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By | September 3, 2019

(somber piano music) ♪ There are still days
when I ask myself why I didn’t leave
the church altogether. ♪ If I were a secular
person looking in, I would ask, why would
you as queer people who grew up in places
that harmed you, why would you have stayed here? ♪ I think from countless
numbers of queer folks who have found their way
back into the church, we would say that for
some strange reason, the church could ruin just
about everything for us, but that they couldn’t take our real experience
of the divine. (somber music) ♪ I grew up in a conservative
evangelical home and my dad was the minister at
the church that I grew up at. I knew very young that I was
different from other kids. I didn’t know what
that meant entirely, but I knew that what I
needed to do was to perform. I actually believed
wholeheartedly that change was possible
and if I could do anything, that I would change my
sexuality and so I doubled down. I figured if prayer could fix
me I would pray twice as hard. And if reading the Bible
would somehow change my orientation, then I
would read no other book. I committed really hard and
I’d say for most of my life, from puberty until
my early twenties, I was convinced that the
reason that it wasn’t working was because I was still
doing something wrong or not hard enough. I’m sure little gay
boys looked up to me as somebody that could be
proof that they could be fixed. (tap running) Most reparative
therapy programs focus on a few different aspects
of making someone more heteronormative and
so like the first one would be that you attempt
to change your behaviors or the way that you
act so that you appear to be less flamboyant
or less gay. The next part of it is
attempting to change orientation which is primarily
done through like, spiritual practices so things
like praying the gay away. -Yeah but then the actual
process too though, that you go through as
somebody who either seeks out or is told that they
need to participate in reparative therapy, teach you about making
attachments, right? -Yeah, yeah. -Forming attachments
with a woman. Have children, have a family.
Right. Because somehow those
attachments or relationships will mean more than
sexual attraction. (somber piano music) -Towards the end of
my degree, I realized that if I wanted to have
a place in the church, in an evangelical church, as a
man was pretty openly ex-gay, in order to have any
credibility in the community, I would need to have a wife and I would need to
have a normal family. It made sense to make it
one of my best friends who I always
communicated well with and who had similar passions
and goals for ministry and Kris was aware that I
was on the road to recovery. It was just before
graduation that we sat down and decided to give
whatever, dating, whatever we wanted
to call it, a try. So we dated for like four
months and then we got engaged. I got married and
we had two children. Kris: Okay, Artemis, come here. (cat meows) -I don’t think people who are
outside of these communities realize just how powerful it
is to tell the same narrative over and over again from
everyone that you’ve ever known and everyone you’ve
loved, to be formed with a sort of communal
persecution complex that views the world with
a sort of, a bit of fear. And tied up in all of that
is an anti-intellectualism that says, if you
read certain books or if you go to certain schools, or if you broaden your
horizons even beyond the scope of what you’ve seen, then you could be
taken in by the devil. Oh, I was absolutely worried
that I would burn in hell, that no matter how much
pain there could be in this lifetime, it cannot
compare to burning for eternity. Kris: You got it. (children chattering) Kris: One more, one more! (children chattering) Kris: Good job! (chuckles) (distant conversing) -I don’t know where the… I honestly, I have hard
time telling the story from the beginning because
there are just so many blurry parts, partially
because I was drinking through a lot of it and I
was so severely depressed that I could barely
get up most mornings. And I look back and so
much of it’s a blur. (children giggling) -And people ask, how
many months was it between this and this? And I have a really
hard time remembering even the order of events. I barely remember the
birth of our second son. I mean, it didn’t work. Reparative therapy
just doesn’t work. I did all the things
that should have worked according to the prescriptions
of the ex-gay movement. I mean, at that point, I
was the end of the process. I had basically jumped
through all the hoops necessary for years and I
had worked all the way up to my dream, really. And here we were with a
newborn and a one-year-old, watching the sweater
unravel really, like watching the whole
thing just come apart. On the one hand there was
this finally like a breath, like we could finally say what we were thinking
the whole time. And on the other
hand, just that like, what the hell are
we gonna do now? I was not coping
well with ministry and with just the constant
feeling that I was living a lie, because I was living a lie. I became more and more aware that I was not only
affecting myself negatively, but we felt like we had
reached our separation date. We could get a divorce. We could free one another
from our marriage vows so that we could be
the family that we felt like we needed to be and that
meant that we would continue to live together and
that we would continue to raise children together. Our primary covenant was
to and with our family. We probably had some of the
most difficult conversations about what we were going to do. I told my bishop and some of
my mentors and colleagues. And I was told that the
second that I sort of let the cat out of the bag, that
I would be out of a job, that I would not have a place of ministry or
leadership in my church. There were a lot of people
who were extremely unhappy if they couldn’t get me back
and then at least they could paint me as something. Coming out cost me family
and all of my friends. I still think there’s like
a lot of shame around that, that is was after choosing
to live authentically and it was after making the
hardest decision of my life, it was that, that broke me? For me that looked like
an attempt at suicide. Kris: Like I don’t know,
our kids were so young, I don’t know what affect
it’s gonna have on them, but there’s gonna be some
point when we’re gonna have to have a conversation
with them, right? That’s like,
-Right. Kris: Hey, this is a
thing, this is why our– -Right and they’re just
getting to be old enough now where they’re starting to ask, well why would you get married
if you don’t like women? Kris: Yeah.
-But at the core, I think, the part of
reparative therapy that people don’t
really talk about much is that’s like, it is
inherently misogynistic, to believe that women… Kris: Are objects
-Are objects to be used Kris: To fix your own sexuality.
-To fix people’s sexuality. Exactly. (somber music) ♪ Woman: I don’t. -I feel so badly, so
like my therapist, after I came out, told me I
needed to go sit in a gay bar by myself with a pad
of paper and write. And I sat in the back and
just cried the whole time. And I can remember
that you came over and you were like,
“Are you okay? “Is like everything fine? And I was like
