A Message from Catholic Charities of Central Colorado’s CEO

By | September 6, 2019

Hi and thank you for joining us. Before I
tell you what Catholic Charities does I think I should explain why we do what we
do. We believe that every life has value. The one thing that has degraded that
value more than anything else is poverty. For that reason Catholic Charities is
working in the communities we serve to alleviate and prevent poverty for all
of those that we serve. From Cheyenne Wells to Leadville from Castle Rock to
Colorado Springs, we are working in numerous ways to address poverty in its
many different forms and to help move people from crisis to stability. We have
75 different programs throughout our diocese in the ten counties that we
serve. It would take a long time to go through each of them individually but
there are four key areas that help us to do this work. Our focus is on being a
lighthouse for families in need. So the families who are sleeping in their cars
have a place to go during the day to take a shower, do their laundry, to
have access to housing, jobs and a loving face that will welcome them with a smile
when they walk through the door. We’re focusing on health and wellness. Because
we know that for any of us, a health event can be the crisis that ends stability,
puts people on the streets, causes a job loss and brings about a whole cascade of
negative events. We’re able to start making a dramatic difference for people
who are battling illness, disease and mental health problems. To be able to
help them get a foot up in the journey back to stability. And we’re focusing on
paths to opportunity. Through our ability to work with those who are helping to
find employment and to build the resiliency to be able to keep coming
back when the little events in life keep hitting them down. We will always be an agency that is
serving those who are in the most critical need. There will never be a time
that Catholic Charities is not here to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked.
In these four ways, family services health and wellness, paths to opportunity and essential human needs we are building a tapestry of support around the most
vulnerable in our community and building a stairway for them to reach stability.
We’ve got our work cut out for us and we can’t do it alone. We’re able to achieve
successes with the help of thousands of volunteers, with countless
community partners and we need your help. Come join our team. Advocate. Volunteer.
Donate. Be a part of those in our community who are helping our brothers
and sisters regain their god-given value. Thank you.

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