
knows if those hotels and restaurants are going to be there so that is
what the aim of my doing these working tours are writing these books that is
I hope that I have reached even a few people for me that is great and I thank
Baba for this opportunity to do this Sai Ram For more information in Vinny Chiturli and the Sai Korhale Temple, visit Support the making of more such films.
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