having such a moment and you were just like,
“It’s gonna be okay.” Do you, you don’t
remember that at all? Woman: Not even close, no. I make a lot of
people cry though. So very rarely is
it for good reasons. -It was a beautiful moment. (lighter clicks) -I had to be hopeful and I
had to believe that this path was not only right, but that
there would be something really good that would
come out of all this. So I looked into some
options for churches that accept a gay, lesbian,
and transgender priests and clergy and I found
that the Anglican Church was a safe place for people
like me to call home. Hello, how are you? Good. I got a good network of friends and I found a good
community at church and I started to do some of
the hard work of forgiveness and of asking to be forgiven and to work through
reconciling with my family. (somber music) And it was through
those little baby steps that I started to get
pulled out of the pit. A lot of people think
that this is over and that people don’t go to
reparative therapy anymore. Kris: Yeah and even up
until maybe a year ago, Um, I was still getting
messages from well-meaning, loving family about
reparative therapy places that could help fix us somehow
Yeah that could help fix us. and I just wanted to be like, that’s how we got into
this in the first place, like we know that this
doesn’t work and is damaging. And yet there’s still a
sort of, I don’t know, a moral high ground that says we can fix you because
you’re broken. -I had no reference point
for what it would look like to fall in love
with another man, because as a little queer kid,
I didn’t see those stories represented in the media and
if they were in the media, I was never allowed to see them. Now I had to enter
a world of dating that was nothing like it
was when I was a 14 year old and not only that, but
I was now dating people who I had the potential
of falling in love with, because they were men. I actually didn’t know if
it would go anywhere for me. It was a little bit unexpected. It just seemed so
easy to fall in love. In time I realized
that he loved my kids and that he loved Kris. The family and utopian
dream that Kris and I had come up with, it was
actually starting to unfold in a way that I didn’t
think would be possible. Where Kris was encouraging
me along the way and where she was
Alex’s cheerleader and saying, “He is
really good to you.” “You are really happy
for the first time.” That’ll do, it feels like
it pulls you into the front. Right, like it’s… Hey Kris, where’s
the giant rainbow? -Can you give us context of
what’s happening tonight? -Yeah so tonight’s our
annual Pride service. We just celebrate sort
of that the church has room for LGBTQ
people and also say that there’s still work to do. (distant chattering) It is overkill, but drag
queens will not be happy with any less light and
in fact, that’s maybe– Alex: Can I see what
this is like off? Can I just pull this? -So often the church tends
to prop up really outdated patriarchal gender roles
and having drag queens in a church, I think
it’s a really interesting parable of the way
the God does things is always upside down
and that it’s not the way that you would expect. -Don’t you have a sermon
to be writing right now? Yeah. (distant chattering) I might go…
Kris: Nuts? -Yeah, no, I might go
open up the front doors. Kris: Oh yeah,
totally, like yeah, Woman: I just feel like
it’s missing something and it’s really hard for me– -I could really use you to help the sound system get
set up, is that okay? Kris: The other thing
is, if we can hear both of you though here, and
we’re sitting behind you, at least I can hear
what’s going on. -Do you know if you can get
these ones, no that’s– Man: If I don’t get the pin,
there’s nothing I can do. -Do you have one of
those handheld ones? Man: That’s true. (cell phone ringing) Alex: It’s probably Cheryl. Man: Hello?
Alex: It’s all taken care of. Then it’s all taken care of. -Okay I just need a hand
with the microphone, that’s all I need. Kris: Oh, it’s been a long day. Um, Church with drag queens
is about to happen. -I can do it. I am really good at this. (soft piano music) Let’s think about the spaces that we create and
that we curate. Let’s think about the
ways that we take up space and the ways that we
advocate for other’s space. Let the skin and the
flesh and the bones that Jesus took on that
God says this body is good, this body is something that
I’ve given you to steward, to take care of and to
also let you operate in the world the
way that you do. So tonight, take up the space
that maybe you don’t feel you can take up in every church and let’s let this
moment of communion and whatever you
do with the divine, let that be a spark that starts
this cry for more justice, for equality, for peace, and
ultimately that all of us find our fabulous, beautiful, God-given selves
in these bodies. (attendees cheering
and applauding) Woman: Is this anybody’s first
time here for this show? (attendees cheering) I was the churchiest church
boy you’ve ever churched with. I did all the readings,
I taught Sunday School. I was the only member
of the senior choir who couldn’t accept
old age pension. (attendees laughing) Tonight is super special for me and it really reaffirmed to me that we’re all more alike
than we are different. (attendees cheering) (attendees whistling
and applauding) -I can remember even
Kris saying, I think, “I think we found our family.” Woman: Ladies and gentlemen– (cat meows) (children chattering) Child: Remember how ’bout we
make a short movie today? -Yeah. Child: We make them everyday. Kris: You’d make
episodes every day? Well our life is
basically an episode. Child: Why? Kris: Okay, sing? ♪ All: Jesus loves
me this I know ♪ ♪ For the Bible tells me so ♪
Kris: You sing! ♪ Little ones to him belong ♪ ♪ They are weak,
but he is strong ♪ (uplifting music) (Alex gasps) -That was something that I
never could have expected or dreamed of in a million
years, that I would be standing with priests and
with a bishop in the diocese to affirm that my
love was not only valid, but that my love was
being celebrated by God. And so when we stood in that
church on our wedding day, we stood as a family,
our kids got a papa. And it feels sort of complete. (dramatic upbeat music) Why can’t we have a church
that will celebrate who we are? My identity, the
fullness of my identity, has been affirmed by my bishops and has been affirmed
by the church of God. Kris: We had so many moments
where we looked at other people. We’d be like somebody’s
been doing this, somebody can do family
the way we’re doing it. And we just didn’t see it
and so part of our decision in talking about it and to share and for sharing
our story is just, we can do it.
-We can do it. -Right back down
to the beginning of where Christian
community comes from is in saying, this is about
including more people. This is about drawing
the circle wider and then focusing not at the
center, but on the margins, focusing on the people
who seem least likely to fit. Yes, I am queer. Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I’m a priest. And although there are people
who would think and say that is a
contradiction or heresy, I believe that I
am called by God and that I have a job
to do and I cannot in good conscience
do anything else. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ (slow gentle music) ♪

