Agora – Are Catholics Liberal or Conservative?

By | September 13, 2019

One of my first topics I want to talk about
Is an easy one. Not easy to find a resolution, but easy in
the sense it’s obvious. It’s because our world today is more and
more divided between liberal and conservative When I first met my congregation, the Brothers
of St. John, I mentioned about conservativism and liberalism, and a brother replied to me
“But the truth is neither Conservative nor Liberal. The truth is simply the truth”. And I was thinking about that for many years,
it’s a very important point. So often we’re looking for truth and we’re
siding with a Party. If we side with a Party
we only take a portion of the truth. The human person is much larger than just
one vision, and there needs to be a dialogue between the liberal and the conservative,
for neither contain the fullness of truth. Truth always transcends it. I heard a story once about St. John Paul II
that people who were liberal would go and meet him and they thought he was conservative, and when they came out from the meeting they would always think “Oh, he agrees with me – he’s liberal!” And when conservative would go and meet him,
they would think that he’s a liberal, and because they thought he was a liberal, they
would enter in a dialogue with him defensively, and come out thinking that he thinks exactly
as they do – a conservative way. It’s because somebody who searches is neither
really – neither liberal nor conservative. And it seems that the world is becoming more
and more polarized. Sure, for a world which is radically liberal,
the truth will appear to be more conservative. And for a world which is radically conservative,
the truth will appear to be more liberal. But really it’s neither. And many times it urks me because I think
we need to get out of this paradigm which stick us in a box, it puts us into either
one or the other and if I am Catholic I must be one or the other, or if I am a human being
I must be one or the other. There’s also this kind of “ism” –
it’s not a racism but it’s a bias that is established very often. I find it that in the past, the educated in the high end were always looking down
upon the liberal as if they’re uneducated. And now it’s the liberals that look down
upon the conservatives as if they’re uneducated. And if we don’t come to the table with and
openness in a search for the truth on both sides, there will never be a true common good
that is sought and found. There needs to be a letting go of
the paradigm of liberal and conservative, and a simple humble search on the day to day, a simple
humble desire to encounter truth which transcends it. You know, many of the Catholics that I know
of, prior to Roe vs Wade in the USA were Democrat, because they were fighting for the
little man. And after Roe vs. Wade, we all became Republican. Now, of course we’re going to vote on the
most important issue, we’re going to vote on what is going to do the best for the common
good, you know. So it may be that the Church would tend more
towards one side in one time period, and more towards another on another. But it’s not because we’re Conservative
or Republican, it’s not because we are liberal or democratic. It’s because we’re searching for the truth-
and what is the truth that needs to be put forward today. And that’s what we’re looking for. It seems also, not just in a political level
but in the Universities. The universities are closing the door
to true dialogue. It seems that more and more all the faculty
and staff in university systems are completely liberal. And it makes no sense, because the truth is
neither liberal nor conservative. And it seems that we’re pushing more and
more of an agenda closing down any true dialogue because we want to be politically correct
and don’t want to offend anybody. But I’m sorry, there’s extremes, you know. Of course you don’t want to be purposely
offensive, but at the same time you have to have a little bit of a thick skin in life. You can’t be so defensive that you don’t
even listen to anybody. And so, I wanted to bring home that point
because it’s such an important point today. I think that we need to break free of this
paradigm of liberal and conservative. We need to honestly search for why people
are conservative and why people are liberal, and on what level are they right and what
level are they wrong. And… thank you for joining us today. Feel free to SUBSCRIBE to this channel-
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