5 Misconceptions About the Orthodox Church

By | August 30, 2019

One misconception that a lot of people
have about the Orthodox Church is that it is only for certain kinds of people:
Only for Greeks, only for Russians, etc. The truth is: everyone belongs
in the Orthodox Church. We want everyone to check us out and to
become part of our communities. We have a lot of things in common with
Roman Catholicism. But there are some big differences
between the way that the Orthodox
and Roman Catholics view Church authority. The way that we view salvation. The way that we understand
what happens to us after we die. Even though we have
a number of things in common, some very important things in common,
we’re really not the same. Not only are we not the same,
we’re not in communion. The Orthodox Church and
the Roman Catholic church have not been part of the same Church
together for about a thousand years now. The word idolatry literally means
“the service of phantoms”, or the service of something that is fake;
something phony. For us, what we see in our icons is not something
that’s fake, it’s something that’s real. An icon of Jesus is about the real God-man. Icons of the Saints are about real people
who actually exist and walked this earth, and now are glorified with our Lord. We connect with them with these things. An icon is for us a connection
between a Heavenly reality and ourselves. If I see an icon of Jesus, when I pay honor to that icon
by say, bowing to it or kissing it, I’m not giving my devotion to that piece of
wood or the paint that is on that piece of wood. I am giving my devotion,
my love to Jesus Christ. One thing some people will say about the Orthodox is that we think that we
“earn our way to Heaven”. That’s not what we believe at all. We believe that the only reason
why any of us can be saved is because of God’s mercy
which we do not deserve. There’s nothing we can do
to deserve God’s mercy; there’s nothing we can do to to “earn it”. Rather, what happens is God gives his Grace
fully, completely, to all of mankind. We can choose to cooperate with it
or not to cooperate with it. For instance if you want to get a suntan,
from the Sun which is shining on the whole world, you need to go out and stand in the sun and
experience the Sun so you can get that suntan. But if you stay inside,
you’re not going to get the suntan. You’re not earning the suntan
by going out there. But you have to be in the sun if you want
to experience the benefits of the Sun. It’s God who does the work, but we have to
open ourselves up to let him do it. Sometimes when people say this
about religion that is liturgical, (in other words, that’s focused on ritual prayer), They won’t examine
the rituals in their own lives. For instance, most Americans
have various rituals that we do all the time. We have a ritual for graduation
from high school or college. We go through a ritual when we want to inaugurate
a new leader like a president, and so forth. We might shake someone’s hand
when we meet them. We all have rituals which we always use to
define something really important for us. It only makes sense that
rituals would also define what is actually the most important thing
that human beings can do: and that is to worship the one true God. So, far from being a dead religion,
Orthodoxy is very much alive. Can people make it dead
by participating in it half-heartedly? Of course they can! Any ritual can be participated in half-heartedly. I’m sure we’ve all experienced shaking someone’s
hand and we knew that they didn’t really mean it. But that doesn’t mean that
shaking hands is a bad ritual. It’s a good ritual. But it just has to be done with the heart.

58 thoughts on “5 Misconceptions About the Orthodox Church

  1. dourtan Post author

    Beautiful religion. Am beginning to think the most pure and accurate representation of faith amongst Christendom.

  2. Anton Le Faivre Post author

    A comment made about misconception 3 is incorrect.

    It is claimed that "idolatry" literally means "the service of phantoms or the service of something that is fake, something phony", and this is not true. It means the service of idols – a word that is derived from the Greek word eidos, which means a form, shape or idea (and by extension hereof, a phantom or a ghost). It is not true that it literally means the service of something fake or phony. Magritte's "The Treachery of Images" would be a good illustration of this point: an icon is very much real, it is just not the thing that is signifies. Idolatry is worshipping an image, not necessarily worshipping something fake or phony – and this is also the point that is arguable.

  3. Charles Davis Post author

    You guys are a bunch of nut cases. Kissing pictures, praying to ghosts, cursing the devil, crying to Jesus to come back, jerking off under the blankets, and hoping that nobody finds out that you spent the money in Vegas. For God sake, grow up and join the human race.

  4. pospouris Post author

    I am an Orthodox Christian and I hope what you said is so. Nice video.