100 thoughts on “A queer priest on leaving his evangelical church & making faith more inclusive | Devout and Out: Pip

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    How a Queer Priest is redefining the relationship between the Church and the LGBTQ community – https://bit.ly/2vYUGDq

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    So what's next- pedophiles for Jesus??? Bank robbers for Jesus?

  3. Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth Post author


  4. Blessed American Post author

    While homosexuality may be one’s inclination, the nature of the Church is to define the systems which GOD has ordered.
    GOD’s plan concerns procreation, which is obviously either immaculate conception or a woman and a man.
    Although I am not a Catholic or Anglican
    , one can not make exceptions to long standing creeds and covenants and call themselves a priest.
    If you read the methods of communists or Russians they usually don’t bother to start new organisations but corrupt existing organisations from within. Yuri Bezmenov has an excellent video on these methods.
    Homosexuality is not a Christian virtue. If one is homosexual within the Anglican community as a priest then it must remain latent.
    The priesthood was required to remain celibate in order to devote their lives to GOD. You have only to read some of the excellent Christian theological and historical books written by priests to appreciate the time and intellectual study which they put forth.
    A Christian agrees to a certain dogma that does not recognise homosexuality as acceptable. While I, personally, have no problem with those who live this lifestyle, it is only appropriate for a priest to resign or remain latent because it is not in keeping with Christianity.
    It is also a slap in the face to all the Anglican priests who have struggled with this and were either celibate or stepped down.
    Not only do we live in this earth we recognise that what is on earth is also in heaven.

