Amanda’s Manhattan College Story: Will it float?

By | September 2, 2019

>>Amanda [inner dialog] Great job Amanda keep up the good work.>>How is it going?>>Amanda: Not so great.>>Complicated problems usually have simple solutions. Good luck.>>Amanda: Oops, better run. RA duty calls, but first coffee. Gotta be that baristas best customer by now.>>Amanda: Okay. Meeting at four today.>>Hey, meeting at four, four o’clock?>>Yeah. Oh, hey. Jill, Haley. Meeting at four today? got it. Hey hold up. Uh can I show you something?>>Got it. Hey, hold up. Can I show you something?>>Amanda: Yeah, what’s up?>>Amanda [inner dialog]: Switching gears: Science mode. And go.>>Amanda: Uh, I’m going to guess, um, eco-friendly Christmas ornaments?>>It’s a self-contained ecosystem for environmental science.>>Amanda: Well, that’s awesome.>>I’m holding the stand for it. What do you think?>>Amanda: Huh. It’s definitely something. How about a concrete stand? We can mix some in the lab if you want and make a mold. I feel like once it dries, it’ll probably look pretty cool.>>Concrete, yeah.>>Amanda: Come on. I’ve got some time. Let’s knock this out, and grab one of those extra ornaments. I’m gonna start calling you Kris Kringle or something. [inaudible conversation]>>Amanda [inner dialog] : Hmm tiny spheres full of air. Wait, maybe. Could it be that easy? These tiny spheres made from recycled glass. Lab junk for the win?>>What is this for, anyway?>>Amanda: Oh, have you heard of the concrete canoe competition? It’s this annual engineering thing where you have to make a concrete canoe float.>>How are you gonna get concrete to float up? Hopefully with tiny versions of these.>>Amanda [inner dialog] : Please float. Please float. Please float.>>Amanda: Oh my God, it floats. Oh my God. You are now seriously my never favorite thing ever. Wow, this really is like Christmas. Let’s, um, take a crack at that concrete stand.>>Really? That’d be awesome. Thanks.>>Amanda: Yeah, my pleasure.

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