  5. Gerry Hagen Post author

    His comments are very general….seems he wants to cover all bases and not offend anyone.

  6. Lizzie Pavlakou Post author

    Loved the way you explained these misconceptions ,it is important for people to have the opportunity to fully understand the orthodox faith then they can choose whether they want to follow this faith .i certainly agree we do not earn our way into heaven it is the mercy and love our Heavenly Father has for us .

  7. Md Kamarussalihin Hj Shahrol Azman Post author

    Hello there, can you give me how many types of doctrines there are and brief explanation of each differences.
    After which a conclusion which Christianity is the most truthful.. apologies for inconvenience and thank you.

  8. Orthodox Tube Post author

    I soon will be joining to the orthodox church. Orthodox church is the only real church to me! ❤️ ☦

  9. Enrique Post author

    I see no difference with Catholicism as per point #4.

  10. Enrique Post author

    I have the feeling that, hadn’t Vatican II taken place, not so many people would be moving from Catholicism to Orthodoxy as they are now. I mean, it makes sense, seeing what modern Catholicism has become since the 60s, but here’s my advice: before abandoning the only true faith, take a deeper look into the Catholic Tradition, its Tridentine liturgy, its pre-Vatican II moral doctrine and catechism (St Pius X’s catechism is the best ever written), its history, its Saints, its traditional practices of devotion (such as the Holy Rosary)… Probably you’ll see that the problem is not our faith, but what they (freemasons, liberals, modernists… you name it, after all it all comes from the devil) have done with our faith.

  11. Christopher mathew alex Post author

    Greetings from Indian(Malankara) Orthodox Church

  12. v Myers Post author

    This website said Orthodox is a religion from the pits of hell

  13. Roger McIntyre Post author

    An excellent presentation of what the Orthodox faith is all about. I agree with everything the brother had to say, except the part on liturgy. I think your denomination is to much caught up in the liturgical ceremony.

  14. Michael Elmore Post author

    Unfortunately Christianity has become increasingly anti-white. You say you welcome everyone but that's not true we all see right through your lies.

  15. Michael Elmore Post author

    It's time for Europeans to embrace our roots and come back to our true spirituality. European paganism

  16. 5winder Post author

    The main misconception is that we need any church… when we only need Jesus Christ.

  17. Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh Post author

    One of ten commandments say, u shall not make idol and worship it…good …a Muslim is saying that, because we r the only people who follow only one true universal supreme God , according to Muslims, Allah (God in Arabic) is not male, female or any creature but infinity not defined but always with us to help….so we don't make idol or picture of our imagination of God… because it is phycological response of human to get mislead and start to worship idol …so making any kind of picture or idol is forbidden in mosque and even House….

  18. WILL Post author

    I love the Orthodox Church. I believe its the true church. I live in Houston, Texas, what can I do to be baptized and become an orthodox christian? Somebody help me please

  19. Marina Zasenko Post author

    Thank you very much, Father, for great videos
    This media support can broaden horizons of many people
    And open their eyes as well

  20. RisingDawn Post author

    What is the orthodox view of salvation? How do they believe a person is saved? What is their Gospel? (Please don't link me a video to a man with a couple of chairs.)
    I don't understand what it means to "cooperate with God's grace."
    Let's say I know nothing.. who's Jesus and why should I care about him?

  21. General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire Post author

    I’m a Catholic who wants to convert to the Orthodoxy. Any advise you guys can give me? What were some accomplishments of the Orthodox Church.

  22. Janette Davis Post author

    I was Latin Roman Catholic and we were taught that about saved through Gods Mercy and we are given sanctifying Grace and with that grace we can do the good works. We must keep the commandments I am not Novus Ordo Rome has lost it.

  23. Michael Cooksey Post author

    The Orthodox Church wants anyone except for gays and independent thinking people. Look at the Russian church and the power over Christ they have. It’s now Putin’s church.

  24. Francois Arnaud Post author

    What is the last piece of music called?

  25. This is SPARTA Post author

    I love the way he explains our faith and the differences 😀

  26. Denis Sutherland Post author

    Revelation 3 : 21 – 22 " I will give to him who overcomes to sit with me
    in my throne, even as I also overcame and took my seat with my Father
    in His throne. Let him who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to
    the Churches."

