All College Month – Community Service Day

By | September 4, 2019

(upbeat music) – Um, I heard about Community Service Day from my program director Kerri Friel. I’m a part of the dental assisting program at the Lincoln campus so
she, um, contacted all of us and just let us know about the event today so we could do it together
as a class and give back to the community. – I just, I love to
give back, I love to do community service and to me
it means a lot to the kids who get to come here for summer camp so it’s gonna mean a lot to them to come and have a freshly painted
facility, it’s a good feeling. – I power washed a lot
of the equipment, like, the tables and stuff
and I’ve been painting with everyone else, uh, the walls. – Cleaned up the leaves,
and um, we came and did some painting inside. – We’ve been raking leaves. – I painted the pavilion all day. – Uh, so far we have painted
a little cabin over there and some fences. – It was great because
I met so many people and we worked together as a
team and we did a lot of work. It was a great experience. – Teaches teamwork and we
all get to bond together and really just get to know
each other a little bit more while being outside. It feels good, it’s definitely
humbling knowing that in a few months, once the
weather breaks, the kids will be able to be outside and enjoy. – I think it’s about
how the residents feel. I mean, looking at nice
walls and a garden. I think it gives a lot
of people happiness. – Cause this is a great experience. To get everyone out and involved. – It’s a really nice
thing that CCRI’s helping this community and I was able
to help them through CCRI. – CCRI, I think it’s
amazing that they offer this to their students, to come
out here and give back to the community. It’s great, it’s important
for, not only to give back but for the students to learn
to give back to other people.

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