A Catholic Take on A.D. The Bible Continues | Episode 1

By | September 11, 2019

The first episode of A.D., The Bible
Continues tells the story from Jesus’ burial
through His resurrection. Two major emotions are at play – fear and guilt. Fear because Jesus has just been crucified. Joseph of Arimethea has the courage to go and take the body of Jesus. We also see Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest, who is afraid of this resurrection and
so he sets guards over the tomb for fear that Jesus will
actually be raised from the dead. The Catholic take is this: notice Peter. Peter is the head of all the apostles – made so by Jesus – who says. “Your name is now Peter, which means rock, and on this rock I will build my church.”
Peter is the very first pope, just as Francis is pope today. So, Peter
is the very first head of the Church. But here’s the difficult part – while Jesus
is being condemned to death Peter denies Jesus three times. Three times they ask him, “Do you know Jesus?” And he says, “No!” And so, the resurrection of Jesus brings
with it great joy because Jesus is alive but at the same time reason for great
guilt within his heart. We’ll see in a future episode that Jesus does in fact forgive him and from that builds his whole ministry. He builds a ministry of mercy and a
Church which brings God’s healing and forgiveness to the world. The Catholic take also as a takeaway –
actually two. First is, go to confession, go get rid of your sins, get rid of your
guilt, so that you can experience God’s mercy and healing and love, and then bring that to the world –
especially your family and friends. The second takeaway is, go read the
Gospel of John, chapter 18. And remember, the book is always better! of

8 thoughts on “A Catholic Take on A.D. The Bible Continues | Episode 1

  1. MaryBeth McGurran Post author

    I'm glad I listened to this.  Correct the book is always better.

  2. Garry Hall Post author

    Father Byrne is awesome.  When ever he speaks to you, like in this video, you are never confused about what to do next. "Go to confession and read the Gospel of John 18."

  3. ByGrace IAmHere Post author

    what i never understood was why go to another human to repent, when i can ask the holy father directly myself?  Jesus asks us to pray to the Holy Father as he does….not even he asked to be placed before God as we prayed.  He asked us to believe he was our connection to God…but from what i understand, to pray to God only.  That we would never receive salvation unless we believed Jesus was the one true son of God….but not God himself.  There are three divinities from what i understand….Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God.  As i don't pray to the holy spirit, i understand its role..as Jesus'….but i only pray to God.  I do say, 'in Jesus name'….but i direct my prayer to God only.  Am i wrong in doing this?

  4. Tanya Boko Post author


  5. Simina Juleștean Post author

    Peter never was the head of the church, and neither pope Francis or any of the popes. No human can be the head of the church, this is an heresy. Peter could preach the Gospel and make other disciples because Jesus was working through him. Bible says very clearly that Jesus is the head of the church.
    Apart of this, the serie is very good and worth watching. God bless you!

  6. Tony Faison Post author

    you don't have to do confession to anyone except Jesus Christ. He alone is our high priest. No Man in the church nor in the street can save you. Hebrews 4. Also all of the saints were human and even though we look at them with high regard. They are not the means in which you need to mention them in order for God to Hear you. Jesus Suffered, died , and rose taking the keys to death and hell. He ascended into heaven and is now interceding for our prayers. it is by Jesus Blood you are saved and not saying hail Mary or any of the saints or going before a priest in a church to confess your sins. Read the Bible and pray for God's Holy Spirit and he will guide you.

  7. Christian Ampadu Post author

    Please when is the full episodes coming out??


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