  5. george george Post author

    Congratulations for your groundbreaking tolerant and enlightened family. Hope that all those lost in the madness of 'reparative therapy' can take you as an example.

  6. Rebecca Young Post author

    This story is so heart breaking. I am a believer and even though I would not be able to say that gay marriage is okay, I do believe that everyone should be allowed in church. The bible says that every sin is equal so if we don't allow every sinner into church, what kind of church are we? We all have fallen short of the glory of God and we are called to love God first and everyone else too. How could anyone be denied the love of God and be called to repentance if they are shunned when they are seeking God? I love that the church truly has a "Come as you are" attitude. In that respect, I agree.

  7. Marcos H Post author

    I'm gay and I understand how you cannot change if God does not change you. Just based on what I saw I can assume that the love he found seems good, but the church seems to cater to homosexuality instead of Jesus. I mean, there's a man dressed in women's clothing. Church is not a drag bar, it's a place to listen to the word of God, worship and pray. Seems like a circus to me.

  8. Susana Nieva Post author

    You guys are NOT the real church!!

    God has reveal the truth in His word. He has written about you!!! Fear God, or else you are His enemy…. these are not my words, but God's…. you have to change. If you have q genuine heart, may God reveal His true self to you and may He use you for His true Glory. in Jesus name – the name above all names. Amen!

  9. sid roth Post author

    His filthy lifestyle is an abomination to GOD ! He has a reprobate mind and he and the ones that are following him are going to HELL ! He should never be allowed in a true Christian Church if he keeps on being a pervert !

  10. Sterling Brown Post author

    …Sooo good to see this story. Thank you and all who took part in delivering it. ..Powerful and important right now!

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    Stay celibate…no one can condemn that. Jesus is my very Best Friend Who Is always within me eternally. Believe in the best Relationship with Jesus. He is love more intimate in Spirit than any flesh relationship on earth. Jesus found me. He relaxed my body, healed it from the terrible physical pain, and He took me into the spirit. He came into my spirit, and we became One-in-Love. Jesus love for me became my love for Him. We loved each other with the Same Perfect Love. Long live our eternal love.

  12. Choice Williams Post author

    you can never make GOD have sins for believers! you are leading people straight to hell! There are so called Christians who still practice witchcraft, falsely believing their behavior is acceptable to GOD! I know several people sexually involved in adultery! They will be right there with you! Abominations!

  13. Selwyn Fernandez Post author

    isn't this complex entanglement with children involved a result of the choice he ,a gay man decided to make by marrying a woman-the woman married him despite his orientation-implying she loved him and loves him as he is -and was/is willing to make the journey with him-but he buckled-succumbed and wanted it out-and even worse he is a pastor-"lead by example"-i cannot empathize with the choices he made-there was never any coercion,influence -he made them with a clear mind-messed her life and there are children involved-besides this story plays out in Toronto–a society that does not discriminate -so why was marrying a woman necessary?he wants to serve the church-so why is so much time (in the video) spent on Church Street-the gay hub of Toronto-he needs a shrink

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    It's not about you. It's about our Eternal Father and what He wants.

  15. Selwyn Fernandez Post author

    those who were touched and felt Pips story was touching-Watch Ginger Haan's story-its heart wrenching,touching,powerful,pure ,inspiring -will increase your faith for eternity and will teach you to always be on the right path-Simply Awesome-she is an exemplary example of Christian faith

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    I bet he didn't try the ludovico treatment. That would have worked. It was in the movie, A Clockwork Orange, for those who don't know.

  17. paladin hgwt Post author

    A straight man feels repulsion and sickness at the thought of being with another man. So what needs to be done is have him get to the point of repulsion at the thought of being with a man. It's like seeing so many horror movies that after a time it makes you sick and you don't ever feel like watching another one. Or it's like having a demon in you for every vice that is. One demon is called homosexuality, another one is called gluttony, another is wrath etc.. I believe it's curable because I have gotten rid of a few demons in me, if that's what you want to call them or vices.

  18. Californiagirl Post author

    God does not allow us to be affected by anything that we cannot triumph over…with Him

  19. Stormy Post author

    It is not for us to alter the faith, but to integrate the love of God in our lives, and to see that this love can help us accept our true selves, which is a livelong "war", or battle if you will.