  27. PipSaSqeak Post author

    As a Roman catholic i pray for communion between orthodoxy our roman catholicism again

  28. stupidcakeboy Post author

    Orthodox doesn't even evangelize anymore the holy spirit is dead in it.

  29. John Rodgers Post author

    Well that’s 5. I fully understand the Orthodox position in these things. I have plenty of other objections. I’m sooooo glad I’m an iconoclast.

  30. Clashing wi Nemesis. Post author

    I really want to join Orthodox Church. But my family is a Jehovah witness. I’m 13 4 1/2 more years.

  31. sammy fsufalcons Post author

    I grew up in a Greek Orthodox Church. It’s very beautiful however, it wasn’t until I left and went to an evangelical church and truly got saved. Orthodoxy placed too many barriers towards my pursuit of a relationship with Christ.

  32. Merry Bolton Post author

    When it comes to BULL S—-t They are one of the best

  33. Rodoula Doulos Post author

    WHO EVERthinks thatOrthodoxy is dead…should come to Greece where the churches are packed in that you can hardly get in through thedoor….what RITUAL!!!!!!!

  34. He Made us Post author

    Orthodoxy and the RCC is putting new wine into old wine skins. Pagan, ritual, icons, vestments, titles, elite priesthood. No preaching of the word of God. No justification by faith. . No simplicity in Christ.

  35. Dave Patrick Post author

    The fact that it is a religion at all is all the proof needed to see it is not of God. Jesus did not come into the world to establish a religion. PS. Your still catholic Duh

  36. Peggy Priest Coleman Post author

    Does orthodox believe in the trinity?

  37. Gregory Bailey Post author

    Then get rid of the fake images of jesus..no won no what he look like

  38. bill 012 Post author


  39. Fouad Farah Post author

    I am always proud to be orthodox, thanks forever for my church's as long of years never changed…❤❤❤⛪⛪⛪

  40. Nefarious Nektarios Post author

    "Faith without works is dead"

  41. feo1027 Post author

    I am proud to be a Orthodox and encourage anyone to seek it out. Very good presentation. Thank you for the video.

  42. A.Rizwan Khan Post author

    There is No GOD but One GOD.!~!. Love of the LORD is Merciful.!!>0<!!.

  43. xorosho2013 Post author

    Informative video….but how do you explain 'kissing' icon, yet its 'not idolatry' and it's not 'kissing a wood' ? Its man made, and it is a wood. Also, God is a Spirit, He accepts the type of worship In/With Spirit. But i guess kissing and respecting something because it reminds you of Jesus, etc is just for a person, lest he forgets. God doesn't require that type of worship………….just saying. Bible says worship Him in spirit. Keep it Clean, pure, so He can abide in us. If not, how is wood get you closer to cleanliness?

  44. Rod Urban Post author

    Even though I'm an atheist (who was raised in a Roman Catholic family), I still gave this video a thumbs up coz the way he explains is so understandable and good.

  45. Jad El-Kayan Post author

    Orthodoxy is too ethnic and involved politically. Sorry but no

  46. Jesusandbible Post author

    1) What he means is – "We are here to sheep steal from the Evangelicals" ……… but the Evangelical teachers and pastors are not going to sit by and watch Orthodox wolves do that. see this website: https://www.orthodoxchurchamerica.com/

  47. Ludmila Kotovski Post author

    How are the Old Believers different from Russian Orthodoxy?

  48. Violeta Janelidze Post author

    Good video. God bless you and all true Orthodox Christians

  49. Edwin Corvera Post author

    Jesus Christ is not A RELIGION, only accepting, that we are sinners, repenting and accepting and acknowledging that Jesus Christ came to die for us can give us salvation. But this is not enough. We must follow Jesus's steps and remain pure because it's what God is looking for in our hearts.
    Religion is basic stardards made by man saying how people should be, act, dress, etc, etc. only the word of God itself The Bible can guide you to the truth. Because it is God's word. In it you will see how to follow Jesus's steps so God will recognize you, because he will see Jesus in you when he comes back to collect his people. Don't be a fool, these people kiss boards and follow guideline taught by other men and not guidelines stated in The Bible.


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