A Bridge Among Walls: Sr. Norma Pimentel, M.J.

By | September 6, 2019

Sometimes I say I can’t believe how many people
are coming, you know? It’s like almost as if those countries are
going to get emptied. They’ve gone through so much, they’ve traveled
through so many countries from Central America, either Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. They’ve been on the road and their journey
for many weeks, most of the time walking and just hiding from people from hurting them. All of them are dirty and muddy and they’re
scared, they’re frightened. They need help. They have been processed by Border Patrol
and they have been allowed to travel. The community has responded by making sure
they get the care and the attention they need. The families walk in and they’re amazed, sometimes
with tears on their face because of the joy they see and being welcomed. You see this transformation begin to start
to change them, to see the dignity that is so important in every person’s life. I’ve come to experience something beautiful
and that is God himself in the refugee, in the moments that I have to be able to help
and to be present with them. It’s a very special transformation that happens
to us as well. I think one of the most important aspects
of Sister Norma Pimentel is the way she lives her faith. You talk about a pillar in the community when
it comes to selfless services. Without Sister Norma and without the community
engagement, our mission of border security would be a very difficult mission to achieve. At the end of the day, you leave here exhausted,
but you leave here with a sense of accomplishment that you’ve done something good. Helping another human being is never wrong. That’s never a wrong thing to do.

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