A Day at Valley Catholic Early Learning School

By | August 29, 2019

What did you do at school today? Today, I read about lions. My friends and me played tag. At Valley Catholic Early Learning School,
we provide loving care and exciting learning experiences for infants,
toddlers and preschoolers. We work really hard to teach them all
about Jesus’ love and provide them an example from the Sisters here on our
campus and enrich their lives through our community. All of our teaching is really
intentional. We’re doing it for a reason. We hand them a blank piece of paper and
crayons because that’s really better in a lot of ways than
giving them a color sheet. It uses their imagination. It uses their small motor skills. I really do
love our curriculum because it encompasses so many different areas. We understand that these are the
children’s childhood memories and we want to make them as warm and welcoming
as possible. We believe in providing a nurturing
environment where early learners grow, thrive and look forward to each day. Tomorrow, I can’t wait to play with my friends. I love going to school at Valley Catholic.

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