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    People are born with a carnal rebellious nature, some more so than others. Some people are born with a desire to steal or even kill. Some are born with lustful desires to have many lovers. We cannot embrace those desires, as this is the will of satan. His ultimate goal is to have us go against the will of God. Wanting to normalize these carnal natures will lead to a path of destruction. Many will call on the name of God, but in the end he will say “I never knew you.” Jesus told the harlot at the well “Go, and sin no more.” You are leading so many others down the wrong path. I pray for you to see the truth and resist your carnal nature that wants to embrace the desires of the flesh. Read and study God’s word and try to live within it.

  21. Jayne Hardingham Post author

    I feel sad for you. It must be difficult. However, sin is sin. We all battle with sin, but Christ died for you, and was raised for your redemption. People everywhere can say what they want. But the word is truth and it will never change to suit man, or what he says is right and wrong. His word is eternal

  22. Richard Davis Post author

    If we are to believe that god made us then what is the problem about people being gay?

  23. snowking plc Post author

    Learn to deny self. Jesus taught this. It is being crucified to deny lust and affections. You have to learn what it means to be crucified figuratively in that sense. Of course, you forgive and love others I take it. You need an affliction to learn the statues of holy living. Let honour give you revelation on God.. wait for him to manifest to you.

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    Remember Sodoma and Gamorra? God destroyed the town because of homosexuality. I don't think God changed his mind

  25. Frank Nelson Post author


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    What can I say? If two adults believe this is as being the truth for themselves and feel that they really love each other then it is definitely up to them. I am not the one to judge, because God is the one who judges what man does. Whatever consenting adults do together is up to them and others should not hate them for it, especially if they are not harming you or anyone else. The most important thing is "Do you believe in the bible or not"? If you believe in the bible you will accept everything contained in the bible. If the bible says that something is a sin or an abomination to God then it is the truth. If a person accepts only some things and not everything in the bible, because it goes against your lifestyle then you must rewrite the bible to suit yourselves and your lifestyle. As I said I am not judging anyone as a person but state what the bible says. If a person believes in the Quran or Tora then they should accept all of its contents?

  27. Roxanne Tomlin Post author

    The sperm you carry is a gift from God and does not does not belong in the dirtiest place on earth !!!!!!The Devil dances to this .

  28. Roxanne Tomlin Post author

    If you NEVER forget ya first love “ God” then you make His truth FIRST !!!

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    Defying the actual 'word' of the Father is sin. One cannot be right before Him and expect to even have his prayers heard if living in this great sin. It is what scripture says.

    It has forever been the agenda of these sinners to ensist that the Father and other believers to 'love' them regardless. True repentance IS necessary. Man changes, our Creator does not, and will not overlook this kind of sin. It is 'evil' to do the opposite of His word. You cannot get around it and have it your way. It is purely a spirit of rebellion at work in you!

    Live your life as you prefer but do not influence others to live in sin as you. Great warning in scripture about this. FEAR the word of our Creator. That is what an actual believer does if hopes to enter 'the kingdom' one day. Obey His word, not yours!!!

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    find yourself first..and i was there too..will pray for you..

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    Remember what Jesus Christ told Mary Magdalene "go and sin no more". Jesus meant that for her yes but He also meant it for all of us. Jesus also said if you love me keep my commandments. Look at what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah. These towns got destroyed because of homosexuality. They wanted to rape the angels. At the wedding, Jesus' mother told the servants "do what HE says ". They can paint it any they want but God and Jesus set rules and standards that should be followed by the best of our ability using Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. He made these laws to protect us and to continue mankind. They were not made to be cruel. Jesus Christ loves us and He wants us to be with Him in heaven but it is up to us where we spend eternity. He doesn't force His will on anyone.

  34. B.B. Shaw Post author

    I'm not an Anglican. If you are having another relationship other than your wife, are you still 🆎 to give Communion?

  35. Nancy Peterson Post author

    I begrudge no one happiness as long as it does not come at the expense of others. Children in this case will be loved but confused.

  36. Kathy Christine Post author

    the church is speaks of is of the Antichrist. if he does not repent he will find himself in hell. he is a deceiver a child of Satan.the holy Bible first Corinthians.six verses nine and ten. those who practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdome of heaven. they will enter hell. read from the bible Matthew 8-12 43-48. these are words of truth. I hope someone reads these verses. practicing homosexuality is rebelling against God! be not deceived.

  37. Nameless Rose Post author

    You were taken in by the Devil. The Devil is "Religion", the church, and all its representatives and followers. So sad! Sticks and stones might hurt my bones but words will never hurt me. I would rather abandon faith, religion, and gods than abandon ME! Religion is a vast wasteland of the dead.

