A Day in the Life of The Foster Triplets Episode 7: Community Service

By | August 29, 2019

Hi everyone welcome back to A Day in the
Life of The Foster Triplets Today we are giving you a synopsis as to what our Sunday is like when we don’t have a church function, a church service or a
conference, a concert or other special events (right). So today we’re doing community
service as is our norm, which we always love to do. It is such an important part
of our family’s, not day to day activities, but our life,
you know, and our ministry. So what we’re doing because we know today is going to
be a very packed day, we are cooking our dinner from before, and we are
also going to carry some of our dinner for a shut-in in the community, so we’re just
going to lend a hand. Right here we have the fish that is already fried, that we fried. Does it look nice? Do you want some? I’m sorry you can’t get any. This is what happens when
you’re short we have to tip so far to reach that, and dad is tall so he puts
it all the way up there and when it’s time for our poor, the poor vertically
challenged ladies to go up there (because mom is short as well) when it’s time for us to
reach up there we have a problem so much problems. We have to let her (Mikaili) do
it because she’s taller, and it’s still a problem for me. It’s really a big
problem. So this is the last of the fish coming out of the pot. That was a big one
so mom had to cut it in half. All right so let’s get ready. This is one of the things that we love doing we love cooking together. We are very
talkative so we talk a whole lot. Sometimes we hurt mom and dad’s ears, but you know
it’s funny, when we stop talking then they say, are you okay”? Is there a problem? are you okay? So, we know deep down that they love when we talk,
we just have to keep that one a secret. Yeah right, dad is at the camera. Okay, a well kept secret. So after we have finished
here we are going to go and rake the yard and
put out some clothes on the line and a few other chores. But parents I would
encourage you to let your children and teenagers work. A little work won’t
kill them. Hard work is good for the soul it helps encourage independence, responsibility, it also helps them to develop good work ethics so that in
the future they will be brilliant men and women. So come along, it didn’t kill me, it won’t kill you, it won’t kill them. So fasten your seat belts, Let’s get ready to go! (Music) strength to the weary and hope for fear, He’s the Man from Nazareth, the healing pow’r of God…. We just finished our preparation at home, the chores, and now
we are all dressed and ready to go. But first we have to pack the essential
items that we need, we’re going to carry some food and toiletries for this
elderly lady (Music) Gone to many doctors, no hope in sight, she spent her days….. We are not the best at packing,. Dad is the best at packing. He can make almost anything fit. So this is what we will
be bringing to the elderly person so let’s go. (Music) that Man from Nazareth, who gave strength to the weary, and hope for fear, He’s the Man from Nazareth, the healing pow’r So we are on our way to the elderly person’s home, as you can see And we are excited, yes we are. I’m excited to do mission. Say hi mom and dad, Hi. Mom said bye? No So youtube, you can finally see, these are my parents, Markquin and Nicole Foster. you can only see their hands, but at least that’s a part of their body, so, they said hello. (Music) None to help, none to care
none to come down just to share, but she found hope in a Man from
Nazareth, who gave strength to the weary and hope for fear, he’s the Man from Nazareth, the
healing pow’r of God, there’s strength in Him that Man, from Nazareth I touched the hem of His garment Healing sprang in my bones and I was made whole He healed my soul Someone to help, Someone to care,
One who came down just to share, yes I found hope….. So we are back from doing
outreach it was fun it was something that gave us, you know, this
happiness, you know when you do outreach it just makes you happy
so we’re happy and we had to cut our outreach short, because we have a reading
class in 20 minutes. We are doing this outreach for children in our community
who present problems in reading, and we have been doing it for a couple of years
now and I think that this program it doesn’t only help the children but when,
once you help the children you also help the parents and
it makes them happy, so it’s something that is really great
and I would encourage the parents to get your children and teenagers involved in
outreach activities because it can uplift them, if they’re going through
depression, it gives them a sense of belonging
a sense of worth, sometimes when we see somebody when you see someone in a worse situation, a little bit worse than yours you see how
privileged you are, for the gentlemen, carry a lady’s bag for her, an elderly lady she’s struggling across the street, help her. These things help to put a smile on people’s face. And if you want to reach
somebody with the gospel the best way to do it is to help them before you can preach the gospel to them. You are fulfilled after you do it. So get yourself involved in missionary activities, I guarantee you you will feel a sense of belonging, a
sense of worth and you will be happy than you’ve ever been in a long time. Remember to like and subscribe.
Subscribing is just hitting the notification, that red button there. It doesn’t cost. Some people tell us that they think it cost them
money but it does not. We are The Foster Triplets and we’ll see you next time….bye

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