Adaptive Skiing at Double H Ranch: Community Service Award 2018

By | September 4, 2019

You know, it was an honor to
have been recognized but I feel very blessed and honored
to be a part of the program and very lucky to have it in my life. The adaptive ski program at HH is for children
with varying degrees of health problems as well as children on the Autism Spectrum. We will adapt any kind of equipment to
be able to make it work. We have a child with Spina Bifida in a
wheelchair who wanted to snowboard and one of our instructors, who’s an
incredible engineer created this whole adapted equipment and was able to allow her to actually
stand up and snowboard. It was incredible. When you can give a child a skill that
they never thought they’d be able to have, it’s an incredible feeling. A lot of these kids don’t have the
opportunity to go out side at all. They’re really not participating in any outdoor
activities. A lot of children that are confined to
wheelchairs that have special needs and for them to be able to go fast,
with the wind in their face, is an amazing thing. Anyone who knows Nancy knows how
passionate she is about the HH Ranch. She’s been volunteering there for many years. I can’t think of anybody who embodies the spirit
of community service and volunteerism more than Nancy does. Obviously I don’t do it for any kind
of recognition. I feel very blessed and I’ve developed a lot of relationships
with a lot of special families and a lot of special children. And it’s become a big part of our lives. I feel very lucky that they still let
me come back! We do have training in all the different
kinds of adaptive equipment. It’s just an incredibly rewarding and
exciting, fun weekend. I would encourage anyone, students,
administration, faculty, to join us!

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