    No creed must be accepted upon authority of a "divine" nature. Religions must be put to the question. No moral dogma must be taken for granted – no standard of
    measurement deified. There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the
    wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made,
    man will destroy!

    He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief
    in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom.
    The chief duty of every new age is to upraise new men to determine its liberties, to
    lead it towards material success – to rend the rusty padlocks and chains of dead custom
    that always prevent healthy expansion. Theories and ideas that may have meant life
    and hope and freedom for our ancestors may now mean destruction, slavery, and
    dishonor to us!

    As environments change, no human ideal standeth sure!

    Whenever, therefore, a lie has built unto itself a throne, let it be assailed without pity
    and without regret, for under the domination of an inconvenient falsehood, no one can prosper.

    Let established sophisms be dethroned, rooted out, burnt and destroyed, for they are a
    standing menace to all true nobility of thought and action!

    Whatever alleged "truth" is proven by results to be but an empty fiction, let it be
    unceremoniously flung into the outer darkness, among the dead gods, dead empires,
    dead philosophies, and other useless lumber, garbage, and wreckage!

    The most dangerous of all enthroned lies is the holy, the sanctified, the privileged lie –
    the lie everyone believes to be a model truth. It is the fruitful mother of all other
    popular errors and delusions. It is a hydra-headed tree of unreason with a thousand

    roots. It is a social cancer!

    The lie that is known to be a lie is half eradicated, but the lie that even intelligent
    persons accept as fact – the lie that has been inculcated in a little child at its mother's
    knee – is more dangerous to contend against than a creeping pestilence!

    Popular lies have ever been the most potent enemies of personal liberty. There is only one way to deal with them: Cut them out, to the very core, just as cancers. Exterminate
    them root and branch. Annihilate them!

    Behold the crucifix; what does it symbolize? Pallid incompetence hanging on a tree.
    Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!

  38. Nameless Rose Post author

    Religion, the god/s-the gods of cancer!

  39. Chai Tea Post author

    Why if I used the word queer I would be in trouble and seen as using a derogatory word.

  40. cat Post author

    Satanic lies and filth. Don't be fooled, if your church tells you it's ok to have sex with the same sex, then your church is deceiving you. Jesus loves you. He's waiting for you.

  41. Carl Raymond Post author

    Very nice what a uplifting message for us all. What a model you are for all the young men who need someone to lookup too.
    My days are coming to an end but you gave me something to hope for tomorrow. May God YAHWEH an YESHUA bless you and
    all yours.

  42. Christopher Kuehl Post author

    Say a few hail mary bloody mary drinks and cry to a drag queen!!!

  43. Truth Seeker 714 Post author

    Catholics are NOT Christians! Quit confusing the two!

  44. Vaughn Journo Adoric Wilfredo R. Adona Post author

    Look, if there are queer or gays in the military, navy and with some special military forces, why can't be gays in the church? For as long as these gay priests would behave in accordance to the morality of the church and won't harm children.

  45. Siah K Post author

    Did you know what the Bible says in Romans chapter 1 & 2? Genesis chapter 1~5? No, brother! Do not be deceived. Bible also warned us about "Another Jesus". There is fake Jesus always sounds so good and fits to all. We love you all, but we hate SIN! We love what God loves and we hate what He hates. What do you think about Sodom & Gomora? Please read the Bible for yourself with truly humble & open heart with asking True God to save you! It not acceptance of people. It is acceptance by True, Holy, Living God who died on the cross and resurrected from Death for His Righteous Love.

  46. Afy Post author

    If the son sets you free, you are free indeed. Jn 8:36

  47. Dim Post author

    I loved this so much! What a kind, amazing, courageous (gorgeous) priest!
    I wonder if he was social media.

  48. Radha Sen Post author

    Live and let Live.
    Nowhere does it say in the Bible humans must sit in judgement, criticize, crucify and crush a pained person's spirit further.
    Let the judgement for homosexuality if at all, be made by God…
    Not humans.


    May G-d bless this awesome Priest. Love and peace from your Jewish Brother 🙏🏻👏👏👏💯❤️👍

  50. Katt Beaches Post author

    I find it strange that Christians don’t approve of homosexuality and gays want to either destroy Christianity or be ministering and change the word of the Bible! If your gay go have your life and leave religion alone!!!

  51. La Estrella Post author

    Read the Holy Scriptures: homosexuality is a big Sinn for God. It's an abomination.The cities of Sodom und Gomorra were punished by God because homosexuality.
    Be careful, you are going to loose your soul, if you keep behaving "contra natura," you are going to go to hell for the eternity. It's the truth. Homosexuality ist against God's Low. Sorry but you are not a priest. You have to leave this man. He needs to read also God's word through the Bible. Repent now, before is to late.
    If your ex-wife supports your behaviour, she can also be punished by God. Read again the Bible. Think of your innocent children. They are also in danger. Your children belong to God. Don't ruin theirs lives. Save your sou,l the soul of your children's mother and your children's souls.The devil is happy with your behaviour anf the HOLY GHOST is very sad. Tell the people in your church, that the church is a holy place .Place of prayer and repentance. They seem to be lost. What are the transvestist doing in God's temple ? They have to know God's Ten Commandments and the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, accept him as their Lord and Saviour ,change totally their lives. Never again men in women's clothes. Read the Evangelium and change totally your lives.
    Jesus Christ said: "The truth will make you free".. Jesus Christ died for your sins, for my sins and for salvation every person in the world. We can not crucifie him again. We will pray for you. Jesus Christ's blood cover you, your family and your friends. Amen.

  52. K M Post author

    He's leading people astray. He shouldn't be condoning the Dragqueen. This is not biblical. Sad! Living in sin in Gods house. No wonder God is angry.

  53. Gary Bowmar Post author

    You depended on a “program” and not on Jesus. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:12.) You were trying to war against flesh. You wanted your SIN more then you wanted a RELATIONSHIP with the Father.
    Yes, we are all more alike then we are different. We ALL have things that we fight in the flesh, all different.
    You are in a church that is not part of the family of God. If you were my son I would still love you, but would not condone your lifestyle, which is clearly NOT Biblical.

  54. Friend Post author

    Nobody says the Way is not the Way of the Cross. Are you trying to say that in order to live you MUST HAVE SEX with a man?

  55. Thelma Lynne Post author

    Jesus never had a girlfriend or wife.At 30 years of age these could make one wonder.He hung out with a bunch of guys with no females in this group..That could also cause one to wonder.Perhaps he was gay himself.He certainly fits the profile does he not? To marry means to join or mix.two people can marry their thoughts.This can be 2 men or 2 women.Marriage does not by definition mean a man and a women.This is the churches definition.Having love for someone of your own sex is a natural feeling and is found throughout nature.

  56. Nathaniel Calloway Post author

    It's sooo disappointing when the church thing does not work out… sooooo disappointing,,, especially when you are sooo into it.

  57. Nathaniel Calloway Post author

    Kids are so naturally loving and accepting of folk; proves to show that they are taught otherwise.

  58. M Noorlander Post author

    I am really curious about his believes.. what does he believe about how someone can be saved, does he believe in adult baptism? Does he believe that the Holy Spirit is a person?

  59. Kylie L'Heureux Post author

    I’m an atheist but ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how it’s done. If you believe in god and the bible or any religion for that matter, this is what it’s about. This is TRUE Christianity. You can be religious while truly promoting kindness and tolerance and acceptance. Love this 💜

  60. jermain james Post author

    My heart goes out to this man, if only he knew how much freedom he has in Jesus Christ. "

    "My people perish for lack of knowledge." –The God of Israel

    Prayer, fasting, meditation on the word, worship on regular basis break all bondage of sin, including sexual sin!

    The freedom from bomdage of sin is real people, but you must surrender 100% to God.

  61. martincurd Post author

    A what a fantastic story … of inclusion, of love and of understanding. Thank you for sharing this.

  62. bob fromky Post author

    CBC DOCS public funded. We pay for our own demoralization.

  63. Fritula 6 Post author

    Drew 0909….in reply.
    I like what you wrote.

  64. Gary Wait Post author

    A second thanks for your courage and compassion in posting this video. It has brought out a great deal of support for your insight into Christian compassion and pilgrimage, as well as "outing" a lot of a lot of ugly and mediaeval bigotry. I pray that all of your lives — as God wishes, are evolving you happily, and that your priesthood is prospering. (From the 80 year old gay priest) GOD BLESS AND GUIDE YOU 👍👍 !!!

  65. Limbos Vi Post author

    God is love! He who has not love doesn't not know God. I'm glad he finally found someone to love.

  66. Anthony Hathaway-Taylor Post author

    Brilliant. I think it's about time now that people should stop hiding their fear by hiding behind what should be a totally inclusive church. God bless you.

  67. June K. Williams Post author

    I have not yet viewed this video but I still felt the need to mention that Evangelical churches do NOT have priests.

  68. MacDreyar Asd Post author

    The wife and him are both victims of a society that tells you what you are not. The wife is hurting but I think she keeps on holding for the kids. In time things will just fall in the right place. I salute the woman for being so strong and so beautiful. She will find her own happiness with the right person. The man is so brave for breaking barriers and standing up for the atrocities of this society.

  69. Pierre Caron Post author

    Just reading the video description: "their truth". You cannot have your own truth. Religion is the search of THE Truth. Get it right. Stop being so soft CBC.

  70. Whole Foods Market Post author

    Fake. An “evangelical” wearing the Roman collar and breaking communion wafers????

  71. judd442009 Post author

    The so-called "Evangelical" Christians, with all their hypocrisy, represent as much a threat to Christianity as the priesthood of pedophiles found in the Roman Catholic Church–both groups comprise the "brood of vipers" whom Jesus warned his followers about in the New Testament.

  72. Fredie Mescallado Post author

    Homosexuality in the Bible
    · Gen 1:27 – complementary of sexes reflects God's inner unity
    · Gen 2:21-24 – transmission of life thru total self donation – 1 flesh
    · Gen 19 – original sin deteriorates to Sodom's sin, destroyed
    · Lev 18:22 – called abomination, cut off from people (verse 29)
    · Lev 20:13 – both shall be put to death for abominable deed
    · Rom 1:27 – called unnatural, shameful, and a perversity
    · 1 Cor 6:9 – active homosexuals won't inherit kingdom of God
    · 1 Tim 1:9-10 – those who engage in such acts are called "sinners"
    · Lev 20:13 – if man lies with man, put to death (wasting seed)

  73. V M Post author

    Love this man’s story… everyone needs to shut their mouth about how being gay is against the Bible… yeah, eating shellfish is too in the Old Testament… how about we crack down on all the people in the church who are practicing sex outside of marriage.. oh waits, that’s ok because they’re straight, right? Talk about cherry picking 🙄. How about grow a heart.

  74. Yue Wu Post author

    Not every cancer patient who prays to God for a physical healing gets healed. Sometimes the healing comes with the ultimate healing which is when we are in heaven. And indeed not every same sex attracted people who prays to God for deliverance gets delivered right at the spot or at all. It is wrong to think a woman can be used as an object to cure same sex attraction. Jesus is our ultimate healer. And when healing and deliverance of this kind happen, we should always remember that the healing is caused by Jesus our God not by a mere mortal woman.

    To say homosexual acts is sin is no difference than to say sex before marriage is sin, sex outside wedlock is sin, masturbation is sin, lying is sin and murder is sin. The Bible is very clear on what God stands in terms homosexual acts and unless someone can reinvent the Bible, I don’t think there’s not much to argue.

    However just because being attracted by the same sex makes someone capable to sin potentially in this area doesn’t mean that the person is excluded from the church. Who in the church doesn’t sin anyway? From the Pope to the layperson, from Billy Graham to the drunkard who struggles going to church every week, we are all sinners. That’s why we all desperately need Jesus our Lord our Savior.

    This pastor felt like he was living in a lie. It is true because he was indeed lying to himself thinking all these things he did could somehow fix himself. We can do nothing to save ourselves from destruction but Jesus and Jesus alone can and will. His pain and suffering partially comes from him desperately wanted to be healed from being attracted to the same sex instead of accepting this is how he is and he’s a sinner and he needs God in every step of life no matter God heals him or not. A Christian’s identity is not in their sexual orientation, but is in Jesus Christ.

    There are same sex attracted people who are radically healed and happily married to the the opposite sex. There are also same sex attracted people never get healed but vow to celibate and live a godly life. We take up our cross to follow Jesus. Sometimes the price is very high, and we still take up that cross because Jesus is the way, the life, the truth. God asks us to be obedient. Are we willing to obedient?

  75. Mike Carone Post author

    Most Christians Protestant Anglican Catholic have had enough with the LGBTQ

  76. Brian Kelley Post author

    The Gospel: Christ died for our sins and rose again. (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)

  77. Sean F Post author

    “The church could take just about everything from us but they couldn’t take away our real experience with the divine.”

    Thank you

  78. Ash I Post author

    im just not entirely sure what he expected to have happen at a CHRISTIAN church which explicitly believes in bible which says that homosexuality is a sin…..

  79. Ash I Post author

    he wasnt called by God to do this, it is directly against the word of God, which is timeless and true

  80. Dayang Marikit Post author

    God is love… and if God is love, then how can God hate?


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